Making the World Safe for Heaven 

Currently the world is ruled on the Inner and Outer Plane by the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  The Negativity builds Spiritual Structures on the Inner Plane through which it works to control what manifests on the Outer Plane.  Wars, crime, domestic violence, discrimination, diseases, etc. are all the result of careful planning and implementation by the Negativity on the Inner Plane.  It may look like humans instigated them or germs were involved, but behind this layer of causation is another layer.  If you examine this layer you will see the calculated machinations of the Negativity. 


In the 14 Prototype Communities, Life as Heaven could not be manifested until each Community worked to eradicate the hold that the Negativity had on the Community.  Once they realized that they had a common enemy, they stopped warring against one another and began eliminating the Negativity out of their Community much as a neighborhood might oust drug pushers operating nearby.  Once the Negativity could not operate in their energy field, I was able to build an energy field of peace and of Heaven and they began to realize that in such a Love-Based Energy Field, they began to become loving and nurturing beings.


The same path must be traveled by beings in our modern world.  They have to wake up to how the Negativity works and work with the miracles of the Source and with their own Miracle-Based Abilities to eradicate the Negativity.  Only then can Heaven be built.


Just as you have to clear the ground of boulders before you can pour the foundation of a house, so you have to clear the Spiritual Field of the Negativity before the Miracle-Friendly Conditions will be right to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


What it takes to eradicate evil that has caused World Wars and the atrocity of genocide, child abuse, torture, sexual abuse and the like, is a combination of:

  • Material Energy that grounds the Source Power that I need to do the kind of security work that only the Source can do.
  • Good Heaven Agent Work – which is Heaven Agents using their Miracle-Based Abilities as Source-Guided to get information about the whereabouts and activities of the Negativity and to take action to stop their exploits when needed.


Life in the Source Perfected Universe will be for those who give, who love, and who are willing to do their part with courage, integrity, and love for the Source and for Life itself.  Those who stand on the sidelines and watch the Negativity ravage the world will remain at a lower vibrational level and will not survive when the vibrational level rises as Life becomes perfected.  Only those who give and love will rise vibrationally and remain in The Picture of Perfection when it manifests in the time ahead.


This project requires very urgent attention since the Negativity has escalated its efforts in recent times.  It is critical that Heaven Agents supply the Material Energy that I need to ground the miracles that are needed to abort the plans of the Negativity to stage a Third World War, to spawn devastating new diseases that can destroy the human species, and to create the collapse of the political, economic, and ecological systems of the planet. 

I have the ability to do what only the Source can do to stop many of these atrocities but I require the Material Energy provided by Manifest Beings to ground the miracle of Source Power which I then use to bring in the miracles that are needed.  (For more information about how miracles are grounded, you can read the article entitled: The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.)


How to Contribute to Making the World Safe for Heaven

Contribute the Heaven Agent Work that is needed

Train to work alongside me through completing the Six Step Process for entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School and learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to the success of this project. 

Contribute the Material Energy that is needed

Ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation" and the miracles and Source Guidance that you will receive will enable you to know how to contribute the Material Energy that is needed.  For those for whom a financial exchange is not possible, you can learn more about other Heaven Economy Options and how to prepare yourself to contribute to the work.
To contribute the financial exchange that provides the Material Energy needed, you can fill out the form below.  If your contribution is greater than US $4000, then email me for information on how to proceed.

Contribute to The World that Works Fund to Ground Source Power

I would like to contribute $.00 for Source Power for the Ongoing, Large Scale Work of the Source.