How to Work with the Source on a Prototype Project


In this article, I will give you an overview of what a Prototype is and how to work with it.


What is a Prototype?

A Prototype is the first of its kind to come into the world.  It is a contribution to the world in the sense that once a Prototype has been developed, others can work from the knowledge of how to live in a new way that the Prototype embodies.  This saves them the trouble of reinventing the wheel by starting from scratch themselves.  


An example is a Prototype Project for a new system of education that is pioneered in one school and then other schools learn from the Prototype and adapt the new system of education in their schools.


Source-Created Prototypes don’t arise out of Man-Made ideas that are implemented.  They arise from designs created by the Design Aspect of the Source Function.


There are two technologies that the Source Function uses for developing Prototypes.


Code-Based Prototypes

Spiritual Genetic Code is the basis of a certain category of Prototypes.  The Code is encased in a Seed of Heaven that is planted in a Miracle-Friendly Field on the Spiritual Level of Reality. Then it is given the energies of the Source which cause it to germinate and grow into the Prototype.  When it blooms it creates Second Generation Seeds that contain within them the Primary Code of the First Generation Seed and the Secondary Code (which is built from the understanding of Heaven Agents working with the Prototype).  The Second Generation Seeds then are sent out into the world to seed the world with the Heaven manifested by the Prototype.


Four of the Projects of The Heaven on Earth Prototype are Code-Based Projects.  These are the:

  • Upholding the Standards of Heaven Prototype 
  • The Nurturing Life Prototype 
  • The Celebrating Life Prototype 
  • The Supporting the Work of the Source Prototype 


Beyond Code Prototypes

Source Intelligence-Based Prototypes do not rely on Code.  Code can’t, in fact, generate a Prototype of this complexity.  Heaven Agents working with “Beyond Code” Prototypes have to receive the Code that enables them to transcend Code and work with Direct Source Intelligence in order to assist these Prototypes in reaching fruition.  When these Prototypes reach fruition, the Heaven Agent who has become an embodiment of the Prototype emanates Source Light into the world that awakens others to the possibility of transcending Code and connecting to Direct Source Intelligence.  


Only one of The Heaven on Earth Prototype Projects is a “Beyond Code Project”.  This is The Love Connection Project.  To form The Love Connection with the Source it is necessary to transcend Code because the Source exists beyond Code and communicates only through Direct Source Intelligence to those who enter into a state of Connection and Communion with It.



The Power of Prototype Work

With the help of a Prototype and a Source Will Intensive, an individual struggling with a problem in their life can simultaneously work on resolving their problem and contributing to developing the Prototype that will enable Heaven Agents on the Earth and in the Universal Community to resolving problems of a similar nature.


While circumstances vary in different cultures and in different parts of the Creation, the basic core issues of learning how to remain Source-Connected in the face of difficulties have an element that remains remarkably similar for Heaven Agents throughout the Creation.


It is often heartening to a person dealing with a life challenge to know that their work is helping others and that their suffering has not been in vain because from it has come a beautiful Source Solution that can help others who are dealing with a similar challenge.


Why Prototype Work is Important

To bring into focus why a Prototype is important – a Prototype is the fastest, most effective way to build Heaven in the world that there is.  


Going out in the world and spending millions of dollars trying to educate the masses to think about another way of life that is possible for them is not even a drop in the bucket and can’t even get the job done.  Cultures have within them serious Pseudo Code that has been passed down for generations that resists any other kind of Code that comes in to challenge the existing Code.


The only way to reach the Suits and give them a viable alternative is to give them Source Code that is more powerful than their Pseudo Code. Now that Suits recognize that they are in serious trouble and in jeopardy of losing their spiritual and physical lives if they don’t balance the exchange with the Source and get Reconnected, they are the ones clamoring on the Inner Plane asking me to come up with a method for getting them Good Code so they can let go of their Bad Code which has led to the crash of their Spiritual Habitat – the Universal Source Connection Channel.  They know they are unable to develop any equivalent of Source-Given Code and that without it they will stay Disconnected, will drop in vibration, and will lose their lives.


With Suits now eager for help to change their ways and new Source Code for the Source Perfected Universe readily available, the only ingredient that is missing is Heaven Agents taking the Code to fruition by developing Prototypes, and then helping these Prototypes to be taken out to members of our Global and Universal Community.


