Total Abundance Training 


Total Abundance is a miracle that manifests only when your Suit – your body/mind – is capable of working correctly with the Source in the Materialization Process.


The Materialization Process is far more complex than the Dance of the DNA from which organic life is generated.  Participation in this process requires the Suit to be conversant in how to coordinate with the Source on both subconscious and conscious levels so that a flawless series of actions create the conditions in which the Source can materialize Total Abundance.


The Source-Created method for Total Abundance Training is a combination of Inner Plane Training and Outer Plane Training.



Inner Plane Training

There are two types of Inner Plane Training:

  • Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Downloads 
  • Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Sessions


Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Downloads 

The Inner Plane Training for the Suit occurs through Total Abundance Training Downloads  that are manned by Perfected Intelligences. These Training Downloads are given through Educational Miracle Links. A Miracle Link is a Spiritual Connection that links a miracle to a person, place, object, or event. In the case of Total Abundance Training Downloads, the miracles of the Perfected Intelligence that works with the Training Download and the Download itself are linked directly to the Suit. 


These Training Downloads provide the subconscious mind with the technical knowledge, power, and support that it needs to cooperate with the Materialization Process.  The Download arrives in the Subconscious Range and the Perfected Intelligence, that mans the Download, sets up a Platform of Intelligence from which it trains the Suit to begin working effectively to support the Materialization Process.  Networks of Intelligence go up in lightening speed and the Suit immediately has the structure, intelligence, and information to respond in a flawless way in the Subconscious Range.  


What this means is that in minutes a Suit that is floundering in dealing with a difficult life situation or even a life threatening situation, is responding perfectly and doing whatever is needed to materialize the Total Abundance that is needed in that situation.  No Outer Plane didactic schooling is required.  The Inner Plane Training Download and the Perfected Intelligence accomplish the miracle of the Suit functioning perfectly in the aspect of its functioning that is covered by the Training Download.


Once the Subconscious Range has been trained and is working efficiently, the Training Download moves onto training the Conscious Range. It does this by generating Core Code Clusters that materialize in the conscious mind of the Suit.  This provides the conscious mind with instantaneous understandings that build Conscious Range Skill Sets that are necessary if Total Abundance is to manifest on the Outer Plane.  Even without Outer Plane Training Sessions to decode the symbolic communications of the Core Code Clusters, the Suit can, in time, build the set of Skill Sets that the Download is designed to help it to build.  With Outer Plane Training Sessions these Skill Sets can be built very rapidly and with a greater depth of understanding.


The understandings that emerge from the Core Code Clusters come through in a series of dream-like images that can either be delivered in vivid dreaming at night or during meditations during the day when the person is quiet and asks to open to receiving them.  The Code Clusters can deliver training in the form of inner video vignettes that take the mind on an Inner Plane Adventure that reveals to it a very vivid experience that enables it to understand what could generally only be understood, without the Code Clusters, through Outer Plane experiences. Or the Code Clusters might deliver verbal information or just understandings that come without visual or auditory content.


The training given by the Downloads compensates for the lack of understanding and expertise in the Story Culture of how to materialize Total Abundance. Without this training the Suit is unable to transcend the socialization that limits it to creating partial man-made abundance that never opens to the miraculous and never achieves the mark of Total Abundance.


With the help of many Perfected Intelligences manning many different Downloads that complete the training of the Suit, it is possible for the Suit to attain the ultimate state of Total Abundance which is to become Perfected.  Given the need for all Suits to attain Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe, the help of the Perfected Intelligence working with the Training Download is the fast track to achieving Perfection.


Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Sessions

In order to provide the Suit with the kind of coaching it needs for all the levels of its consciousness that reside below the Conscious Range, Inner Plane Training Sessions are needed.  In these Sessions, I talk with the Suit at the Core Level of Consciousness and at the unconscious and preconscious levels to make sure that the Suit is working effectively with the Training Downloads and learning what it needs to learn to cooperate with the Materialization Process.  Resistance, misunderstandings, and ignorance is worked through so the Suit is fully behind the effort to materialize whatever aspect of Total Abundance the Packet is designed to materialize.


