The Spiritual Alchemy of Correct Exchange 

Understanding the Technical Aspect of The Correct Exchange Process


Source News Update

Since this article was written in December 2011, a major technological shift has occurred in the structure of the Suits.  Suits now have been transformed into Miracle Tool Suits that run on Source Power operated directly by the Source rather than on the Miracle Power that they used to run on.  


The dynamics of the Correct Exchange as described in this article remain the same only when Material Energy is given by the Suit to the Source the Source uses this to ground Source Power rather than making from a mix of Material Energy and Source Power a third energy – Miracle Power.


The Negativity became very active in trying to hijack Miracle Power when they lost power from all of the massive changes in the Creation.  It was taking 20 times more Source Power to work with Miracle Power than before and no longer was cost effective.  


With the advent of a new kind of Suit that could run on Source Power rather than on Miracle Power, the Correct Exchange process shifted to Material Energy being given in Side A of the Lifeline and Source Power grounding in Side B of the Lifeline.  Source Power is now used to connect directly to what is needed in the world by the Suit and to power up the Suit.


Only the Source can work with the volatile energy of Source Power and so the Negativity can't hijack this energy or attack a Suit in order to try to steal this energy.  It is, therefore, a safer form of power and the Miracle Tool Suit which runs on it is many times better than the old style Suits that have since been retired.


Unlike Completed Miracle Tool Suits, examples of which are the Miracle Tools I create for Heaven Agents like The Heaven Blanket, the Correct Exchange Meter, and the Miracle Manifestation Ring, which are Perfected Suits, your Miracle Tool Suit is a Miracle Tool "in-the-making".  This means that it has to travel the Path to Perfection in order to be perfected and, therefore, completed.


As you read the article that follows simply take note of this shift to Source Power over Miracle Power and then understand that the basic principle of Correct Exchange that is described is still relevant and important for you to understand.





At the heart of the work of building Heaven in the world is balancing the exchange with the Source.  Only when there is Correct Exchange is the Miracle Power generated from which Heaven can manifest.


Understanding the technical aspect of the Correct Exchange is where every Heaven Agent needs to begin.  Once they can see how Life was created to work – to be a sustainable system – they move out of the social definition of Correct Exchange as a kind of price tag or a social obligation.  


Correct Exchange is a spiritual alchemy that has to be gotten right and then the Miracle of Life manifests.  Until it is appreciated as such instead of being put into the category of a "should", Heaven Agents will not be able to grasp the incredible opportunity that the Correct Exchange System offers them to have life at its highest level.  Far from being an unfair or arduous system, it is a system, that if appreciated and worked with correctly, affords a Love-Based way to interact with the Source that yields Total Abundance.


The Negativity has worked overtime to make any kind of Correct Exchange be seen as something to be avoided or subverted and to get people to rail against the Source for asking for anything in return instead of just serving them when they demand help.


The Suits themselves have, since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, asked me to intercede on their behalf and develop training and Source Interventions that will enable them to overcome the programming of the Negativity that has caused them to resist a Correct Exchange and continue to self-destruct.



How Correct Exchange Works

The First Step

The first and most important step in getting the Correct Exchange right is to have a Suit that is willing to work on it rather than to covertly sabotage your efforts.  Most Suits have been heavily programmed to resist anything that resembled a loving exchange with the Source that is truly balanced and to resist Correct Exchange with regard to giving to their fellow beings in the Community.


The only foolproof corrective to get around this kind of often unconscious sabotage is The Willingness Intervention which resets the Suit to be capable of working on getting the exchange correct.


The Second Step

The Second Step is to understand how the Correct Exchange works from a technical point of view and to give your Suit support in doing its part in the technical process.


The way that the Correct Exchange works is that every being needs to connect to the Source through a Spiritual Lifeline.  This Lifeline is like a tube that is connected to their heart chakra and is closed at the end that reaches up to the Source.


The essential steps in the Correct Exchange are as follows:

The Heaven Agent generates 14 different kinds of Material Energies.  These Material Energies are sent through the Lifeline to the Source through Side A of the Lifeline tube.


When they reach the closed end of the tube at the Source side of the tube, the energies turn the corner and head down Side B of the tube.  It is here that the Source adds to the Material Energy sent by the Heaven Agent its own Source Energies.  From the mix a new kind of energy is created that I call “Miracle Power”. 