Since developing a way of life that is Source-Connected is not just a nicety – a kind of spiritual quest that those who have time for it can pursue – but an absolute necessity if an individual Suit is to continue to exist, the Prototype Work is the most urgent work that the Suit can do.


For this reason, I am setting up Prototype Projects online to help Heaven Agents learn how to work with me on Prototypes, and I am also on the Inner Plane calling Heaven Agents to work on a wide variety of Prototypes that we may never discuss on the Outer Plane.  The work that we do on Prototypes on the Inner and Outer Plane, is the work that will make the difference between survival and loss of life in the time ahead.  


Only those who build a life that is Source-Connected and who perfect their Suits will remain in the Picture of Perfection that is arising inexorably out of Source Will in the Source Perfected Universe.  The universe will become perfected.  There is no doubt about this.  What remains to be seen is if any particular being will remain in the universe once it is perfected.  


Those who are most aware of what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality have a responsibility to work with the Prototypes and seed the world with the Prototypes that will enable others who are less aware to survive. 


They will survive when the Story Cultures of today that breed suffering and Disconnection are replaced with a new Culture of Heaven that gives the masses an option – a way to find true happiness and to survive.


It is up to you to work with me to develop this new Culture of Heaven for your own sake and for the sake of the world that you live in.  You are aware enough to be reading this article and you are, therefore, one of the Core Unit of Heaven Agents who can make this happen and preserve the lives of others who you nurture in this way.


From a handful of perceptive Heaven Agents in the first Prototype Community, I turned around an entire Community that was diverse and, at first, not interested in diverging from their customary way of life even though they readily admitted that it was full of scarcity and suffering and accorded no real happiness of any lasting value.


I have come into this incarnation to find a Core Unit of Heaven Agents who will do the same thing for our Global Community – who will pioneer the new Culture of Heaven that the Source has created for the Earth Plane.


The Global Community will then be the Core Unit of Heaven Agents that will support the masses in the Universal Community outside our Earth Plane in adapting the Prototypes developed here to their circumstances. This will replicate the success of the Whidbey Prototype Community who supported the 13 other Prototype Communities to achieve the same level of success in extremely different kinds of environmental and social settings.


What is Source-Created works here and can work anywhere in the Creation.


The way to build a World that Works is to work with the Prototypes and to be a part of the Core Unit of Heaven Agents that transforms life into the Heaven it was meant to be.



How to Work with Code 

Let me explain what I mean by working with the Code by using a simply metaphor.


Spiritual Genetic Code is a Seed of Heaven. What grows from a Seed of Heaven is a particular aspect of the Heaven of true happiness that the Source has created.  When all of the Seeds of Heaven grow to maturity and bloom, you have the complete manifestation of the Heaven that the Source created life to be.


An ordinary seed has to be planted in a fertile field and given the basic supports of life in order to germinate, grow to maturity, and bloom.  A Seed of Heaven needs the same kind of support.  It needs to be planted in a Fertile Field of Heaven on the Spiritual Level of Reality which is a very high vibrational, Miracle-Friendly Field – friendly to the miracle that it is.


It then needs to be given the basics of life which are the energies of Source Love and the nurturing energies of those cultivating the Seed.  This is equivalent, in a spiritual process, to the natural elements of sun and rain on the physical level.


In these nurturing circumstances, the Seed of Heaven will germinate and grow into a plant which will then flower – becoming a Flower of Heaven. From this flower, it produces a Second Generation of Seeds which will then propagate the same kind of Heaven elsewhere in the world.  


The first Flower of Heaven to grow from a Seed of Heaven that has never come into the world before, is what I call a “Prototype”.  It is the first of its kind which is what a Prototype is.  


If you take this analogy and apply it to the work of the Source in the world, what the Source is doing is sending in the Seeds of Heaven and asking Heaven Agents to cultivate these Seeds so the first Prototype Flower of Heaven bears Seeds for other generations to grow.  In this way, they bring forth the various aspects of Heaven that are needed to manifest the complete ecosystem of Heaven, as it were.