Outer Plane Training

Outer Plane Total Abundance Training Sessions 

Total Abundance Training Downloads are best used in combination with Outer Plane Total Abundance Training Sessions by Email which provide personal Source Support for decoding the images coming through in the Code Clusters so the Heaven Agent can learn what has been given and how to maximize the abilities that the Suit now has.

Email Sessions are best because the Heaven Agent can write to me the content of what they believe to be a Core Code Cluster and I can help them interpret it and understand how to work with it in their Conscious Range.  Because Code Clusters only surface when they are ready, In-Person Sessions are less effective since a steady stream of Code Clusters might not appear during the Session.  In-Person Sessions can be scheduled, however, for more indepth training in how to understand the process of working with Training Downloads and to interpret the Code Clusters that have arrived.



The Future of Education


In Man-Made Education, people receive didactic or apprenticeship type training on the Outer Plane.  This kind of training reaches the conscious mind which may or may not be able to take it in depending on its ability to focus and its ability to remain calm enough to process the information, store it, and retain memory of it.  Many students have turbulence in their conscious mind because of emotional upheaval in their subconscious mind or because of thought forms that sabotage the learning process such as the belief that they aren’t smart and can’t learn or don’t deserve to be able to learn and achieve because they believe they are “bad”, because they were told this repeatedly by their parents. When the subconscious mind is blocking the learning, the conscious mind is not able to learn successfully.


Top Down Education

Man-Made Education is a Top Down Education.  Information is entered into the conscious mind through brute force methods learned in schools for taking notes, studying, cramming for exams and the like.  This information is supposed to trickle through to the subconscious mind so the learned material becomes ingrained and is no longer a struggle to retain in memory.  


The problem with this is that the conscious mind is really an extension of the thoughts and patterns of the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind makes up 1% of the consciousness of the Suit whereas the subconscious mind makes up 99% of the consciousness.


Trying to make the 1% dominate and control the 99% is a backwards way to work.  In Top Down Education the conscious mind is given the task of creating the subconscious mind when it is, in fact, a product of the subconscious mind.  


Given the Disease of Fragmentation, both the subconscious mind and the conscious mind are highly Fragmented.  When it appears that the conscious mind is disciplining the subconscious mind and shaping it, this is happening because some Fragment of the subconscious mind is supporting the Fragment of the conscious mind which is warring against other subconscious/conscious mind Fragments in order to gain a dominant position.


For example, if a person is struggling with an eating addiction and one Fragment in their conscious mind is trying to overcome the disorder and several other Fragments of the conscious mind are promoting the disorder, then strong arming the attention span of the Suit to keep it on track with a diet may not last very long before Fragment Clusters in the subconscious mind surface and turn on the volume to the Fragments of the conscious mind that are running the addictive behavior, causing the consciousness in the Suit to shift into the addiction behavior pattern again.


In Top Down Education new information is chucked into whatever processing system the Suit has created for handling new information.  If this processing system is malfunctioning, then the new information can’t be processed and the student is declared unintelligent or a poor learner and blocked from proceeding in his or her life toward goals that would require the learning that the Suit is not able to achieve.


Brute force, Top Down Education has not proven very effective.  A significant percentage of the population does not excel with this form of education and many are deemed slow learners or flunk outs because this method of education doesn’t work for them.  The battle of the Self Help Industry to control the wayward tendencies of the Suit is also one fraught with problems since the Suit has ways of upending New Year Resolutions and re-instating dysfunctional patterns in new and different ways.


Bottom Up Education

In the Prototype Communities there is no such thing as a person who is not a fully intelligent and capable learner.  This is because the method of learning in the Prototype Communities is Bottom Up Learning where the Source gives to the subconscious mind the miracles that enable it to learn at this most fundamental level and then to surface the learning into the conscious mind in a fully integrated way. 


In the Prototype Communities the Bottom Up Education is based on receiving Spiritual Genetic Code which is given to every member of the Community.  This Code, which is like a Seed of Understanding, germinates and blossoms into a full understanding and set of skills ready to be put into action on the Outer Plane.  This is a process that can take many years to come to fruition.


In the fast paced changes that are now occurring in the world, Training Downloads have been created to speed up the learning process to enable beings to accomplish what they must accomplish in a much shorter period of time. 


