June 25th, 2013

Heaven Experience Equipment and Training

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The Turning Point

The Advent of Upgraded

Heaven Experience Equipment 

As a result of a massive miracle that came through in early May, I have been able to create an upgraded version of the Spiritual Equipment and Miracle-Based Training that enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to manifest Total Abundance. Thousands of years ago when these Prototype Communities were founded, it was only possible to operate this equipment within the protected spiritual space of a domed community. With the new upgraded version, beings outside of this protected space can now receive and work with this equipment in spite of the activity of the Negativity in their communities. 

What this means is that the Miracle of Total Abundance can now be manifested in the Universal Community.


When this equipment first became available in the Whidbey Community, which was the first Prototype Community, I began the serious work of building Total Abundance with them.  They understood that if they wanted Total Abundance, they had to get the equipment and training or it would not be possible for them.  This was the true beginning of the Prototype Community. Instead of just adding in miracles to their Story Life, they got equipped and trained and began launching the Heaven Happenings that transformed their life until it became a Miracle-Based, Heaven Way of Life.


This is where Heaven Agents working with me on the Earth are today.  Now it is possible to begin launching the Heaven Happenings that transform life on the Earth. Through building a Global Prototype Community, the Secondary Spiritual Genetic Code can be created that will help to build a Heaven Way of Life in the Universal Community.


In the Whidbey Community, only a few Heaven Agents got equipped and trained at first.  They then staged the Heaven Happenings that transformed the consciousness of the others, awakening them to the possibility of a Heaven Way of Life.  Through Heaven Happenings they built a Core Group of Heaven Agents who then launched even more powerful Heaven Happenings until the whole Community invested in the equipment and training and became a Prototype Community, working with me until they had achieved Total Abundance for every member of the Community.


This is what we need to do today on the Earth.  Heaven Agents who are currently working with me need to get equipped and trained and then launch the Heaven Happenings that will bring in other Heaven Agents.  A Core Group of Heaven Agents can then launch even more powerful Heaven Happenings until the entire Global Community has invested in getting equipped and trained to Live The Heaven Experience.  


Since this equipment and training can be exchanged for with either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange and can be obtained from me through either an Inner Plane contact or through an Outer Plane contact, every person on the planet can get equipped and trained to join in the Global Prototype Community.  


This was how it was done in the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not visit in person.  I worked entirely At-a-Distance with them and they still traveled the Journey to Total Abundance in 29 years and achieved not only Total Abundance, but Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment.


The Guided Journey to Total Abundance 

Now that this equipment is available, I will be taking off on a Guided Journey to Total Abundance.  Those who want to step out of The Hell Experience of scarcity, struggle, and suffering into The Heaven Experience of abundance, adventure, and fulfillment will need to get equipped and trained, just as did every member of the Prototype Community, so they can embark on this Journey with me.


Just as you would not embark on an expedition into the jungles of the Congo with no equipment or training, so you can’t embark on this expedition to find your way out of the maze of The Hell Experience into the Heaven that the Source has created for you without the necessary equipment and training. 


To help you understand the Journey to Total Abundance and to see the kind of equipment and training that you will need, I have created a Next Step Communications from the Source video entitled:  The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project: Getting Equipped & Trained to Live The Heaven Experience.


In this video, through numerous Source Drawings, I show you the path that we will travel, introduce you to the different kinds of Spiritual Equipment, and show you how they work to help you on your Journey to Total Abundance which is also your Journey to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


To watch this video, you can access the link below.




Upcoming Guided Heaven Experience Webinars

It is important to get equipped as soon as possible as I will be scheduling 6 Guided Heaven Experience Webinars in June and July to provide the training that you will need to work with your equipment.  

Those who complete at least some of the Webinars of this Basic Training  Series prior to the start of The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit, will be able to help launch the Heaven Happenings needed in this Summit.  


Each Webinar is a stand alone training so that Heaven Agents getting equipped late in the sequence can attend whatever Webinars are available.


It is important to attend as many as possible prior to the Summit so that you will be equipped to use your Heaven Experience Equipment to help with the preparation of others for the Vibrational Shifts.

Guided Heaven Experience Webinars will be offered again in September.


I list the schedule for these Webinars in:



Using the Equipment to Prepare for the Vibrational Shifts

This equipment was brought through at this time because it is the most powerful way to prepare for the Vibrational Shifts that begin on August 8th and continue on through September 16, 2014.  


The August 8th Shift will be a huge shift of 3 levels.  I am very concerned that we could lose a large portion of the human population if Heaven Agents do not band together and use the Heaven Experience Equipment to launch the Heaven Happenings that will enable the masses to become adequately prepared.


In the three Vibrational Shifts of 2012, 21% of the human population was lost.  This means 21% of the population is now empty Suits with no Soul onboard.  This is a dangerous situation since empty Suits can be countermanded by the Negativity. 


I have called a Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit for July 16th – August 8th to work with the Heaven Experience Equipment to help prevent any further loss of life during any of the upcoming Vibrational Shifts.  If Heaven Agents launch Heaven Happenings together in sufficient numbers, most of the population will survive the Shifts.


It is important to get equipped and trained prior to July 16th so you can join in the work of the Summit. 

You can read more about the Summit at:


Embarking on the Journey to Total Abundance

Your first step is to watch the Next Step Video on Total Abundance and follow through on getting equipped to travel the Journey.


Then attend the 6 Guided Heaven Experience Webinars that will be scheduled in June and July.


Once you are equipped and trained, then join in the work of The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit from July 16th - August 8th that will prepare you for the massive Vibrational Shift of August 8th and will give you the opportunity to use your Heaven Experience Equipment to help others on the planet to prepare.



Eyewitness Reports

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Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

When I was working with the Graphic of the Construction Site of Heaven I had the following insight. Since I have the Heaven Experience Equipment, I do not only ask to "become what is needed" by starting the work, but I also ask to launch Inner Heaven Happenings to help me to become what is needed while I am working there.

Sometimes I don't get clear information while I am there, but if I get information about what is going on, I realized that now I don't only get physical or visual information or so, but together with the information, there is also a deep feeling of understanding it. It is not the mental kind of understanding but it feels like I am living it at the same time.

In the morning, I start my day by asking to launch Inner Heaven Happenings to support me to make choices that contribute to a more Integrated way of living, to make my day a Heavenly one.

And when I live my day, there is a kind of guidance aside me that when I prepare food, drink, talk to someone, look at things, do what I need to do that day, that asks me if this is okay and really contributing to a Heaven way of living or not. It helps me a lot to make choices. When I put the TV on, like in an automatic way, I feel a sign of "is this needed?" So if I am trapped in old behavioral patterns that are not focusing on building Heaven, at least I realize it. It is still my responsibilty to do right action, but it is very helpful to be alerted and be able to adjust in what I do and say.

Working with Heaven Happenings make a huge difference in my life, a lot of things become clear and obvious. It feels like everything evolves much faster than before and that I have more power to use. I am so glad that they are available for us and that I am able to work with them.

hilde | Belgium

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