Each Seed of Heaven is a precious Miracle Intelligence sent into the world on a Mission to manifest the Heaven that it was created to be and in so doing to contribute to building Heaven in the world.


In the Prototype Projects of The Heaven on Earth Project we work with a particular kind of Seed of Heaven that is being sent into the world.  This is the kind of Seed from which different aspects of a new Culture of Heaven will be born.  From this Culture of Heaven comes a new way of life – a Source-Connected, Miracle-Based Way of Life.  


Each Seed contains within it a Standard of Heaven for how to Live Heaven in the world as it is today.  The DNA of the Seed contains the Code for how to uphold this Standard in everyday life.  Heaven Agents working with the Code help it to reach fruition by implementing the Guidelines which arise from the DNA of the Code for how to Live the Standard in their lives.  Through living the Standard, they collectively enact different aspects of the Code.  When all of the aspects of the Code have been lived by the Team of Heaven Agents working on the Project, then the Code reaches maturity which is the equivalent of the plant that grows from the Seed blooming.


When the full bloom of understanding is achieved, then I can take this understanding and build Secondary Code from it which transmits this understanding to others.  This means that when the Second Generation of the Seed goes from the flower that has bloomed out into the world, the Secondary Code will help others who don’t have the benefit of the Outer Plane training given to the Heaven Agents working on the Prototype, to spontaneously understand the process and incorporate the new way of life into their lives.  


This is possible because the Suits want the Code at a Core Level even if at a conscious level they may be unaware of needing to change in order to adapt to the changes in the spiritual nature of the Creation.  And the Suits are designed to pick up Primary Code (which is generated by the first Seed) better when there is Secondary Code for how to work with the Primary Code.  When a Suit has both Primary and Secondary Code it has what it needs to have a viable alternative to the Pseudo Codes that are destroying its happiness and creating a way of life that is unsustainable.


This process worked well in the 13 Prototype Communities that I founded many thousands of years ago in different locations in the Creation.  Unlike the first Prototype Community which had the benefit of my physical presence in the Community teaching them the basics of how to work with the Seeds of Heaven, the 13 Prototype Communities never met me in person.  I worked through Primary and Secondary Code and through Inner Plane coaching to enable them to replicate the success of the first Prototype Community in founding a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


When Secondary Code is sent out into the world, it brings forth new Flowers of Heaven that generate other generations of the new way of life.  In time the way of life becomes an integral part of the way of life of people in cultures all over the world.


This phenomenon has been noted with Pseudo Code as well.  This is the Code that is generated from ideas that people have developed in a Man-Made Way and seeded into the culture.  Fads and trends are offshoots of this seeding of Pseudo Code into the cultures of the world.  


With the seeding process, a point of critical mass is achieved which some call The Tipping Point and from this point millions begin to start changing their lifestyles to incorporate the new way of life that began with someone with a new idea who deftly seeded this idea into the pool of cultural ideas until it took and created The Tipping Point Effect.


This method of social change is a naturally occurring phenomenon of the Collective Consciousness of humans and of the phenomenon of mass communication of ideas using the new media of the phone, TV, internet, email, movies, etc.


One of the reasons that I have come into a human form in this time is to make full use of the communication networks available to communicate new ideas to the global population.


While Outer Plane communications of this sort are very useful, the true technology of Heaven is based on the way in which the  Seeds of Heaven organically propagate themselves in the world on the Inner Plane.


Once a Seed of Heaven has resulted in a Prototype that has reached a state of full maturity where it has bloomed and seeded the world with Second Generation Seeds, then the task of the Heaven Agents working on the Prototype shifts to supporting this new Prototype through:


  • Creating the Miracle-Friendly Fields of Energy in the world so the new generations of Seeds can grow.  The Seeds will, of their own power, exchange correctly with the Source, contributing to the production of “Miracle Power” which is the byproduct of a Correct Exchange.  From this “Miracle Power” the power of a Prototype Intensive is generated.  This Intensive provides others who are in the presence of the energy of the Prototype, which is growing and blooming, the kind of power that they need to understand and support the process and become a part of another generation of Heaven Agents incorporating the Prototype into their way of life.
  • Taking the essential way of life that was Prototyped and talking about it, writing about it, dramatizing it in novels, short stories, films, songs, teaching others, building new traditions that incorporate it, altering old traditions to make room for it, building institutions that support it etc.