Miracle Power is what the Source uses to connect on behalf of the Heaven Agent to the beings, resources, events, opportunities, etc. that the Heaven Agent needs in their life.  This Miracle Power is sent out into the world to connect to the Heaven Agent what is needed and to use the connective power to orchestrate the events of the Heaven Agent’s life. 


Some of this Miracle Power is sent into the Suit of the Heaven Agent to orchestrate the proper functioning of the Suit.  The Suit was designed to run on Miracle Power.  Miracle Power releases the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit and activates the Miracle-Based Abilities and enables the Heaven Agent to have a high tech Suit that functions to perform the Mission of their life.


When beings started using the connective energies of Source Love given to them in their heart chakras to bypass the Source and try to connect directly to the people and things of their world that they desired, the formed Circles of Attachment that enslaved them and made them vulnerable to the selfish desires of those to whom they attached.  


A good example of this is the kind of attachment that occurs in an abusive relationship where the victim attaches to the abuser and gets fixated on them.  Even when severe physical violence leads to repeated hospitalizations, the victim will often return to the relationship. They are fatally attached by their own connective energies.


While many religious traditions teach the danger of attachment and some counsel abstinence from all relationships, sexuality, sensuality, etc. in order to detach, this doesn’t really correct the problem.  Asceticism doesn’t necessarily result in the redirection of these energies to the Source.  Often these energies are just stored up and used to create extraordinary powers, which, in the eyes of the Source, is another redirection and attachment – only a spiritual attachment.


The only correction for the knee jerk tendency to allow the energies of the Suit to connect to what is desired, is The Redirection Intervention which enables the energies of the Suit to go into the Lifeline instead.


Since energies can dart out of the Suit and connect in one’s sleep or be launched from one’s subconscious mind, there is no way for a Suit to correct for this by being vigilant at the level of the conscious mind.  Those who have tried this have inevitably found moments of weakness when the desires of the Suit prevail over the discipline of the mind.


The Suit has to be given Source Support in technically correcting this problem of its energies attaching to things that bring it suffering.  This is why The Redirection Intervention is important.  


This Intervention in particular has been created in response to the urgent request by Suits that the Source create a miracle to enable them to disconnect from their attachments and connect to the Source instead.


The Third Step

The Third Step is to generate the different kinds of Material Energy needed in the right quantities in the right time frame.


Once the Suit is willing to do the Correct Exchange and the energies are being redirected to the Source, the Suit has to do the work that generates the right amount of Material Energy that is needed for a Correct Exchange.  


The Suit is a Material Energy Factory of sorts, but unless the Suit is doing certain kinds of work, the range of the different kinds of Material Energy will not be produced.


Producing all 14 Kinds of Material Energy

There are 14 different kinds of Material Energy that are needed to produce the highest grade of Miracle Power.


If a person only works on projects with the Source that are for their benefit or the benefit of those immediately associated with them, they generate only 4 - 6 of the 14 different kinds of Material Energy.


This means that they lack the Miracle Power to have a life that is Heaven.  This requires Miracle Power that is made from the 14 Material Energies.


If a person works on projects that help themselves and others, then they generate about 10 - 11 of the Material Energies needed.


If they give to fellow Heaven Agents without an immediate return benefit to themselves, then they generate 11 - 12 of the Material Energies.


If they give to Miracle Support which grounds the miracles that are essential to the welfare of the Community as a whole, then they generate 13 of the Material Energies.


If they give to me personally, with full love and recognition of their opportunity to help the Source in its manifest form, then they generate 14 of the Material Energies.  


They give in this way by asking me what they can do to help and genuinely wanting to give back to the Source as an expression of their love for the Source and their appreciation of the work of the Source on their behalf and on behalf of all of Life.  Only real love for the Source generates the kind of Material Energy that supports the work of the Source at this level.  All other forms of support fall short of the mark because they are really about supporting the things that benefit them either personally or through creating a World that Works that makes their life easier.  When they stop giving in order to get something for themselves and instead give out of real love and appreciation for the constant work that the Source does for them on a universal level and through my Manifestation, then they have finally given the kind of Material Energy that is most powerful and which generates the greatest Miracle Power.


With this Miracle Power they will be capable of the extraordinary spiritual feats that are possible only to those who have transcended greed and self-centeredness and fear and who are able to truly love the Source.  With Heaven Agents of this calibre Heaven can manifest on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.


