Source Support Project


The Spiritual Intelligence System Project


One Project that is in urgent need of Source Support is The Spiritual Intelligence System Project. On the Earth, due to the loss of power from the Universal Source Connection Channel and the lack of Correct Exchange on the part of most humans, many people are beginning to suffer from the disintegration of parts of their Spiritual Intelligence System.


When a person’s Spiritual Intelligence System is lost, their Spiritual Suit begins to disintegrate. This cuts the physical body off from the supportive structure of Spiritual Intelligence that enables it to function properly. Diseases of the body and mind result from this. A Suit that is not governed by a Spiritual Intelligence System can become violent, entity infested, diseased, and dangerous. If Suits in places of authority and power become demented in this way, wars can be initiated that a Suit in its right mind would never have agreed to instigate. The threat to world peace and to the orderly operation of society even at its current level of dysfunctionality cannot be understated.


We have the opportunity at this time to develop a Prototype Cure for this problem. I need to work with 6 people in India, Africa and Saudi Arabia who have begun to experience severe Spiritual Intelligence System failure. Each of them has a different aspect of this problem and through developing a Prototype Cure for all of them, I will complete the development of the Prototype.


They are beings who have come into their lives on the Earth to help with The Heaven on Earth Project and have a history of being receptive to the Source. They don’t know enough at this time about how to do the Correct Exchange to deliver themselves from this fatal decline into disease and death.


Because I can work with them on the Inner Plane, I can build a Prototype Cure – for counteracting this collapse of the Spiritual Intelligence System. I can then use the Prototype that is developed to alleviate this problem in others on the planet.


What I need for this Project is Miracle Support to ground a series of miracles that will enable me to help these 6 people to recover. They are not in a position to balance the exchange for these miracles because they are not well and are declining. Neither am I able to get into contact with them on the Outer Plane.


The amount of Source Support needed for this Prototype is $40,000. $20,000 is needed to ground the miracles that enable the Prototype Cure to be created. Another $20,000 is needed to seed the Second Generation Seeds that comes from this Prototype Cure to others on the planet who are suffering from this disintegration.


Because the Spiritual Intelligence System of an individual is linked to the Spiritual Intelligence System of the species, it is critical that this kind of a Spiritual Disease be stopped before it spreads. If it spreads to too many humans, the degeneration of their individual Spiritual Intelligence Systems will result in the collapse of the Spiritual Intelligence System of the human species. If this Intelligence System collapses, the physical bodies of all humans can begin to degenerate very rapidly.


This is what has happened in other parts of the Creation to the extreme detriment of the populations affected by this. Many advanced civilizations outside the Earth Plane have engaged in genetic code engineering to the point that they have collapsed the Spiritual Intelligence System of their species. The result has been a collapse of their organic forms into extreme dysfunctionality and disease. They are now only able to sustain their organic bodies through computer-like artificial intelligence that supports the organic body to a minimal degree. The level of physical suffering is beyond anything that beings on the Earth have experienced.


Humans, who are not as technologically advanced as beings in these civilizations, are not equipped to deal with such a disaster. Devastation beyond any nuclear war would be the result. And nuclear war itself could also be an off shoot of the mental depravity that could reign supreme in the world.


I have been working on Source Interventions to counteract this problem and now have created a cure, but I need the help of Heaven Agents to ground these miracles at the level of materialiaty where humans exist. I will then be able to complete the Prototype and stop this epidemic of spiritual disease on the planet.


Since many Heaven Agents who want to help support this Project may not have the means to contribute the amount of Source Support that is needed, I am asking that they work with me on Joint Ventures to generate the funds for this work to be done. The main kind of Joint Venture that I recommend is participating in The Truth Campaign and telling others about this project and this work. If new incoming people contribute or become Heaven Agents themselves, they will help us to reach our financial objectives.


You can help others to receive the Miracles of Heaven by putting the word out there in the world about the Miracle Tools and Source Interventions, Miracle-Based Training and work on The Heaven on Earth Project that we are doing. Participating in The Truth Campaign is one way to do this and simultaneously participate in The Heaven Economy while you are doing so. Simply spreading the news on your social media site, to your email list, to your friends and relatives that you find receptive, is important. The Source relies on Team Work to take the Heaven that it is building out into the world. Your efforts are essential for this Team Work to be effective.


The important thing is not to turn a blind eye to this problem but to ask what is yours to do to help. Only in this way can you protect yourself and your loved ones and life on this planet from the scourge of this kind of ultimate disease.