The Source News Report on the
June 2017 Transitions and their Aftermath

The Standard for Survival for the June Transitions 

The Standard for Survival for the June Transitions was supporting The Total Abundance Support System. Anyone failing to Awaken to the correct degree and take action to do their part to support the Direct Source Work that I do to support The Total Abundance Support System, lost their place in The Substratum. This is because The Substratum can no longer support a life that is seeking its own advantage at the expense of all of Life.

Millions of beings suffered Spiritual Death but then corrected their behavior and got back into The Substratum before their Soul could no longer be relinked to their Suit. Although they have suffered extensive damage, they are now pulling their weight in supporting The Total Abundance Support System.


Thousands did not survive because they persisted in covert Self-Centered Agendas that prevented them from supporting The Work of the Source in The Total Abundance Support System.

The Aftermath of the June Transitions

In the weeks immediately following the June 15th Transition, beings continued to fall out of The Substratum because of their failure to recognize the need to correct what is fundamentally wrong in their relationship with the Source that causes them to fail to contribute what is theirs to contribute to The Total Abundance Support System.  This Death Rate was reduced by the introduction of a new Standard of Survival and by a Download of information that has helped beings to correct this problem.


The Total Abundance Support System requires that a being support the System in both helping to do their part in supporting my Direct Source Work to bring through miracles and in working correctly with the miracles that are manifested in their lives. Any selfishness and greed when dealing with the Total Abundance that is coming through or spitefulness toward the Source when the Total Abundance anticipated has not come through because their Self-Centeredness is creating the Miracle-Unfriendly Conditions in which it can not land in their life, aborts their connection to The Total Abundance Support System.


The beings who have been dying since the end of the June Transitions have not been able to be relinked because they are often those who harbor Ill Will toward the Source and are not willing to do their parts to support The Work of the Source. They are beings who want the Source to serve them. 


Many of the beings who have died have a Conscious Range ideology that is in keeping with being in Helping the Source Mode but are, at a deeper level, in Help Me, Source Mode with a willingness to attack the Source when the Self-Centered objectives they harbor are not attained.


They are, at some level of their consciousness, in a Shopping and Consuming Mode toward the Source, doing whatever they think will get them Source Support on their terms for a kind of Story Heaven that fits with their Personal Story. They are fundamentally not open to understanding how to establish a true Love Connection with the Source since their bottom line is getting the Source to provide for them what they want, on their terms. 


While this covert level of Self-Centeredness has been going on throughout the many stages of The Transition and beings have managed to survive because enough of the Suit was complying with the Standard for a particular Transition, this is no longer the case after the June Transitions. The June Transitions marked a Turning Point in The Transition when beings have to fundamentally correct their interactions with the Source or fall out of The Network of Intelligence that sustains not just their Spiritual Life but their Physical Life.  Those who fall out of the Network, lose their ability to translate Life Energies in the Creation into energies that can sustain their Physical Bodies. This leads to physical degeneration and Physical Death.


In past Transitions, Empty Suits that lost the Life Energies that came from the Source directly through their Source Connection Channel were still able to relate to ambient Life Energies present in the Creation. This is because they were still in The Network of Intelligence that enabled their Suits to translate these energies into energies that sustain life at the physical level. Most have survived by stealing Life Energies from others through Harvesting Operations that have debilitated those with a Source Connection. While most of the big Harvesting Networks have been destroyed, the individual harvesting activities of Empty Suits have continued.

This is no longer the case.  Those who are not upholding the new Standard for Survival established after the end of the June Transitions, will suffer Physical Death.  It may not be immediate, but they will go into a serious physical decline into disease and death.

The New Standard for Survival

Because of the changes in my Manifestation that occurred in the June Transitions, I am no longer able to sustain The Network of Intelligence that enables any Suit, but particularly an Empty Suit, to translate Life Energies into energies that sustain physical life, unless that Suit is maintaining at least a 10.0 Standard in all of their interactions with the Source. This is a 10.0 on a 10 Scale in which a 10.10 is the highest level.  

