Begin by Entering into the Flow
of The Next Step Process

The Source Methodology for building Heaven in the world is The Next Step Process. This is a spiritual flowstream of Source-Created Energies that helps you to know what your Next Step is and what miracles and Source Power the Source has created for you to help you take your Next Step.


The Next Step Process helps you bring the picture into focus and provides you with a certain amount of Source Guidance, Source Power, and Miracles to help you see your Next Step. It does not itself provide you with all of the miracle resources that you need to take your Next Step. It helps you to bring into focus what is needed and keeps you on track with the series of Next Steps that take you through The Adventure of your life.


The Next Step Process is how you sustain yourself in the universe after the major changes that have occurred that have fundamentally altered the very physics of life. Through entering into The Next Step Process and working to contribute what is yours to contribute to the work of building Heaven in the world, you generate the Material Energies that the Source needs to bring you the Life Energies that sustain you on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


The Next Step Process is also the way in which you can have a preview of the universal and personal changes that are transforming life on every level into Heaven. When you can experience the future and come to understand how the changes that need to be made to make life Heaven will add up to the greatest happiness for you and for all others, then you overcome your fear of change and can embrace The Source-Directed Adventure that lies ahead. This ability to see what lies ahead will alleviate much of the fear of change that has kept beings from doing what was needed to transition out of their old dysfunctional ways of life into a new Culture of Heaven that will bring them happiness at the highest level.


When you first merge into the flow of The Next Step Process, your ability to see your Next Step and to see Next Steps well into the future depends on your skill level in receiving Source Communications. If you have had no training in receiving Source Guidance, you may not pick up on the Communications very readily. You can rest assured, however, that your Inner Intelligence, the aspect of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to work with the Source, will pick up on the Communications on your behalf. It will communicate this information to your subliminal mind and, as you seek to be receptive to the Communications, you will begin to pick up on them in your conscious mind.


Even if the Communications remain at a subliminal level for some time, you will begin to intuitively know what steps to take and sense the changes that lie ahead. As you develop your skills in receiving Source Communications, you will begin to get specific information and be able to maintain an active dialogue with the Source about your Next Step.


You can begin to pick up on how to work with Source Guidance through watching other Heaven Agents work with it in the Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts that will be posted on the web site. Recordings of previous Webinars are also an excellent source of training with regard to this as well. The Build Heaven Series of Webinars is a resource that will enable you to begin understanding how the Source communicates and works with individuals.


I also encourage you to work with me in Webinars and Intensives, where I can give you individual feedback on the information you are receiving and teach you how to understand how to work with the unique way in which the Source communicates with you.



To enter into The Next Step Process, meditate on the Source Drawing below and ask the Source to accept you into The Next Step Process. You can work with this Source Drawing to bring into focus your Next Steps once you have been accepted into the flowstream of The Next Step Process. It is a Miracle Tool for those working to see the future of a world that is being transformed into Heaven.


Then ask to receive the Source Guidance that will be sent to you on the Inner Plane, through your own inner attunement to the Source, and the Guidance that the Source sends to you through the Next Step Communications offered on the Outer Plane on this web page. These Outer Plane Communications are designed to help you get a grasp of what is happening in the world and what the Source is recommending as Next Steps even before you become adept at receiving detailed information from the Source Guidance you receive on the Inner Plane.



The Next Step Process

The Next Step Process

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