At-Distance Work through Miracle-Linked Source Connection Music


I have recently developed a new kind of Miracle Link to music.  This Miracle Link enables me to transform any piece of music into a Point of Connection to a Direct Interaction with the Source.


Source Connection Music links only temporarily to music unlike Heaven Music which is a permanent link to a particular piece of music.


The advantage of Source Connection Music is that it can manifest through any music you listen to anywhere you are.  My Source Function determines what you need at the moment and what music It can work with to achieve this goal.  


For instance, you could be out shopping and need an infusion of a particular kind of energy to ward off an oncoming cold and this could be administered through the music you hear in the store.  Or your family could be dealing with a troubling issue and tempers could be getting out of hand and the music you have playing in the background could deliver the soothing and re-centering energies that calm the situation and get it back into The Love Flow that is needed for healing to occur.


Or you could be eating dinner and listening to music in the background and discover that the Source is manifesting at the dinner table and engaging you in a moment of blissful Communion.  Or a Source Manifestation might appear in the car beside you on your way to work discussing the strategy that you need to follow to do well in an upcoming business meeting.


Music enables the Source to administer a range of Source Interventions that carry more power when delivered through the medium of music. Through music a more materialized Communion Traceway can manifest that makes Communing with the Source a more tangible experience.


Since music is an important part of life for many people, reaching them through music is often the first step in their evolution toward the Source Connection.  Providing Source Connection Music for yourself and your loved ones is an important start for world change.  


Contributing to The World that Works Fund to send out Source Connection Music into communities around the world is a way to build the Source Intelligence Network that awakens people at the level of their conscious mind. Once people can experience a tangible Connection to the love and guidance of the Source, they can begin to become receptive in their Conscious Range to building the Integrated Way of Life that will enable them to survive the Vibrational Shifts and build Heaven in their lives.



The Correct Exchange

Personal Source Connection Music

With Personal Source Connection Music you request At-A-Distance Source Support through music in increments of one month.  This is the amount of time needed to provide you with an amount of Source Support that makes launching this kind of Miracle Link worthwhile.  

Note: Since calendar months do not have the same number of days, for the purpose of this calculation of Correct Exchange, a "month" is defined as 4 weeks or 28 days.


The Basic Monthly Plan for At-a-Distance Source Support through Music

The minimal Correct Exchange for Source Connection Music for one month is US $195. 


You can request more than one month of the At-a-Distance Source Support through music when you fill out the financial exchange form.   If you exchange for more than one month in one exchange, the power of the Source Connection Music increases exponentially according to the number of months for which you have exchanged.





Additional At-a-Distance Source Support through Music

If you would like more extensive At-a-Distance Source Support through music, you can provide more Material Energy and I will work through more of the music that you listen to in a month. 


To provide the additional Material Energy needed for additional Source Support, you can enter in the amount you are providing in your Life that Works Fund by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to enter in the Comments Box in the form for the financial exchange the purpose for which these funds are intended.




Source Connection Music for a World that Works

Those contributing to The Global Miracle Link Campaign for a World that Works will be providing the Material Energy that is needed for Source Connection Music to reach millions in many different parts of the world.  


The Correct Exchange for World that Works Music is not based on a monthly amount needed to enable an individual to progress.  Whatever Material Energy is provided is used to link to whatever music is most strategic for helping the most number of people and for helping to build the Second Layer Source Intelligence Network which is a Miracle Link of its own that helps to ground the Direct Source Work that will enable beings to heal from the Disease of Fragmentation and live to enjoy the Heaven that will manifest on the Earth.


To contribute to The Global Miracle Link Campaign for a World that Works, you can fill out the form below. If you are contributing amounts greater than US $4,000, then email me for instructions with regard to how to complete your Contribution.



Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.



Source Connection Music is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 

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