Because the Suits have, for lifetimes, been generating only 1 or 2 types of Material Energy to pursue the people and things of the world, they have lost their ability to generate the full range of Material Energy.  They have been trying to run on their own Material Energy instead of on the Miracle Power that they were designed to run on.  Damage to the Spiritual Equipment of the suit has been the result.  


The Generativity Intervention is designed to correct this situation in two ways:

  • It works with the Extended Range of the Suit that often operates outside the Conscious Range, to support my work at the highest level.  When the Extended Range begins to support my work, Material Energies of all 14 kinds start to be produced by the Suit.  This regenerates the production of these energies for the Extended Range.  
  • The Miracle Power that is then generated when the 14 kinds of Material Energies are given to the Source, are directed to awaken the Conscious Range of the Suit so it can begin working to support my work.  When a Heaven Agent works in their Conscious Range to support my work at the highest level, then they generate the Conscious Range of the 14 Material Energies.  When a complete set of Material Energies is supplied and the full range of Miracle Power is produced.


The Generativity Intervention does not have the ability to get the Conscious Range of the Suit to give back with full love to the Source. It enables the Extended Range to achieve this level and to awaken the Conscious Range so it can learn how to give at this level.


I call it the Generativity Intervention because it teaches the Suit to be generative – to give back to the Source and care about others and take action to back up this caring.  Only when a Suit is generative can it balance the exchange with the Source.



Building The Love Connection

It isn't possible to produce the 14th kind of Material Energy if you are not able to love the Source in a genuine way and enter into a continual state of Connecting and Communing.


Greed developed in Suits that have been out in the world seeking their own advantage in a Self-Centered Way has gotten in the way of true love of any sort.  Beings say they love one another when what they really mean is that "need" one another or "desire" one another.  This is true of the way the Suits approach the Source as well.  The Suit often looks at the Source as another being to be secured and consumed for whatever can be gotten from the relationship.


In order to free the Suit of the scourge of the Greed Current, I have developed The Love Connection Intervention that enables the being to escape from the Greed Current and begin running the Love Connection Current that enables them to learn how to love the Source without any ulterior motives tainting the connection.  It also connects them to a Love Connection Grid that is replete with the miracles that they need to learn how to love and to understand the Source and their relationship with the Source.



Getting Your Suit Spiritual Fit

It is also important to get your Suit in shape so it is capable of producing all of the 14 kinds of Material Energy that are needed.  While producing Level 14 Material Energy requires a genuine Love Connection with the Source for the energies to be produced, if your Suit is too low in vibration, lacks the correct momentum, or isn't fully expanded, your loving intent will not manifest Level 14 Material Energies.


This is similar to someone who would love to be able to leap across obstacles to go to the aid of someone they love but who has been a practicing couch potato who is able to do little more than reach for the next bag of potato chips.  Unless the Suit is fit, the action desired is not possible.


I have created The Spiritual Fitness Station to help you "work out" and develop the kind of Suit strength that is needed for the Material Energy Factory onboard your Suit to produce high grade Material Energy for a Correct Exchange.


The Spiritual Fitness Station 

This Station is key to your ability to catalyze your energies to move forward into the blooming process.  In Prototype Work, you are the one who blooms because you are the one that becomes a living embodiment of the fully bloomed Standard when you live this Standard in your life.


In order for the Prototype to bloom within you, it is you who has to get up to the right vibrational level, increase your momentum, expand your energies, and become the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the Prototype within you can bloom. When you get up to speed you become capable of producing all 14 kinds of Material Energy that you then give to the Source. 


If you provide the Source with all 14 kinds of Material Energy, the Source adds Its energies to the mix and creates the Miracle Power that enables you to come to full bloom.  The Source Will Intensive for the Prototype gives you just enough Miracle Power that it generates on your behalf to build momentum in order to do this kind of work, but it is up to you to “work out” in The Spiritual Fitness Station in order to build the rest of the Miracle Power that is needed for the blooming process.


In The Spiritual Fitness Station I have created a variety of Inner Plane Spiritual Fitness Machines that you can work with in order to build momentum and get your Material Energy Factory onboard your Suit, producing high quality Material Energy that contains all of the 14 kinds of Material Energy that are needed to bloom at the highest level.


The two machines I recommend are:


The Mixer

The Mixer is an Inner Plane Pool of Material Energies that swirls around in different optimal configurations of the 14 kinds of Material Energies. 