Training Downloads are another form of Bottom Up Education in the sense that they provide the subconscious mind with what it needs to build a stable platform of understanding for the conscious mind.  With Training Downloads the subconscious mind becomes not only imbued with correct understandings but it is cleared so it is a stable and integrated platform for the conscious mind.  It delivers to the conscious mind the Core Code Clusters from which develop the Skill Sets that are needed by the Suit.


The advantage of Bottom Up Education is that a Perfected Intelligence System that can work with the new information is created so that the information can be processed successfully in an integrated way.  Integrated Functioning as well as Integrated Understanding are first developed at the subconscious level which then generates Integrated Functioning and Integrated Understanding at the conscious level. When Training Downloads are supplied to the Suit for every aspect of Suit Functioning, then the Fragment Clusters are eradicated and the Suit becomes a perfected, integrated System of Intelligence that is at peace within itself. Each perfected component provides perfected thoughts and behaviors that add up to the Suit meeting the Standard of Perfection needed in the Source Perfected Universe.


In Bottom Up Education, new information is not chucked into a dysfunctional processing unit in the subconscious or conscious mind as it is in Top Down Education. Because a Perfected Processing System in the subconscious and conscious mind is created for the Suit, Bottom Up Education can provide any Suit of any age group or socio-economic status the ability to be equally successful in learning whatever is needed for the life to achieve full Life Purpose Fulfillment.


With Bottom Up Education not only is mastery of new learning assured but each aspect of Suit Functioning that is rebuilt by the Training Downloads is an aspect that has achieved the Standard of Perfection required to survive in the Source Perfected Universe.  With Total Abundance Training Downloads it is possible for a Heaven Agent to systematically rebuild their Suit, eradicating the Fragmentation that causes the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit and rebuilding a solid foundation for Perfect Spiritual Integration.  From this foundation of Perfect Integration comes the manifestation of the Total Abundance of Perfect Health which includes perfect functioning in every aspect of life.


A large part of the Total Abundance that is sought in a life is the Suit becoming a manifestation of the Heaven it was created to be – the beauty and intelligence and competence of a fully manifested Source Creation. Of far more value than having money in the bank or material possessions or even loving companions is having a Suit that functions flawlessly, providing the consciousness of the being with The Heaven Experience that is the real source of the joy and fulfillment of a lifetime.  Without The Heaven Experience, life is a struggle and full of the conflicting thoughts and emotions that create an inner Hell Experience even in the presence of the outer trappings of opulence and social status.  Only The Heaven Experience enables the consciousness of the Suit to commune with the Source and enjoy the richness of the Heaven that the Source provides.  Without this Heaven, life is an experience of pain of varying degrees of magnitude.


Types of Training Downloads 


Training Downloads operate in any context in which Suit functioning needs to be either restored or improved. There are two basic types of Training Downloads:

  • Core Total Abundance Training Downloads that provide the Suit with the basic training to participating in the Materialization Process
  • Prescription Training Downloads which are developed for the specific needs of a particular Heaven Agent

Training Downloads are given through Total Abundance Packets that include a variety of other supportive miracles that assist the Suit in achieving Total Abundance Training.  For more information on Total Abundance Packets, you can read the article entitled:  The Miracle of Total Abundance Packets.  In this article you can read more about the different levels of Training that are available.

I’ll sketch here some examples of how Prescription Training Downloads perform in a number of different contexts.


Skill Set Learning

The difference between ordinary skills and skills that enable Total Abundance to manifest is the difference between Top Down Education based on man-made educational practices and Bottom Up Education based on the Miracle-Based Training created by the Source.


Let’s look at an example that will illustrate this basic principle.


Top Down Training for parents comes from sources such as past life experience, the advice of others in their circle of family and friends, the “expert” help that they seek in the culture such as from doctors and therapists, and their own cultural education which might be administered through schooling, books, Self Help Trainings, and the like.  The Skill Sets that parents develop are based on the Story Culture and replicate the Fragmented Way of Life that has led historically to a lack of Total Abundance in the relationship of parents and children.  While Story Cultures around the world endorse many often conflicting parenting Skill Sets, the end result, generation after generation has been Fragmented Children, Fragmented Adults and Fragmented Relationships that are based on a mix of love/hate, social obligation, social protocol and which rarely include a true Soul-to-Soul Relationship between the parents and children.


