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About Soul Talk Heaven Agent Communications


The Extended Range of Consciousness

Most Heaven Agents communicating with me via The Soul Talk Network are doing so in their Extended Range of Consciousness, which is generally outside of their conscious awareness. 

Because the Extended Range of Consciousness is aware of the Source and what is happening on the Inner Plane, the knowledge that a being has when communicating from their Extended Range is far more advanced than when they are communicating from their Conscious Range.  Most humans lack Conscious Range insight into what is happening on The Spiritual Level of Reality.  This is because they have been socialized to suppress the knowledge of their Extended Range.  For this reason, many of the communications are not what they would be capable of sharing if I was talking to them in their Conscious Range.


Advanced Heaven Agents, however, have integrated their Extended and Conscious Ranges and have a more integrated perspective on reality that enables them to see the continuum of what is happening on The Spiritual Level of Reality as well as what is happening in The Physical Level of Reality.


The Types of Heaven Agents Sending in Communications

Some of the beings who contact me are advanced Heaven Agents from many previous lifetimes who have been actively training with me in this lifetime through the Inner Plane version of The Miracle School.  They are up on what is happening and skilled in providing information that is accurate and insightful.


Others are beings who are Heaven Agents in training who have more basic understandings and experiences to share. They lack the breadth of knowledge and skill of the advanced Heaven Agents.

Some are Heaven Agents are in Human Suits and others are Heaven Agents who are in Animal Suits or in Plant Suits or linked to Inanimate Suits. All are Perfected Spiritual Intelligence operating through different kinds of Suits. They share their unique perspective on the world as well as their knowledge of their learning process in stepping up to become Stewards of Life.


Earth Plane Communications

Communications During a Recorded Training or Ongoing Source-Directed Project Work

Many Earth Plane Heaven Agent communications come in during Source Workflow Trainings or Webinars or in a Source Workflow Session or in Source Workflow Responses to their input on an ongoing Source-Directed Project.


You can hear my translation of their Communications in Recorded Trainings and you can read my transcription of the exchange between us in the section on Transcribed Source Workflow Sessions and Responses. 

I will include some of the transcriptions from Source Workflow Sessions and Responses from the Projects here to provide you with a broader range of understanding. Others are available in Source-Directed Projects under the sections marked, Source Workflow Reponses and Source Workflow Sessions.  You can check out the entries in The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America and in The Total Abundance Workstation.


While these kinds of Communications are a part of their work with me on ongoing Projects and not the advice that they are sharing with other Heaven Agents from their own experiences, they provide a valuable insight into the lives and experiences of others working with me At-a-Distance on the Earth Plane.

Transcribed Shared Insights and Experiences

Also included are Transcribed Shared Experiences which are direct communications to fellow Heaven Agents about their experiences of learning how to become Stewards of Life.  


Recorded Heaven Agent Communications



Transcribed Source Workflow Sessions 


 January 26, 2017 – Countering Racial Hatred Technology


A White man in his 60's from Selma, Alabama contacted me via The Soul Talk Network to let me know that a hideous Hate Template that had been knocked out of alignment with humans during the Civil Rights demonstrations in the 60’s has started to align with humans once again. 


He said that he was there when the Hate Template was at its prime and worked with me on the Inner Plane to move it out of alignment with the White people perpetrating the violence against Black and White Civil Rights protestors.


He says that although racial hatred has continued since that time, it has not escalated to the level of violence that it reached when the Hate Template was fully aligned with the police force and many in the White population.


He expressed fear that if the Hate Template got out this time, it would spread throughout the nation and ignite violence toward Black people and their supporters.  He said that it is very disturbing that a re-run of that former pitch of hatred could resurface after all of the efforts of so many to establish greater protection for Black people.



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Transcribed Source Workflow Responses
to Heaven Agent Eyewitness Reports


November 6, 2016 – The Black Post Clue


This Soul Talk report came from a White woman in her 70’s who lives in New Jersey. She says that the White people she knows take it for granted that the Black people in their area have always been in low paying jobs without much opportunity to earn higher incomes and assume that they probably always will be in this position in the society.  They don’t really think about how this inequality of opportunity has occurred or what needs to be done to remedy it.  She asked me if there was something that she needed to be doing to change the climate of acceptance of this situation which causes White people to continue to support the restrictive social structure that results in Black people remaining at the lower end of the economic hierarchy. 


I asked her to seek Inner Plane Source Guidance about what she sees in White society that is behind this kind of tolerance for this situation.  


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Transcribed Shared Insights and Experiences


January 29, 2017 – The Importance of Asking the Source How to Solve a Problem

A married woman in her mid-50’s from Southern California has communicated that the one thing that she has learned about following Inner Source Guidance is that you have to ask the Source not just about what decisions to make but how to solve the problems related to those decisions.  


She said that when she was considering marrying her current husband, she received repeated warnings from Inner Source Guidance that great harm could occur if she didn’t deal with an entity that was attached to his Suit.  This entity was intent on damaging her heart chakra so that she could not retain her Source Connection.


She said that she knew that this communication was from the Source and was accurate because she could close her eyes and see the entity, like a dark human form, attached to the left side of his body. She said that she knew that it was dangerous and she could feel it reaching out periodically to try to enter into her heart chakra.


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