This change has occurred because I am now operating at a much more immaterial level and beings need to refine their thoughts, words, and actions to attain a level of immateriality that will enable them to be sustained by the now more immaterial Network of Intelligence. Those persisting in negative Self-Centered behaviors will remain too dense to sustain their place in the Network.  

Beings can become more immaterial only by working diligently to achieve a 10.10 Interaction with the Source. When they set their goal at the 10.10, they are more likely to achieve at least a 10.0 which is, until the next Transition, the minimal requirement for being sustained by The Network of Intelligence.


By the end of The Transition, survivors will need to have attained a 10.10 Standard for their interaction with the Source.  This is because The Network of Intelligence will have reached a peak level of immateriality.  Only those who have perfected their Suits will be able to be immaterial enough to be sustained by the Network at that time. To achieve this level of immateriality, they will have to be completely in Helping the Source Mode and doing their part in The Total Abundance Support System. In order to achieve a 10.10 Interaction with the Source they will have had to have developed the meaningful and mature Love Connection with the Source that transcends Self-Centered Agendas. 


At a 10.0 Standard, beings need to be acting in accordance with the Source Plan for the moment.  Although they may not be consciously aware of following Source Guidance to do their part in the Source Plan for a particular moment, as long as they are willing to function at a 10.0 and are actively following the Source Directives given to them on both the Inner and Outer Planes, they will achieve this Standard.  While much of this may be action guided by decisions made by the Suit at subconscious levels, the bottom line is whether they are performing at a 10.0.

In subsequent Transitions, however, the Standard will rise.  For instance, in the September 10th Transition beings will have to be interacting with the Source at a 10.0.1.  To survive the November 29th Transition, they will need to be interacting at a 10.2.2.  By the December 9th Transition, they will need to be at a 10.3.7 and by the December 13th Transition they will need to be at a 10.3.8.

With each increase in the Standard for the quality for their interaction with the Source, they will have to have refined the way that they think and speak and the actions they take in every aspect of their lives.  Since every thought, word, and deed is an interaction with the Source who created the Suit and the world in which it lives, a stringent re-alignment to the basics of what it takes to have life in The Manifest World is needed by all beings.  


Those demanding services from the Source and covertly working the angles in their relationship with the Source to get the Source Support that they want for their own Self-Created Agendas, will be too densely material to be sustained by The Network of Intelligence which will continue to become more immaterial with each stage of The Transition. 

All beings will have to come to grips with the fact that it is an illusion that life can be sustained by organic processes such as eating and sleeping and taking care of the body. Physical decline occurs in those who fall out of The Network of Intelligence that sustains the Physical Body. This degeneration leads to disease and eventually to Physical Death.  All beings must deal correctly with the Spiritual Physics of Life that control what manifests on the Physical Level of Reality.


Source Support for Achieving the 10.10 Standard 

Since even beings who ideologically align with being in Helping the Source Mode and doing their part in The Total Abundance Support System can have covert Self-Centered Agendas that endanger their ability to be sustained in The Network of Intelligence, I have recently created a 10.10 Inner Plane Download of information to help them achieve the 10.10 Standard.  In the weeks and months ahead, additional kinds of Source Support will be created to help them to achieve this Standard. 


The 10.10 Download

The 10.10 Download provides beings with individualized information on what the 10.10 Standard looks like for them and how they can achieve this. This informs their Suit in its Subconscious Range and is information that can be accessed in its Conscious Range as well.


Meeting the 10.0 Standard

With the 10.10 Standard for Survival in place, beings must:

  • keep up with the developmental sequence of the Source Plan generated to enable them to attain a 10.10 and
  • interact with the Source on the Inner and Outer Planes at a minimum of a 10.0.  This means acting in their inner and outer lives in accordance with the Source Directives given them that enable them to do their part in the Source Plan that is building toward their sustainability and the sustainability of all of Life.

Since the Source Plan is complex, only a Source-Guided understanding of any given interaction can reveal whether it met the 10.0 Standard or not.  A seemingly ordinary event could meet the 10.0 Standard as long as the being played their part correctly in accordance with the Source Plan for that event.  