In Bottom Up Training, the Source gives the Suit of a parent what it uniquely needs to parent in a way that enables the Soul of the child to manifest in the Suit and for the parent and child to have a Love-Based Relationship that is based on a Soul-to-Soul Connection.  The Training Download that is given takes into account the unique Spiritual Identity of the parent and the child, their Mission together in this life, and the Heaven that is possible in their relationship with one another.  The Perfected Intelligence that mans the Download builds a perfected Platform of Intelligence for the right thoughts and behaviors at both the subconscious and the conscious levels that enable the parent to know how to take action in a way that achieves the Total Abundance of the highest level relationship possible.


The parent receiving the Download begins to become conscious of the Core Code Clusters that surface in their dreams at night and in their receptive moments during the day.  They learn from these inner experiences what they need to know to parent in a way that fosters Spiritual Integration in their child and prepares their child to move toward full Life Purpose Fulfillment.  They can opt to also receive my Source Support on the Outer Plane to help them understand how to work with the Code Clusters and translate these understandings into practical parenting choices.


It is optimal if the child also receives Training Downloads so their Suit knows how to work with the Source to grow into the Heaven that they were created to be.  With children ages 7 and above, Outer Plane work with the Core Code Clusters is very easily done since they are usually very receptive to the information that comes from the Source.  They can also work with the information without Outer Plane support because they usually process information in a more integrated way than adults and are able to assimilate this kind of Source Given Training.


Parenting Skill Sets are just one of the multiplicity of Skill Sets that can be learned with Training Downloads.  Anything that the Suit needs to know can be learned best with the Bottom Up Approach, using Training Downloads.  Training Downloads enable the Suit to obtain Total Abundance Training for every aspect of life from the most complex life challenges to the most basic tasks such as exercising correctly in a way that engenders Perfect Health.  


Heaven Agents can request a Training Download to help them find a job, deal with a relationship issue, build financial abundance, transition into a new stage of their life, provide care for others, start a Source-Directed Business, cross over at death, etc.  


Anything that the Suit needs to do is best done with a Training Download that provides the Suit with the capacity to perform in a way that meets the Standard of Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe.  


Every aspect of Suit Functioning that starts running on a Training Download is an aspect of the Suit that is meeting the Standard of Perfection.


Equipping your Suit with Training Downloads is what enables your Suit to ultimately become Perfected, a task that can never be achieved in a Top Down Approach. Without the Bottom Up Approach to learning how to live the Integrated Life that forms the foundation for Spiritual Integration, the Suit is unable to counter its own Fragmented thinking and behavior in order to achieve the level of Spiritual Integration that is needed.


Training Downloads are the future of education – the fast track to living the Integrated Way of Life that builds the foundation for Total Abundance.  


Training Downloads can also help in situations where Suit Improvements are not the focus but survival is the focus.  Here are a few examples.


Emergency Care Downloads  

Loss of All or Part of the Life Field of the Suit

To give you an idea of the power of Training Downloads, I’ll share with you the context in which Training Downloads were created. During the aftermath of the August 8, 2013 Vibrational Shift, many Suits were dying because the excessive levels of Fragmentation Energies emitted by Suits that had either died spiritually or experienced severe Fragmentation were puncturing the Life System Energy Field that is the outermost layer of the Auric Field that surrounds the Suit.  When the Life Field is ruptured, the context in which Source-Given Code can exist in the Auric Field and in the Suit is lost and Code begins to disintegrate or start to die and form mutated conglomerates that give rise to what I call The Death Virus which is a distortion of signals at the Spiritual Genetic Code Level that is capable of shorting out the Spiritual Intelligence System of a being.  The Death Virus was capable of doing to organic intelligence what a computer virus is capable of doing to the computer.  Since the Spiritual Intelligence System is what sustains the Biological Intelligence System of the body, any fundamental disruption of Spiritual Intelligence could lead to the malfunctioning of the organic form. This could lead to Suits that were out of control and incapable of sustaining their organic lives.


The Source Solution to this impending disaster was Training Downloads.  When administered to Suits that had lost their Life Field partially or totally, and had, therefore, lost most of the Basic Spiritual Genetic Code that enables the Suit to function, the Downloads immediately provided the Suit with technical information and support to continue functioning without spinning out into the mutation of The Death Virus.


