At-a-Distance Work through Miracle-Linked Source Connection Events


Just as objects, places, and music can be Miracle-Linked to ground the miracle of a Direct Source Connection, so events can be linked as well.


When an event or sequence of events becomes a Source Connection Link, the Source can work through the event to effect certain kinds of Source Interventions that require the staging of an event to achieve their full power.


When a person opts to have Source Connection Events in their month, the Source chooses the events that become Miracle-Linked and works through these Miracle Links in the moment.  


What events become Miracle-Linked is based on the strategy of the Source to help an individual to evolve most rapidly toward their goal of becoming Spiritual Integrated and building the Heaven of an Integrated Way of Life.



The Correct Exchange

Personal Source Connection Events

The Basic Monthly Plan for At-a-Distance Source Support through Linked Events

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of these spontaneous Source Connection is $125/month.

Note: Since calendar months do not have the same number of days, for the purpose of this calculation of Correct Exchange, a "month" is defined as 4 weeks or 28 days.

To request a monthly Plan for Source Support through Linked Events, click on the link below. If you exchange for more than one month at a time, then the power of the Source Connection grows exponentially.  



Additional At-a-Distance Source Support through Linked Events

If you would like additional Source Support for the events in your life, you can provide additional Material Energy through a financial exchange and I will link more of the events in your life to the miracle of the Source Connection.


To request Additional Miracle-Linked Event Support you can fill out the amount that you would like to provide for this work in your Life that Works Fund.  You can access the Life that Works Fund by clicking on the link below. Be sure to enter in the Comments Box in the form for the financial exchange the purpose for which these funds are intended. 





Source Connection Events for a World that Works

Transforming events in the world community into opportunities for the Source to connect with those involved in the event is an important way to effect rapid social change.


Those contributing to The Global Miracle Link Campaign for a World that Works provide the Material Energy necessary for the Source to select the most strategic events through which to manifest its Direct Source Interventions for world change.  These could be major world events that rivet millions or private events that effect the lives of decision makers who shape what happens in world events.  They could also be very simple events that help individuals to awaken to the opportunity to choose an Integrated Way of Life.


Contributing to The World that Works Fund is the way to effectively bring about the social change that is key to setting the stage for people exiting from the Fragmented Way of Life that leads to wars, crime, discrimination, and the abuse of power on every level into an Integrated Way of Life that builds a Global Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.


What massive education will never effect, the Source can effect through working behind the scenes moving people into moments when they can see the Light and choose to become Love-Based rather than Greed-Based.


To contribute to The Global Miracle Link Campaign for a World that Works, you can fill out the form below.  If you are contributing amounts greater than US $4,000, then email me for instructions with regard to how to complete your Contribution.



Source Connection Events are part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools. 


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