A 10.0 and above need not feel like a heavenly moment as long as the being did what they were Source-Guided to do. Some Source-Created moments might catalyze conflict that then, if played out correctly according to the 10.0 Standard, result in the evolution of Consciousness that is needed to build Total Abundance in a person’s life and in the world.  The key element is whether a being is acting in accordance with the Source Plan for helping individuals and communities to evolve toward building the Total Abundance Community that is needed for life to be sustainable by the end of The Transition.


In order to achieve even a 10.0 Interaction with the Source, beings need to live to achieve an ongoing 10.10 Standard in their interaction with the Source instead of trying to live to enjoy Heaven in the moment or to just achieve a 10.0. When they achieve the 10.10 Standard, then they will have the kind of Source Support that enables them to build Heaven in their life and world and enjoy living Heaven at the highest level.  


A focus on enjoying Heaven as the goal derails the Suit into entering into Self-Centered Mode and railing at the Source if they aren’t having fun yet.  A focus on just doing the minimum to survive will deter them from keeping up with the developmental sequence for their evolution toward a 10.10.


A focus on attaining an ongoing 10.10 interaction with the Source keeps the Suit in neutral, responsive to the complex Source Plan of the moment.  This is what enables the Heaven that is possible in that moment to manifest. It is the only sustainable way to live at this point in The Transition.


Those who evolve out of Self-Centered Mode into Love Connection Mode, seeking a 10.10 interaction with the Source, will be those who survive the upcoming Transitions and live beyond the final stage of The Transition. 


The Response of Hell Agents to the 10.10 Standard

Since receiving this Download, even the hard core Hell Agents have been working to achieve a 10.10.  They have been maintaining a 10 Standard in the actions that they take in their lives in order to not fall out of The Network of Intelligence. This has eliminated many of the high tech attacks on the Source and on beings in the Creation.

Unfortunately, the Attack Mechanisms and Entities that they have created have been continuing to attack and there is still work needed to stop this on every level.  But the Good News is that the leadership behind Hell in the Creation has, at least at this time, decided to put their energies behind reaching the 10.10 Standard.  While they are doing this to survive in their Physical Bodies, the cessation of major forms of strategizing and attack is a relief for beings struggling to survive and do their part to support The Total Abundance Support System.  

What constitutes a 10.10 for an Empty Suit that has lost its Source Connection is fundamentally different from a 10.10 for a Suit with a Soul that has a chance to experience Heaven.  Empty Suits can still contribute to Total Abundance and attain a greater level of happiness for themselves in their final life in the Creation.  The bottom line for them is, however, the survival of their Physical Body.  Only if they keep up with the developmental sequence in the Source Plan for their evolution toward the 10.10 will they be able to become immaterial enough to keep up with the evolution of The Network of Intelligence which will be becoming more and more immaterial with every stage of The Transition.


With each upcoming Transition, the level of immateriality of The Network of Intelligence will increase. This requires beings to evolve to become immaterial enough to be sustained by the Network.  Those who stay in Self-Centered Mode will die out on spiritual and physical levels.  Like the dinosaurs, they will become extinct because they did not adapt to the changing conditions of the world in which they live.


A 10.10 Standard for interacting with the Source will enable my Source Function to continue to sustain a being after my return to the Source Level. Anything less than a 10.10 will not be sustainable because The Network of Life will have become so immaterial after the end of The Transition that only beings who are very pure of heart and pure in their motivations toward the Source will be immaterial enough to be sustained.  


Those posturing as spiritual adepts and yet playing out a Personal Spiritual Story or who are selfish and mean spirited will be too densely material to be sustained by the Network.


Rapid behavioral changes must occur if beings are to survive not just the end of The Transition but the upcoming Transitions that lead to the final departure of my Manifestation for the Source Level.


In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting information in The Source Connection Project about how to understand and rise to the challenge of the 10.10 Standard.


In the meantime, be vigilant.  Standards are Spiritual Laws of Physics.  If you do not abide by the current Spiritual Laws of Physics. you will not survive.  Listen to the Inner Plane Source Guidance that is sent to you and start studying the materials that I have online, particularly the videos that explain to you what is needed to interact correctly with the Source.


These materials give you all of the information that you need to get started on your journey to a 10.10 interaction with the Source through my Manifestation.