If you think of how the 60’s in the United States spread, it began with basic new ideas – of love not war, thinking of others and not only of oneself, recognizing the oppression developing in “The Establishment” and seeking to preserve the rights of the individual, thinking outside the box, recognizing your own “stuff” and working on it rather than replicating it in future generations, etc.  These ideas were then translated into songs, novels, documentaries, public speeches, public gatherings such as Woodstock, into a style of dress and a new way of life (Hippy Culture/Counter-Culture), etc.  While many of the drugs, free sex and opting out without a good alternative were down sides of the 60’s, it was an amazingly fast transformation in a culture that had become very straight-laced, static, narrow-minded, ungenerous and uncaring to anyone who didn’t measure up economically.  


What is needed once the new way of life has bloomed, is for Heaven Agents to popularize it through all of the cultural means that they have available to them.  In this way it becomes something known, understood, and accessible as an alternative to others who learn about it.


This is the best way to work on the project of transforming the way of life on our planet so that everyone has an opportunity to experience a Heaven Way of Life and choose to live in this way.


By necessity there will be many different flavors of the Heaven Way of Life as it gets incorporated into the different cultures of the world, but if the essential Codes that uphold the Standards of Heaven form the underlying structure, there will be a commonality of purpose that arises from the shared Source Code.  When Suits have Code in common, they speak the same language at a fundamental level – a language that enables them to transcend differences that they have had at ideological levels in the past.  


Shared Code is the foundation of Community.  It gives all Suits an equal chance to understand and participate in a new way of life.  As long as a Suit has Code, it can act in new ways and feel that this is natural and comforting.  The resistance factor has come in the past from a lack of new Code to act in a new way.  This causes the Suit to fight against new ideas and attack innovators who have brought them into play.  With new Code and the Suits’ new willingness to accept new Code from the Source, this ancient barrier to rapid and profound social change has been removed.  It is now possible to transform life in a relatively short period of time by providing the Suits with a viable alternative – new Source Code – and the structure of an Source Will Intensive to help them work with the new Code.



The Five Step Process for Working on a Prototype Project

To bring all of this work into focus, let me place it into the structure of The Five Step Process which will give you the overview.


Step One

I create the Code at the Source Level through the power of Source Will which locks in its success.  From this Code the Standards and Guidelines for manifesting the Prototype arise.  I nurture the Seed of Heaven that carries the Code in a Miracle-Friendly Field that I maintain at a level beyond the Manifest World.  I grow the Prototype that arises from this Seed to maturity and activate the Blooming Process.  I then bring the Prototype into the world with the full power of its reproductive cycle activated and it begins to exert a powerful force on the world to bring together the elements that it needs to come to a full Bloom.


Step Two

I initiate a Source Will Intensive to mobilize the Heaven Agents who are to work with the Prototype and take it to full bloom. This Intensive gives the Heaven Agents the Code and the Miracle Power to work with the Prototype.  This Code becomes a part of the Code that is onboard their Suit.  The Code generates from within them the knowledge and skill sets that they need to build the Prototype in the world through thinking and acting in Source-Directed Ways that build a new way of life that is of Heaven.   The Prototype blooms when they bloom as full embodiments of the Standard of Heaven that the Prototype was created to manifest.


The Heaven Agent needs a certain amount of Miracle Power to bring this new way of life into full bloom.  This is provided by a Source Will Intensive that is a Miracle Intelligence in its own right that generates through its Correct Exchange with the Source the Miracle Power that the Heaven Agent needs to assist in the Blooming Process.


There are three kinds of Source Will Intensives that give varying degrees of Source Support.   The Suits have explicitly asked that I create these kinds of Intensives to give them a chance to survive in the Source Perfected Universe where they know that they have to balance the Correct Exchange with the Source in order to earn the Life Energies that they depend on for life.  


For a closer look at these kinds of Intensive, I refer you to the articles entitled: “The Miracle of Source Will Intensives”.


Step Three

Once the Heaven Agents working on the Prototype have the Code and Miracle Power, they are ready to begin working with the Code to pioneer the new way of life that the Prototype has been created to manifest.  


