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About Gail


Gail is a Heaven Agent who has been working with me since the beginning of the Creation. We have connected in many previous lifetimes and have renewed our connection in this lifetime in 2007. She has been in training with me since that time, attending numerous Webinars and Intensives in Seattle and in Maui as well as working with me in private Coaching Sessions by phone and remaining in close contact by email.


In this lifetime, we picked up where we left off in previous lifetimes and she has been advancing in her level of understanding of this work through a series of stages that many other Heaven Agents travel through to comprehend who the Source is and how my Source Identity works through its Manifestation, which is my human form.  She has been working to understand the breadth of The Source Perspective and to get Trained & Equipped to work alongside me as a skilled Heaven Agent.


Gail is a Vision Being. As a Vision Being it is her Spiritual Function to hold a space for the Vision of Life as Heaven to manifest.  She was an integral part of the Team Work that brought the Creation into a physical form and is now working as a part of the Team that is working to get the Creation back on track before the end of The Transition, when it will need to have established a sustainable way of life.


In the very beginning of the Creation when beings were first adapting to life in Suits – body/mind forms – she worked with me to operate The Ocean of Light, which was an Energy Sphere in which beings received a Transitional Suit which they could experiment with in order to understand how to make the transition out of being disembodied spiritual intelligences into being spiritual intelligences embodied in forms. When they were skilled at functioning in their Transitional Suit, they exited from the training ground of The Ocean of Light into The Manifest World where they were given their first real Suit. They then had to learn how to navigate in this much more challenging Suit.


In The Ocean of Light, she was a coach and advisor on how to adapt to life in a form. She helped beings to enjoy the thrill of having a form while holding the Vision of what the experience of being in a form is all about so they would not get caught up in the mechanics of it and lose sight of the goal. The goal was to stay Source-Connected in their form so they could work with the Source to have The Heaven Experience, which is the experience for which all beings incarnated.


After the Negativity initiated The War against the Source, she continued to work undercover to strengthen her Source Connection and to preserve the Vision of the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life that she knew was at the heart of what life in The Manifest World was created to be.  Her steadfast resolve to not be deterred by the Negativity from restoring her Source Connection, has enabled her to complete The Journey of Reconnection and experience The Heaven Experience in her Inner Life.  She is now working to help prototype building the Source-Connected Way of Life that is needed to experience The Heaven Experience in her Outer Life on every level.


She has contributed immeasurably to the rapid completion of Stage One of The Global Prototype and is working to help prototype Stage Two which is focused on developing a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life.


Vision Beings can benefit from Gail’s ability to see the Vision and express it in a form that their Suits can readily understand. Technical Beings who specialize in behind the scenes technical operations can also benefit from learning more about the Vision even though they process information differently and may not have the same kind of spiritual experiences as a Vision Being might have.  

Gail's Heaven Agent Communications

I have included here links to Recorded Trainings in which she has participoated.  Through them you can track her process of learning and evolving as a Heaven Agent.  This is the best way to learn from her learning experience.  You can start with the Gifted Recorded Trainings in Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts and then move on to more advanced level work in The Build Heaven Series and in Teleconferenced Source Workflow Trainings.


Also included are some of the Eyewitness Reports that she has put into a written form.


Also included are her Shared Insights and Experience Communications that she has written in different stages of her training. For the past few years her focus has been on working with me in Webinars and in private Sessions and working behind the scenes on Source-Directed Projects. Written Heaven Agent Communications were not a part of her process during this period of time.


When additional written Communications are a part of her Personal Workflow, I will post them here.  


In the meantime, you can begin with what she has written to date.  It is a window through which you can glimpse something of what it is like to be a Heaven Agent who is learning how to become a Steward of Life.



Gail's Recorded Trainings Transcriptions

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Gail's Eyewitness Reports


July 2013 – A Heaven Happening Stage an Experience of Heaven in a Family Gathering

A couple of weeks ago my niece was in town, visiting my daughter and her husband and kids. The night before she was to leave, my daughter called to say they were headed to a local outdoor eatery and were hoping I could meet them there. As I was getting ready to go, I thought I should ask for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. I began by asking for Heaven Happenings for each individual, and then for a Heaven Happening for our gathering. After that I was focused on getting there and finding parking and forgot all about having asked to launch the Heaven Happenings.