The Training Downloads protected the Suit despite the loss of the Life Field and trained it to function normally despite the loss of Code, Templates, Spiritual Pathways of Intelligence, and most of the other functioning parts of the Spiritual Intelligence System that crashed along with the Life Field.


With Training Downloads I was able to stop The Death Virus from getting out into the world where it could have destroyed the Spiritual Intelligence Systems of all organic species on the Earth.


The Training Downloads then worked with me to rebuild the Spiritual Intelligence System of a Suit and patch up the holes in the Life System or build a substitute protective shield around the Suit. 

Training Downloads have been invaluable in the most dangerous circumstances.  


Providing Structure and Direction for Empty Suits

Since the advent of the Vibrational Shifts of November 28, 2012, 46% of the human population has experienced Spiritual Death where the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body of the Suit disintegrate, causing the Soul to unlink from the Suit.  When the Soul unlinks, Spiritual Death occurs because the Soul, that was the being occupying the Suit, which was its vehicle in life, is now no longer incarnate in the Manifest World.


The organic Suit often lives on, sustained by the already materialized structures of organic life that keep it going.  Since its physical health is reliant on the support of the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body, it eventually will suffer from the loss of these supportive Spiritual Structures and will suffer ill health on mental, emotional, and physical levels.


Without the Soul in the Suit, the Suit is very vulnerable to take over by the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  The Negativity was, in fact, looking forward to the Vibrational Shifts as an opportunity to harvest the Empty Suits and add live organic forms to its army of entities that serve its Mission of death and destruction.


Fortunately the Negativity did not survive the Shift with enough of its members in full form to do the level of harvesting that they had intended but enough have retained parasitic relationships to healthy beings who did survive to still pose a security risk in the Universal Community, especially for Empty Suits.


Training Downloads have provided Empty Suits with a new structure that is enabling them to receive a new Perfected Self to occupy the space formerly assigned to the Soul.  This Perfected Self is working with the Source to rehabilitate the Suit so that it can survive and serve the Mission of the Perfected Self.  The Training Downloads are compensating to some extent for the loss of the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body but are not capable of rebuilding them at this point.


Providing Protection for the Suit

Most Suits suffer from the Disease of Fragmentation which means that some of the Fragments have one agenda and war against other Fragments that have another agenda.  In extreme cases the Fragment Clusters form complete personalities that vie for control of the Suit.


In the aftermath of the August 8th Vibrational Shift, the Inner War between Fragment Clusters became life threatening for many beings.  Many beings who had been successfully suppressing Hell Identities that had arisen in negative Fragment Clusters lost control over these Clusters and the Hell Identities began to override their Heaven Agent Identity.


While The Total Abundance Intervention helped to Hold the Line for Heaven and oust the Hell Identities and provide the Suit with positive Total Abundance Pathways along which consciousness could travel, there was a need to rebuild the severely fragmented parts of the Suits that had been occupied by the Hell Identities.  The Perfected Intelligences moved in with the Training Downloads and rebuilt the devastated parts of the Suit and established Heaven Agent functioning again.  This gave the Heaven Agent Identity a chance to prevail over the thoughts and actions of the Suit that it had formerly been unable to control.


The Perfected Intelligences of the Training Downloads also provided support for stopping the defense mechanism that creates Fragment Clusters and the multiple personalities to which they give rise.  


Training Downloads have also been successful in protecting a Suit from take over by Negative Intelligences from outside of the Suit that break in using a variety of complex methods for tricking the Suit into opening the door to possession.



Training Downloads have opened up a whole new era for education, providing the kind of Bottom Up Education that is needed in the modern world.  They are fast at training the Suit to perform perfectly and rebuild the Spiritual Intelligence System in whatever aspect of the Suit is governed by the Download so that Spiritual Integration and Perfect Functioning can occur.


Training Downloads are not only the fast track to fixing the Suit but for perfecting the Suit – a task that every being must put on their agenda since Perfected Suits will be the only Suits that survive in the years ahead as the Source Perfected Universe reaches its highest level of manifestation.

To request the help of Training Downloads which are given through Total Abundance Packets, you go to the article entitled:  The Miracle of Total Abundance Packets.