In pioneering the new way of life they bring the Prototype to fruition which is equivalent to the blooming stage of a plant that has reached maturity and is now reproducing itself in the world.


In the organic level of life it is only when all of the biological genetic code has been correctly activated that you get the fruit or the flower that is the correct reproductive expression of the plant when it has reached maturity.


In a similar way, only when all of the Spiritual Genetic Code of a Code-Based Prototype has been correctly activated do you get a Flower of Heaven that has the Second Generation Seeds that contain the Primary and Secondary Code from which other Flowers of Heaven can be born.


In a Beyond Code Prototype an even higher level of rigor is required to bring the Prototype to fruition.  When it does reach fruition, the bloom of the Prototype creates the miracle of Source Light in the world which activates the Source Light Level within the Suits.  It is this level that is beyond the corruption of the Sound Level where the Negativity has created so many mutations.  When the Source Light Level of the Suit is activated fully the Suit can connect back to the Source through this level which is the only level of the Suit that has retained its purity.


Those who carry Source Light into the world awaken the Source Light Level in the Suits of others and empower them to transcend Code and make the Connection to the Source.  Since Reconnecting is the most important part of the rehabilitation process, this Prototyping Work is the most valuable work in The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project.  It is also the most challenging.


Note: When the Source first creates a Suit it is made from Source Light.  Then a level of Sound is created.  After this there is a level of White Light.  After this is a level of the Colors of the Spectrum.  Then there is an Olfactory Level that grounds the manifestation.  Mutations in the Suit have occurred primarily in the Sound Level.  This has distorted the Suits from the Sound Level down.  Only the Source Light Level has remained in tact. This is because it is beyond Code and the ability of the Negativity to mutate Code.

The Code that I now use is from Sound created at the Source Level, beyond the range of the Negativity.  It can’t be mutated.  It is designed to replace damaged Code at the Sound Level in the Material World and also to supply Heaven Agents with the kind of Code they need to replace the Pseudo Code upon which the Suits have been relying.


Step Four

Once the Prototype has reached fruition – has bloomed – then the Second Generation Seeds of the Prototype in a Code-Based Prototype or the Source Light in a Beyond Code Prototype – are ready to be shared with the world.


This is the stage when I start a Prototype Campaign to carry the truths and understandings and new ways of life that have resulted from the work of the prototyping Heaven Agents to others in our Global Community.  Heaven Agents work through the Campaign to share what they have learned with others and to coach them so they can replicate the new way of life developed in the Prototype.


Step Five

Once the Prototype has generated either 5th Generation Seeds or Source Light of a certain level of power through having successfully come to a full bloom in many different cultural contexts on the Earth, it is ready to be exported to the Universal Community outside of the Earth Plane.  In this part of the Project, Heaven Agents on the Earth work closely with Heaven Agents in other parts of the Creation to replicate in their very different cultural contexts the essential elements of the Prototype developed on the Earth.


Because Prototypes developed in the most material level of the Creation are more stable and strong, they can carry well to others living in less material levels. This is because it is most difficult to bring any Prototype to fruition on the Earth because of the dense spiritual energies here.  If a Prototype can come to fruition and reproduce itself successfully here, then it will be much easier to establish it in other parts of the Creation.  


The inverse is not true.  If I developed Prototypes in other less material parts of the Creation and exported them to the Earth, the beings on the Earth would have a harder time working with them and, in most cases, the Prototypes would be of little use.


This is why when I started the Prototype Communities I began with a Prototype Community here on the Earth.  I lived amongst them and developed a very powerful Prototype that was successfully seeded to 13 other Prototype Communities in other parts of the Creation who were living in less material levels of the Creation.


Our Community on the Earth had to be relocated to another place in the Creation due to the activities of the Negativity here, but the fact that their Prototypes were built first on the Earth has made all the difference to the work I have done with the other Prototype Communities.




How a Project Progresses

There is a start date when I turn on the Project Intensive for the Prototype Project.  There is also an end date by which time we should have found all of the pieces of the Prototype Puzzle, as it were, and assembled them. Just as we work to find all of the pieces of the puzzle in a Webinar, we work to find all of the pieces of the puzzle for a Prototype Project.  It just spans a longer period of time a most of the work is done through asynchronous online communication and through the work of individual Heaven Agents working on their own to bring the Prototype to full bloom in their own life.