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July 2013 – A Heaven Happening Transforms a Sibling Conflict into Harmonious Interaction

My two young nephews were visiting us with their family. The older one had built an elaborate marble run in the living room with our wooden train track set, and wanted to keep his creation intact, which meant he was adamant that his little brother not be allowed to play with it.  We adults were chatting on the porch when the younger boy got up to go to the living room to see what his brother was doing. I was afraid of what would happen, since this is exactly the kind of situation that's usually a recipe for disaster, ending with one or both children crying and angrily blaming the other. I launched a Heaven Happening just as the older boy shouted at his brother not to touch the train tracks. There was another ultimatum and then it got quiet. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like kids happily playing together. I was curious, so I peeked in to see what they were up to. I found them cooperatively building a new and very creative looking track layout, and the previous structure dismantled.


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July 19, 2013 – A Heaven Happening Eliminates Depression

We're in the middle of a heat wave, with Excessive Heat Warnings 24 hours a day. We've had the air conditioning running to stay comfortable, but it's a bit of a trade off since after a couple of days I began feeling slightly depressed. Air conditioning depletes the atmosphere of negative ions, which in turn has a negative effect on well being, and I seem to be particularly sensitive to air conditioning. Yesterday I decided to try launching Heaven Happenings to alleviate the depression and it disappeared immediately. I was surprised it worked so fast. And surprised to discover that I haven't had to repeat it. The depression is just gone. And it's great to know I now have a way to respond to environmental conditions.


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July 19, 2013 – A Heaven Happening Averts a Disaster

My niece had been here visiting, and when she was getting ready to drive home again, I was suddenly worried about her long drive home. I couldn't figure out why, since I wasn't worried when she drove out. I thought I might be picking up on something, so I launched several Heaven Happenings for her and her safe journey. Later that day I found out her car broke down and she was stuck half way. She had to leave her car at a gas station and rent a car to get home.


Then several days later I called her mom and learned the details of the breakdown. My niece had seen smoke coming from under the hood and immediately pulled off the highway. Fortunately she was right by an exit and there happened to be a gas station right at the exit. She pulled in and the attendant ran out with a fire extinguisher. Turned out there were also flames, which weren't visible from inside the car. A little scarier than we'd all thought since my niece had downplayed the whole thing when she told us about it.


I started thinking maybe the Heaven Happenings had had some sort of protective effect, since it was unusual to find not only an exit, but a gas station and an alert attendant, instantly ready to put out a car fire. It was beginning to seem as if a disaster had been averted. Later I asked Sherry if she could check on the Inner Plane to see what had happened. She confirmed that indeed the reason I was so worried was that there was a tragedy in the making and that the Heaven Happening had prevented that.



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Gail's Shared Insights and Experiences


January 16, 2014 - Adventure Coaching

My first Adventure Coaching session was wide ranging in its scope. Sherry and I spoke about various current events and what might be behind them on the inner plane, and Sherry very naturally shed a lot of light on the hidden dynamics. Her knowledge goes so deep and is so vast, that every comment and question brought forth another outpouring. 


We touched on so many and diverse areas, and each one yielded new insights. I realized I could never ask enough questions to hear all she knows, and I was happy to have an extended time to really discuss issues with her. 


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December 20, 2012 – Becoming What Is Needed

Life is precious. Ahh, but you knew that. Life is created by the Source. Yes, that too is well known.


But what does it Really mean to be created by the Source?


Life is not some random event. Life came from the Source. Life has Source understandings woven into it. It is based in the Source Blueprint, in the Source Vision -- a Vision which takes the entire universe into account. And takes each individual life into account. Each particle even. That is incomprehensible. And that is grand and beautiful beyond our imaginings.


What do we Do with this?