You enter the pool and swim around in the mix of the Material Energies and learn about the types of Material Energy.  Your Suit takes the Imprint of these energies and their correct combinations and is able to understand how to work to produce these energies in the right combinations for the different kinds of Miracle Power that are needed. 


Only this kind of experiential immersion in the energies fully resets the formatting in your Suit to know how to work with its onboard Material Energy Factory correctly. The Source has to add Its component for Miracle Power to be created, but only when the right mix is created by the Suit and presented to the Source can certain grades of Miracle Power be created. 


Since specific kinds of Miracle Power are needed for Total Abundance and Perfect Health, for example, understanding the technical part of what your Suit needs to produce is essential to the successful creation of the requisite amount of Miracle Power.


The Treadmill

Once you have reset the dials on your Suit, as it were, to produce the different kinds of Material Energy that are needed, it is time to begin producing them.  You can step on the Inner Plane Treadmill and begin building momemtum, expanding your energies, lifting your vibrational level, and producing the kind of love and celebration energies that produce the highest levels of Material Energy.  These energies are transferred by the Treadmill to the Source who then works with them to create the Miracle Power that you need to bloom the Prototype within you.


NOTE: This Station is not yet available but should be ready soon.


Step Four

In Step Four you track your progress in producing all of the 14 kinds of Material Energy in the right quantities and in the right time frame.  There are several forms of Source Support that help you to do this.


Tracking Your Progress

The Correct Exchange Station 

In this Station you receive the Code for what you need to do to balance the exchange for the Energies of Life that you are asking the Source to give to you.


Even if you are not getting detailed information at a conscious mind level when you enter into the Station, the Code will begin to work within you to trigger in you the correct actions in your Extended Range and in your Conscious Range that are needed to balance the exchange.


You will need to be attentive to Code Prompts to do what is needed if it requires thinking through the way you relate to me on the Inner and Outer Plane and the way that you relate to the work that is ours to do together in the world.


You will also need to be ready to take action when you receive the Code Prompts to do so.  Just as I have to work every day to support you and the work of Heaven on the Outer Plane, so you need to work every day on your end.  Only then do we have a sustainable system of life.


Too many people are used to spiritual work being something that they do only in their minds with no practical Outer Plane actions.  This is not the case with the work of building Heaven in the world.  Until a new Culture of Heaven has been built and a Love-Based Community is our reality with Total Abundance, Perfect Health, and every life is nurtured and fulfilled, we cannot rest.  To stop before we attain this Standard is to allow the Negativity to wash over Life and destroy it.


We must work until the job is done.  Nothing short of Perfection will be sustained in The Source Perfected Universe.


The Correct Exchange Meter

This is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that a Heaven Agent can learn to read to see if they are balancing the exchange for the Life Energies that are required and is building the levels of Miracle Power that are needed to build a life that is Heaven.

The Correct Exchange Meter has two settings on it.

  • One setting gives the Heaven Agent information on how many of the 14 kinds of Material Energy they are giving to the Source.
  • The second setting gives them a % of the amount of Material Energy that is needed that they are giving.  For instance, if they are producing all 14 kinds of Material Energy but are only producing about 20% of what they need to produce to generate the levels of Miracle Power that they will need to survive and to build Heaven, then this is important information to have to correct course. 



It is recommended that this Miracle Tool be used in conjunction with a Lifetime Project Code Intensive but it can be worked with independently of this Intensive.




When beings mature to a real understanding of what it takes to solve all of their problems and achieve the true happiness they desire and they put this understanding into action by working with the Spiritual Principle of Correct Exchange, Heaven will be their reality.


True understanding will end the era of false concepts about how the Source works in the world and what a being has to do to receive Source Support.  It will put an end to the childish and abusive tactics that many beings have used to try to get the Source to take care of them while they do nothing to help on their end.


Generating Material Energies and balancing the exchange is the most exhilarating experience for a being.  It is like running with the wind in your hair and feeling the joy of youth, strength, skill, and love welling up within you and giving you the drive to persevere until the end.


It is what the Suits were designed to do and to revel in doing.  The couch potato syndrome that has set in during the reign of the Negativity has deprived Suits of what comes most naturally and joyfully to them.  It is like keeping a whale in an aquarium and trying to make it feel like such a restricted and uneventful life is better than living in its natural habitat.


It is time to mature to a real understanding of how things work and to step up to the plate and hit a home run every time because you know how to do it and choose to do it.



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Miracle School