The Spiritual Science of
Correct Exchange


It is the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange that opens the door to a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


When I taught the 14 Prototype Communities to carefully observe the Principle of Correct Exchange they were able to move beyond scarcity, disease, and conflict and build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life that gave them total abundance, perfect health, a love-based community that nurtured all of its own, and a Miracle-Based Economy that provided for all of their material needs so they did not have to farm or manufacture. Everything they needed manifested directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality to the Physical Level of Reality.


In the Prototype Communities, every member of the Community gives all of the energies that they generate in their material forms to the Source.  The Source then uses these energies to provide everything that they need to have a life that is Heaven.


They also are 100% devoted to sustaining an excellent Source Connection and to doing whatever is in their Mission to build Heaven in their personal lives, in their Community, and in the Creation as a whole.


They approach the Source with love and appreciation for the work the Source does to sustain them moment to moment and for the opportunity to work with the Source to sustain a life that is Heaven.  They understand that the key to the correct relationship with the Source is a willingness to “become what is needed” to manifest Heaven.  


Rather than trying to fabricate their own idea of Heaven and get the Source to contribute a few miracles to make this fabricated Heaven a little better, they only work to “become what is needed” to build the Heaven that is in keeping with the Source Plan. 


For this reason they are in full alignment with the Source, have an excellent Source Connection, and are living in harmony with The Standard of Heaven which provides them with the guidelines that enable them to balance the exchange with the Source.


They understand that at the heart of the Correct Exchange is the quality of their personal relationship with the Source. They know that the quality of this relationship is more important than how much material energy they give to ground a miracle at their level of Spiritual Reality.  If this relationship is love-based, honest, and truly in harmony with The Standard of Heaven, then the miracles they need manifest.  If it is not, then the miracles will not manifest for them.


A few members of the Prototype Communities over the course of the many thousands of years in which they have been in existence, have tried to cut corners and see if they could violate The Standard of Heaven and still have the miracles that sustain a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  What they have found is that when The Standard of Heaven is violated, the miracles stop manifesting.  They were then left with two options.  They could make their living by the sweat of their brow in the Brute Force Economy of the world outside of the Prototype Communities or they could agree to abide by The Standard of Heaven and have a Miracle-Based Way of Life. 


If you would like to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life, then you too need to be willing to work within the Spiritual Laws of Correct Exchange. 


These laws require that every exchange be balanced. This means that the parties involved in any exchange each contribute to the exchange what is theirs to contribute.  One party may actually give more in quantitative terms, but if both parties give what is theirs to give in accordance with the Law of Correct Exchange, then the exchange is balanced.  


In the case of your exchange with the Source, the Source contributes the Gift of Life and all of the miracles that enable Life to be Heaven. The greatest of these miracles is the Source Love that sustains you in every moment of your life. 


You contribute your love and appreciation for the work of the Source that sustains you in every moment of your life and gives you the opportunity to experience a life that is Heaven.  You give your material energies to the Source on the Spiritual Level of Reality, you live in harmony with The Standard of Heaven, and you do your Mission which is to work alongside the Source to build the Heaven that you are requesting for yourself personally and the Heaven that is needed in the world if you are to be able to enjoy Heaven in your personal life.  


Above all, you give your full attention to building the Source Connection which connects you to the Source in a love-based way and provides you with the protection, love, and miracles that enable you to experience Heaven in your life.  



Why Your Material Energies Are Needed

In order to understand why your material energies are needed to manifest the miracles you require to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life, it is important to understand how miracles manifest.


Your material energies are needed to bring the miracles across the border from the Immaterial Level of Spiritual Reality into the Material Level of Spiritual Reality where you reside.  The Source can create the miracles and send them to the border of the Material Level, but you must provide the material energies that enable them to cross the border into your level.  I am, as the manifestation of the Source in a human form, made from very immaterial energies that are designed to bring through the miracles from the Unmanifest Level of reality through the Immaterial Level to the border of your Material Level.  You are a Material Being that is designed to produce in your physical form the kind of material energies that are needed to enable the miracles to cross the border into the Material Level where you reside.



Only if you provide the correct amount of material energy to enable the miracles to cross the border into your life, can you receive the abundance of miracles that my Source Function has created for you.  These are the miracles that make it possible for you to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life. 