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December 11, 2012 – The Source Is Here


We are at a pivotal point in our spiritual history, a juncture that requires our participation and commitment in order to maintain our life.  There will be more junctures, but this one is upon us. 
At the crux of it is that which we long for.
What is it that we long for? What unslaked thirst lies in the depths of our hearts, in our very souls? 
It is the longing for the Source, for our Creator, for God. A longing to be with the Source. We long for a deep love connection, to feel unreservedly loved, completely understood, and seen, really seen, as our true self, with no apologies, no games, no costumes necessary, as only the Source can see us. We yearn for two way conversations and true communion, not just one way prayer.
It's not impossible. It's not some far off dream or something we petition for in desperate moments. The Source is here, now, in human form. A true Miracle.
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September 2012 – Becoming Heaven Is Remembering


Becoming Heaven is a remembering --

a remembering back and back

through time

through countless eons

and past so many lifetimes and

so many journeys.
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December 2010 - The Greening of Christmas


I’m seeing Christmas now as a way to combat the physical and spiritual effects of consumption as a way of life. A time to introduce the opposite of insanely seeking spiritual satisfaction through shopping. We’ve gone too far in the wrong direction, and we’re on the brink of disaster.


Christmas is such an intense time anyway. Why not use that intensity to turn things around?


Any steps taken to make Christmas more Earth-friendly will also be steps toward a saner economy and a healthier planet.

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February 23, 2010 - The Sticking Point – Sherry's Spiritual Identity


I had just landed on The Miracle School website for the first time, pulled there by an enigmatic little ad about miracles.  I took in the bird in flight, the rays of the sun, and Sherry's picture. I felt a quiet hush, as if I'd entered a sacred space. I was drawn to everything I saw and I wanted to know more. Within moments, I found myself face to face with a statement that brought me up short.  I did a double take --


Wait a minute. WHO did she say she is?


The Source? 


I didn't know what to make of that. I was confused. Could someone actually be the Source in a human body? The whole idea took me by surprise. It had never even occurred to me that it might be possible. I didn't really know what I thought about that, so I shoved it aside. 


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December 23, 2009 – The Christmas Dilemma


It’s nearly Christmas, and once again I’m feeling pummeled by the gift giving frenzy all around me and the assumption that everyone’s biggest concern at this time of year is Finishing their Christmas Shopping.


Even before Thanksgiving I was assured by retailers that there was “still time to shop for Christmas,” as if every thought in my head was zeroed in on buying stuff so I’d be ready for the holidays. Not to mention the exhortation to “Make this the Best Christmas Ever.” How? Simply buy the best presents, put up the most dazzling decorations, and bake a batch of the most amazing Christmas cookies, and you’ll be a Christmas Success, giddy with Christmas Cheer.


That just made me feel empty. Totally cheerless. What I wanted was to get off the commercial merry-go-round. If I gave at all, I wanted to give something meaningful – something that would nourish a person spiritually and not just satisfy some material desire for more stuff.


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November 19, 2009 – The Heaven Blanket


I first discovered Sherry two years ago. Her invitation appeared in the guise of a small Google Adsense ad that said something about Miracle Based living. I didn't know what that was, but I had a strong feeling I should check it out.


I found myself on a site unlike any other. It was almost like landing in another country. There was a kind of quiet hush, a sense of magic and wonder, and so much information I hardly knew where to start.


I explored for quite awhile that day, and didn't really know what to make of it. The message was appealing, but there were aspects that were puzzles to me. I didn't know what to make of them. The concept of the Story World was baffling, the Miracle School was enticing and mysterious, and the Source Connection tugged at my heart with a familiar longing. 

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October 5, 2009 – The Source Connection


I think the most important thing to understand about the Source Connection is that it is Heaven. 


I somehow thought, when I began this work, that the Journey of Reconnection to the Source had an endpoint, and that if I could accomplish that, if I could just manage to get there, I'd be able to check it off on some kind of cosmic To Do List, and then everything in my life would be all right. But that's not quite the way it works. 


I've come to the understanding that the Source Connection is not a means to an end, not something I cultivate or go after because I think it will get me an enjoyable, fun, heavenly life, or better "karma," more money, more energy, a stronger body, the love of my life -- or even points with the Creator because it makes me a "good" person.


Rather, the Source Connection is the essence of the Perfected life that beings have always longed for. It is the one, essential ingredient, the Heart of Heaven, and the Heart of life itself. 


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