Every Heaven Agent working on the Prototype should seek Source Guidance with regard to what pieces of the puzzle they might have. Perhaps there is a particular part of the Prototype that it is theirs to develop.  It is critical that they step forward to contribute what is theirs to contribute because my Source Function relies on the Team Work that is needed to complete the Prototype in the time frame that has been given for the work.


The power of the Intensive itself will help to move Heaven Agents into action and prompt them about Next Steps, but every Heaven Agent has to commit to doing their part to complete the Prototype and realize the importance of it.


Source Support

There are many Miracle-Based Technologies that I use to help Heaven Agents connect to the Code or Source Intelligence that enables them to become an embodiment of the Standard of Heaven that the Prototype is to manifest.


In every Prototype Project, I employ whatever of these Miracle-Based Technologies is most strategic to the particular content of the Prototype being developed.  I will briefly outline the kinds of Source Support available for working on Prototype Projects.  You can find out the specifics by reading the Project Pages for a Prototype Project.




The Basic Training of The Miracle School 

This kind of work includes all of the categories mentioned below.  It is recommended for every Heaven Agent to provide the kind of Skill Sets and understandings that are needed to work effectively with a particular Prototype.


While this kind of training is essential in the long term, a Heaven Agent can enter into the work of a Prototype Project without having taken the Basic Training and learn as they go to participate at whatever level they can.  


In-Person Work 



Intensives in the Seattle Source Connection Center

Intensives in Maui


Online Interaction 

Source to Heaven Agent Communications

   General Web Site Information

   The Next Step Communications from the Source



      Heaven Agent in Action Broadcasts

      The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project 

           The Call to Action

           What’s Happening 


Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center

Heaven Agent to Heaven Agent Communications




Email Communications

    Source Guidance Updates

    Heaven Agent to Source Updates


At-a-Distance Work

 Miracle Tools

 Source Interventions 

 Source Connection Center Stations Online


Miracle Support 

Giving to Those You Know

Giving to Fellow Heaven Agents

Giving to Others in the Community that You Don’t Know

Giving to Support Prototype Projects for the Community



Inner and Outer Plane Work on a Prototype


It is important to note that although Outer Plane work on Prototypes creates the most powerful Prototype, in many instances, the only way a Prototype can be built is through working with people on the Inner Plane. This is similar to the way in which I worked with the Prototype Communities in the 13 Communities that I did not visit in person.  


The modern use of such a method is in the case of a problem that can sweep the planet where I need to work with a handful of people scattered in Third World countries who have different aspects of this problem.  When I work with them and free them from the problem then the Prototype Cure for the problem can become available to everyone on the planet who suffers from the problem. This cure can be disseminated through the Prototype working on the Inner Plane.  An example of this is The Spiritual Intelligence System Prototype which is designed to correct for a collapse of the Spiritual Intelligence System that is becoming an epidemic worldwide.


A Prototype that is worked only through Inner Plane contact with the participants can bring about immediate Inner Plane changes as in the case of a Prototype Cure for a Spiritual Disease.


A Prototype that is designed to develop a new way of life can take much longer. This kind of work takes longer because it takes more time for the Code from the Prototype to become conscious and for the people to think it through in their own way and decide if they want to take action to bring the new ideas coming from the Code into action in their lives.


The most rapid and effective change is always brought about through a combination of Inner and Outer Plane work.


Since we have very little time in which to transform life on the planet, it is imperative that a Core Group of Heaven Agents work on the Outer Plane as well as on the Inner Plane on the Prototype Projects that are pivotal to the development of The Heaven on Earth Prototype.  Only when all of the parts of The Heaven on Earth Prototype are completed in this manner can we export the Prototype to the Heaven Agents outside the Earth Plane who are awaiting the help of the Prototypes that we develop.


This is why I have developed the Technologies that I mention above to accelerate the blooming of the Prototypes that are critical to our Project succeeding in the time in which I am present on the Earth to lead the Project.


The Types of Prototype Projects

Source Initiated Prototype Projects

Team Work Projects are initiated both on the Inner Plane with Heaven Agents throughout the Universal Community and on the Outer Plane through setting up Prototype Projects for The Heaven on Earth Prototype.


