March 30th, 2013

Animal Heaven Agents

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Did you know that most animals are far more aware of what is happening in the Spiritual Level of Reality than most humans?  Not only do they know what is happening, but many are very competent Heaven Agents working efficiently in their Extended and Conscious Ranges with the Source to bring through the changes that are needed in the world.


This kind of support is not only through their Extended Range, which is often outside of their conscious awareness.  They can clearly communicate their understandings and concerns and talk back and forth with me through the Universal Language of Soul Talk. They are capable of doing major pieces of the Spiritual  Work that is needed to bring through Heaven on Earth.


This can all be occurring in their Spiritual Range while in their Animal Suit Range they appear to be behaving instinctually as humans expect them to behave.  This kind of behavior belies the true depth and breadth of their knowledge and expertise as Heaven Agents and their depth of feeling about what is happening to themselves and to the world around them.


I once read a description that was posted on a bulletin board in a public office of a very loving and wise being.  At the end of the description, it became apparent that the being who was being described was the family dog.  It was a very clear acknowledgement of the fact that animals have a real capacity for love, particularly dogs.  They know that life is about love and the celebration of love.  If humans could learn from their dogs and other animals, they would evolve much more quickly.

The Next Step

Part of developing a completely Integrated Picture of Reality, is stepping outside of the box created by human culture and learning anew about the world that the Source has created and how it really functions.  

The Human Perspective on what animals are capable of, is disrespectful to the Source and the Source Creation that animals are.  The Source didn't create any beings without Intelligence and without a Perfected Soul connected to the Suit. The dumbing down of animals to fit into the categories assigned to them by humans has led many animals to despair and to languish in lives in which they are imprisoned in the Energy Boxes created by the human mind.


All beings must be loved and nurtured for the Perfected Spiritual Intelligences that the Source created them to be.  It is the job of the Universal Community to nurture all of life not just the lives of certain species that demonstrate a certain level of tool using cleverness that can lead to civilization building.


As you think through your own ideas about different species and their capabilities and their relative importance in the scheme of things, you need to stop and ask to see the Source Perspective and begin learning anew the Truth about who these species really are and what their Source-Given Missions are in the Creation as a whole.


If you take the time to find out what the Mission of a being is, you can work to support them in doing this Mission, helping them to remove whatever obstacles humans may have put in their way.


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