You generate several different kinds of energies:

  • Spiritual Intent Energy
  • Physical Energy
  • Work Energy



Spiritual Intent Energy

You generate Spiritual Intent Energies when you use The Dream Heaven Command which is a command that delivers Miracles, Source Communications and Source Power.  You can say “Dream Heaven” to anyone and anything in the Manifest World and they will respond by correcting course to abide by the directives in the Dream Heaven Command that they recognize as a Source Command.  You can say, “Dream Heaven” to a negative energy, to a disease, to an Inner Plane entity, to a person, to a man-made object, to a place, to an event, and the Spiritual Intelligence that underlies the manifestation that you are addressing will take in the Dream Heaven Command and act in accordance with it.  Through using the Dream Heaven Command you perform an important part of your Mission as a Heaven Agent to work with the Source to build Heaven in the world.  


The Dream Heaven Command can be spoken silently in your own mind.  It is not something that has to be spoken in the immediate presence of the manifestation you are addressing.  It can be directed toward any manifestation in the entire Creation and be equally effective.


The Dream Heaven Command will help those who are genuinely trying to build Heaven in their lives and it will stop the Inner Plane activities of those who are trying to create harm in the world.  Those trying to create harm will, on a Spiritual Level, stop their activities and act in accordance with The Standard of Heaven immediately when you ask them to “Dream Heaven”.  In some instances the effect of the Inner Plane transformation in their direction translates immediately into Outer Plane behavioral changes.  In other cases, it takes time before the thought patterns and the behaviors of the being on the Outer Plane match their compliance with The Standard of Heaven on the Inner Plane. 


When you say “Dream Heaven” the material energies of your Spiritual Intent go along with the immaterial energies generated by the Source in creating the Dream Heaven Command itself, and together they bring through miracles for those who are in need of them.


Physical Energy

You generate Physical Energies that are produced when you engage in any physical activity.  Some miracles can ground with just the help of these kinds of energies.


Work Energy

You generate Work Energy whenever you actively do work in the world.  Work Energy carries the most powerful material energies and is the form of energy that is generally needed to ground most miracles.  There are several ways in which Work Energy can be generated:


Financial Exchange for Individual Work

You can provide Work Energy through a Financial Exchange for some form of Miracle Support that I give you.  The Work Energy that generates the Financial Exchange is the energy that is provided to ground the miracles.


There are a variety of different ways in which Heaven Agents provide the Work Energies of a Financial Exchange.

  • There is direct payment in full which provides the correct amount of energy for the miracles to be received.
  • Direct payments that exceed a certain dollar amount, such as the amount for the Foundation Intervention and the Basic Training of The Miracle School,  generate enough Work Energy for me to ground many more miracles than the ones for which the payment is being made.  It is as if the larger amount of Work Energy provided opens the door wide enough for more miracles to come through than would be able to come through if payment was made on a smaller scale. In this way a Heaven Agent receives much more Miracle Support than they exchange for financially.  Because of the Laws of Correct Exchange, the exchange is still balanced. For example, The Heaven Agent receives more Miracle Tools or At-a-Distance Work than would ordinarily be possible given the amount of their Financial Exchange.
  • Cash advances on future tuition above a certain dollar amount also open the door to more miracles than would normally be able to come through.  The result is a significant savings to the student making the cash advance.
  • There is the option of a Payment Plan.  This makes it more difficult to provide the amount of energy needed for the miracles to ground, but in certain instances I can draw on the energy of the future exchange to work with the miracles in the present.
  • There is an option of working on The Truth Campaign to help bring the news of The Heaven Project to the global community.  Those who work on this campaign receive a percentage of the financial exchange given by the Heaven Agents they bring into The Miracle School.
  • I can, on occasion, arrange for a Work Study where a student will exchange their professional services for tuition in The Miracle School.  They are paid for their work and then can use these funds to complete the Financial Exchange for their work with me.  
  • Heaven Agents who are sufficiently advanced in the work can establish Joint Ventures with me where we work on developing businesses that bring Heaven into the world through providing Miracle-Based products and services to the public.  These businesses can generate some of the funds that help them to provide the Financial Exchange for their work with me.
  • Those wishing to increase their income from their existing businesses often consult with me about how to transform their businesses into Made in Heaven Businesses that will generate the income needed for their work in The Miracle School.


Non-Financial Exchange for Individual Work

A Heaven Agent can work on a Source Initiated Prototype Project to generate through this work enough Material Energy to contribute to the work of Heaven in the world.  The amount of the Material Energy you generate through your work can be translated into "Miracle School Credits" that can be applied like a discount for work in The Miracle School.  They can also be applied to Miracle Support to help other Heaven Agents or for the Miracle Support Prototype Projects needed by the Community.