I also contact individual Heaven Agents on the Inner and Outer Plane to ask them to work on Solo Projects that is theirs alone to work on.  


Special Request Prototype Projects 

Projects for Individuals

An individual working on tackling a particular problem in their life or wanting to build a particular aspect of Heaven such as a Source-Connected marriage and family life can request that I create a Prototype Project for them.


Projects for Specific Groups

A group of people such as a family, group of friends, work group in a business or organization, or even a small community who are wanting a Source-Directed way to build a Culture of Heaven for their situation can request a Prototype for their situation.


Projects for the Community 

A single Heaven Agent or a group of Heaven Agents can request that I work on a Prototype to deal with a problem in the world that they would like to see addressed.  It might be a Project to deal with the abuse of children, the financial crisis, a disease, etc.  I design a Prototype and send it out to do its work on the Inner Plane.  They can work along with me to assist in the Prototype Process where it is possible and accelerates the blooming of the Prototype.



Financing Your Participation in Prototype Projects


Learning how to work with me on a Prototype Project is the job of every Heaven Agent.  


I provide a variety of ways that Heaven Agents can participate in these Projects without a financial exchange and then I supply the kinds of Source Support that I am guided to provide so that those who wish to work with more power have an opportunity to do so.


Because working at full power can involve a financial exchange that is greater than what an individual Heaven Agent is prepared to provide, I offer a variety of different ways that can make it possible for everyone to participate.  


The following options have been created.


For those who can exchange for substantial amounts of Source Support in a single payment, enough energy is generated to open the door at the Spiritual Level to more miracles that can ground without an additional financial exchange.  When this phenomenon is possible, I alert Heaven Agents to the savings that can come to them if they work with this naturally occurring bounty.


Payment Plans without Interest

When possible, I offer Payment Plans without interest that enable you to space out your payments over time.


Generating the Funds You Need

You can generate the funds that you need and simultaneously participate in developing The Heaven Economy Prototype through:


The Truth Campaign

As you bring others to this work and they exchange financially for their training and Miracle Tools, etc., you receive a percentage of the financial exchange which you can then use to pay for your own work in The Miracle School or for your livelihood.


Work Study

In some instances a Heaven Agent will have a life skill that is needed by The Miracle School, and they can be paid on an hourly basis to provide this kind of support.  This will also generate funds for their work in The Miracle School.


Joint Ventures

Heaven Agents who want to start Source-Directed Businesses that build Heaven in the world, can enter into a Joint Venture with me to build this kind of business.  Joint Ventures require careful attention to the Miracle-Friendly Conditions of the business and to The Standards of Heaven that must be maintained if the Source is to work with a Heaven Agent in such a context.


Source-Guided Employment

Some Heaven Agents find it most in keeping with their skill sets to seek the kind of employment that will generate additional income for their work in The Miracle School rather than working on a Joint Venture, as an Affiliate or doing Work Study.  Through following Source Guidance on the Inner Plane, they are given Source Support to find this employment and successfully raise the funds for their own tuition.



When fellow Heaven Agents contribute to The Heaven Agent Fund, funds are raised that can be used to help Heaven Agents who are disabled and can't work to generate funds for their tuition, to work in The Miracle School.


Non-Financial Exchange

A Heaven Agent can work on a Source Initiated Prototype Project to generate through this work enough Material Energy to contribute to the work of Heaven in the world.  The amount of the Material Energy you generate through your work can be translated into "Miracle School Credits" that can be applied like a discount for work in The Miracle School.  They can also be applied to Miracle Support to help other Heaven Agents or for the Prototype Projects needed by the Community.




There is no more powerful way to work with the Source then to work on the Prototype Projects that build Heaven in your life, on the Earth, and in the Creation.  Each Prototype carries the Miracle of Heaven that it was created to manifest to our entire Universal Community and is a lasting Gift of Heaven to all who long for the Heaven of a World that Works.


I am here to provide the Direction and Source Support that is needed.  It is up to you to provide the Work Power that will see the Prototypes through to fruition.


I welcome you to join me in this labor of love that will bring into a manifest form the Heaven that life was meant to be.



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Miracle School