I’m a member of The Connecting Email List and I’m not sure how to Log In.

In order to Log In you will need to sign up for The Journey of Discovery first and then you will be able to Log In to both The Journey of Discovery and Connecting.  This sign up process will not affect your Connecting subscription.


Ready to sign up? Go to the form.


Still need help? Contact us.


I’m already a member of Connecting.  Should I sign up on this form for The Journey of Discovery?

Members of Discover a Miracle and Dream Heaven are automatically given admission into The Connecting Email List which has replaced these two email lists.  If you are already a member of Connecting due to this transfer, go ahead and sign up on this form. This will give you access to The Journey of Discovery.


When I download videos from the site, I am unable to play them on my Windows PC.

The videos that we provide for download are encoded in MPEG-4 format (.mp4) with the H.264 codec, which enables high-quality playback in a small file size. Although it is a standard way to encode video files that is used by professionals, some Windows computers have trouble reading these files, usually because the computer doesn’t have the proper codecs installed. Without the right codecs, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc. can’t play the file.


The simplest solution to this that we recommend is to download VLC Media Player, which is an alternative to Windows Media Player that comes with all the codecs to play a wide variety of media content. VLC Media Player can play our videos. After installing the program, just open the video you downloaded with VLC Media Player instead of Windows Media Player, etc.


Another solution would be to find the specific codecs that your computer is missing (usually ones for H.264 encoding) on the internet and install them on your computer. We don’t recommend this approach unless you know what you’re doing, as every system is different and may require troubleshooting to make things work.


Mac users typically don’t have this problem because the codecs needed are already installed. If you do have an issue, there is a version of VLC Media Player for Mac OS X, or you could update to the latest version of QuickTime Player if you have an older version installed.


You always have the option of watching the videos online if you are unable to view the downloadable ones (just click the play button on the online video). If you have further questions, please contact us.