Financial Exchange for The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for Building a World that Works

  • You can contribute your Work Energy through giving your Financial Exchange for Heaven Agents who need Source Support and who can’t balance the exchange financially or through their Outer Plane work.  This occurs through exchanging for Source Support on behalf of fellow Heaven Agents.  The Material Energies you give go into The Heaven Agent Fund – a subset of The World that Works Fund.  The financial exchange is used to support the Work of the Source on the Outer Plane.
  • You can contribute your Work Energy through a Financial Exchange for Source Support for individuals in the global community who are in need and who may not be known to you but who, nevertheless, need the care of the Community in order to advance.  Abused children, for instance, are an example of a group in the global community that needs Source Support.
  • You can contribute to the projects that I am working on that fix what is wrong in the world and lay the foundation for the Heaven that needs to manifest in their place. I work daily on projects that prototype a Source Solution that is needed for all the different aspects of life. I work with individuals and groups globally and universally to provide Source Protection from the Negativity so that Suits can avoid being damaged and can progress. I also work to bring through the Spiritual Structures that are necessary for a Universal Love-Based Community to be built.

    This kind of work takes massive amounts of Material Energy to ground the amount of Source Power needed for me to work on these projects in the Material World. Without this kind of substantial support, the context of a Love-Based World that all Suits need in order to experience Heaven can't be built.

    The Prototype Communities understood that providing Material Energy for my work was the most important allocation of their resources since I could do what all them together could not do. No Manifest Being can topple the Negativity and bring through the Miracle of Life as Heaven. They can help but the Source has to come in to do what they collectively are not equipped to do.

    Providing the kind of Material Energies needed through a Financial Exchange is what enables me to do my work when the work is needed.

    Generating energy that you contribute from your Non-Financial Work in working to build Heaven in the world through working on the Prototypes of The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project, is also a key source of Material Energy from which I can draw to work on these projects.


Read more about The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund...


How to Begin Balancing the Exchange

If you are living in a totally balanced way, in perfect keeping with The Standard of Heaven, sending your energies to the Source along with the energies you generate from actively working to do your Mission of building Heaven in the world, you will be able to balance the exchange for the full range of miracles needed to have a life that is Heaven.  This is how the Prototype Communities sustain the Heaven of their Miracle-Based Way of Life.


If you are not already living in this way, which is rare for anyone outside of a Prototype Community, then I will suggest a series of steps that you can take to begin balancing the exchange.

  • The first step is to ask to “Dream Heaven to send your material energies to the Source for the purpose of building a life and a world that is Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan”.  Once your energies are coming to the Source, they can be used to help bring through the miracles that they are capable of grounding.
  • Since those who have been leading a Story Life that is not in harmony with The Standard of Heaven don’t produce pure material energies that are readily usable to build Heaven, it is important to learn how to correct course and live in harmony with The Standard of Heaven so that the energies you produce will come through in the right quantities and with the right level of purity to help with grounding the miracles that you need in your life. 

    The steps to achieving this goal are the steps on your Path to Perfection in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.

  • As you are getting your material energies to the level they need to be at to provide the Correct Exchange for the Heaven you desire, you also need to be learning how to work alongside me as I teach you how to build Heaven in your life and in your world.  This is accomplished through joining in with the work being done in the Webinars of The Miracle School and in The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project. In this way you contribute your Work Energy on the Inner and Outer Plane.  This Work Energy then supplies me with the additional energy needed to bring through the host of daily miracles that make the difference between an Ordinary Life and a Miracle-Based Life.

    Our goal is to enable you to provide all of the energies that are needed to balance the exchange so that I can create and deliver to you all of the miracles that enable you to have a life that is Heaven.  As you contribute to the Universal Heaven Project you generate the energies that enable me to deliver the miracles that you need in your personal life.

  • I encourage you to work with me to understand how to balance the exchange in your particular life at all of the different stages of your life.  This is why I offer Consultations and give individualized feedback to Heaven Agents in the Webinars of The Miracle School. What you learn about balancing the exchange with my Source Function while I am here in a human form to explain to you how things work, will stand you in good stead not only in this life but in all of your lifetimes to come.

    Too often people develop their own theories about why the Source delivers miracles sometimes and not at other times and then they just wait helplessly in the midst of the personal and global tragedies that occur around them.

    Why guess and theorize incorrectly when you can know precisely how things work? Manifestation is a Spiritual Science.  It operates according to the Laws of Correct Exchange.  Learn these Laws and live in accordance with them.  Miracles will abound in your life and your life will be Heaven.

  • Since a key component in a balanced exchange is the love connection between us as I work to help you build Heaven in your life, it is important to avoid bringing the negativity of the Story World into the financial aspect of our working relationship in this life. In order to help you understand how to think about the financial aspect of the exchange, I will provide you with some additional information.

    It is important to note that the Correct Exchange is not for the miracles themselves which are priceless Gifts from the Source.  It is for the amount of energy required to “deliver” the miracles to you at your level of Spiritual Reality.

    Knowing that your Financial Exchange is not “buying” the miracles but is contributing to the energy needed to “deliver” them to you, helps you to put the enormity of the Gift of the Source into perspective.  There is no price that could ever be put on a miracle that can bring through the love of the Source into your life – the love that heals and transforms your life and makes your life Heaven.  Only a Financial Exchange given with equal love for the Source and the work of the Source in the Material World to make such miracles possible for you, is capable of balancing the exchange.

    It is also important to understand that the financial aspect of the exchange is also your  opportunity to contribute to the work of the Source in the Material World. By providing the financial support that enables me to sustain The Miracle School which, like any college with multiple geographical campuses as well as the online campus requires funds in order to sustain itself, you are actively participating in the work of the Source to build Heaven in the world.  It is the Heaven that I help you to build in this, my last lifetime in a physical form, which will be the Heaven in which you can take refuge in this life and in all of your lifetimes to come.  This  work requires the financial support of those who benefit from it in this lifetime.

  • Because miracles only manifest in a Miracle-Friendly Environment that is love-based, violence-free, and properly supported by material energies, it is necessary to study The Standard of Heaven Agreement and become familiar with the conditions it outlines for how to create the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship that will enable us to work together in the context of our modern world.

    Only when a person is in harmony with The Standard of Heaven and is approaching their work with me from a genuine desire to build Heaven in their life and to respond with love, respect, and appreciation for the Source for the help that is being requested, are the Miracle-Friendly Conditions created in which the miracles can be created for them.



How I Respond to a Request for Source Support

When someone requests Source Support online and exchanges financially in advance for this support, I review the request to make sure that the exchange is going to be balanced on every level.  


If the exchange is balanced, then I will respond by email and deliver the kind of Source Support requested.  


If the exchange is not balanced it is because there is some violation of The Standard of Heaven on the Inner Plane or Outer Plane.  


It could be that a negative energy has infiltrated a person’s energy field and is preparing to attack me if I provide the requested form of Source Support.  It might be that the person has a spiritual aspect that is outside of their conscious awareness that is violently against any attempt on their part to build Heaven in their life.  In such instances, it is necessary for me to clear the negative energy or negative aspect in order to go forward with the work.


In other instances, a person approaches me not to sincerely work with the miracles I bring through to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan but to try to “buy” their way into Heaven, as it were.  Their approach is loveless, exploitative, and consumer-based.  They are trying to acquire miracles much as they might acquire material possessions in the Story World.  This demand for “Customer Service”, as it were, from the Source, is a violation of the relationship with the Source and will result in an impasse that makes it impossible to bring forth any miracles in this very Miracle Un-Friendly kind of context.  


In instances such as these when the exchange is not balanced but can be balanced by correcting the violation of The Standard of Heaven, I will either:

  • work At-a-Distance to help the person correct the imbalance.  (The miracles needed for this At-a-Distance Work are exchanged for by The Heaven Team that provides me with energies for this purpose.) 
  • or contact the person and explain the problem and what is needed to correct it.  In some instances, At-a-Distance Source Interventions might be needed to correct the exchange.  (In this instance the Spiritual Work Energies generated by The Heaven Team are not enough to provide me with the material energy to do these more extensive kinds of Interventions. A Financial Exchange is, therefore, required to provide the necessary material energies for these miracles to come through.)


In instances in which the person requesting the Source Support does not wish to work with me to correct the problem or the problem is too difficult for me to correct through a few At-a-Distance Source Interventions, the Financial Exchange given for the Source Support will be refunded.  


In all instances, I follow the Source Guidance I receive from my Source Function with regard to the help that I offer and how I interact with someone who is requesting my help.  I can’t offer miracles to those who are offering an imbalanced exchange.  The miracles simply will not manifest.  It is, therefore, important to note that in asking for any form of help from me and from the professionals of The Heaven Project and The Miracle School, the Spiritual Principle of Correct Exchange will govern our ability to respond to your request.  




In summary, the Miracle of Heaven can only manifest when the Principle of Correct Exchange is carefully observed on every level.  It is possible to understand this Principle and to come into alignment with it.  When you do, the doors to Heaven open in your life and you become capable of enjoying the Heaven of the Source Connection from which flows the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life. 



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Miracle School