Source Power

NOTE:  This page has been updated in The Source Power Project.



Source Power is the kind of Spiritual Power that only the Source can wield.  It is too volatile an energy for any Manifest Being to manage without being damaged by the power of the current that runs through the energy.


It is the energy that generates The Miracle of Life.  Without Source Power you can have Suits with Code and other forms of Spiritual Power that don’t look life-like and are mere lifeless automatons.


The Source is “Life”.  If the Source is present in a Suit operating the Suit behind the scenes through the use of Source Power, then the Suit has the element of “Life”.  


This is what makes a rose in bloom so captivating and beautiful.  A rose is one of the flowers that accepts the Source most fully into its inner life and, therefore, emanates the energies of “Life” that are a manifestation of the presence of the Source working behind the scenes to bring in the higher level Source Intelligence that manifests the Miracle of Life as Heaven. 


To the extent that a Suit is embued with Source Power, the Source is able to work through it to manifest maximum levels of beauty, intelligence, ability, joy, and a deep sense of pleasure and well-being.


If a Suit is operating with very little help from the Source because the Suit doesn’t have enough Source Power coming in to sustain the Work of the Source, then the Suit will suffer from the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Only when there is sufficient Source Power for the Source to work effectively in the Suit, do you get Perfect Health and Total Abundance, and the other joys of a Source-Connected Way of Life.


The members of the Prototype Community understand this principle.  They understand that to the extent that the Source is with them, they have Heaven.  They also understand that they are the key variable in determining how much the Source can be with them. 

If they work to generate the Material Energy of a Correct Exchange for the Source Power that the Source needs to help them, then the Source will gladly come into their Suits and into their Community and provide them with whatever is needed.  This is why they work diligently as a Team to generate these energies because they have understood that Life as Heaven is a life in which the Source is given by them the Material Energy that is needed to ground the Source Power that is required for It to do Its work.


Now that Suits are transitioning into Miracle Tool Suits, a very basic level of Material Energy for Source Power is being generated by the work of the Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Tool Suit.  This is enabling me to send Source Power down from the Individual Power Station that I have established for each Suit beyond the Creation.  The Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Tool Suit also knows how to create the Miracle-Friendly Conditions for this Source Power to be received and to be available to the aspect of my Source Function that works in the Suit.


This development is a huge relief for me and for Suits since the old style Suits were unable to generate much Material Energy because they were clogged up with negative energy and adverse, in so many parts of their consciousness,   to doing their parts.  This meant that the job of generating the necessary energy was not getting done.


Now at least Suits have the basics.  But the basics aren’t enough to deal with the dangers of the world or with the demands of the Path to Perfection or the work of building Heaven in the world.  More power is needed to achieve these goals.


The problem with providing this power through Inner Plane Work alone is that  Inner Plane Work only grounds the Inner Plane miracles brought through from Source Power.  This enables the Source to bring through only the miracles that manifest on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  While these miracles are important, Outer Plane Physical Level miracles are needed to transform the conditions of a life, to heal the Suit, and to create a World that Works. Most of the miracles that I bring through require not only Inner Plane Power but Outer Plane Power since they are designed to affect changes on both the Inner and Outer Planes.


Suits that are untrained and are not living in a Community like a Prototype Community that is fully supportive of them devoting all their time to working on the Outer Plane to generate the Outer Plane energies needed for Outer Plane miracles, have a problem. They still have to spend their time in the Cash Economy, generating what they need to survive, and yet what they really need to survive is to provide the Source with the grounded Outer Plane Material Energies that will enable the Source to transition them into a Materialization Economy that is the only kind of economy that can provide the Outer Plane miracles that result in Total Abundance.


There are two Source Solutions to this dilemma:

For Outer Plane Miracles, Outer Plane Work must be done to generate the kind of Material Energy that grounds the Source Power at an Outer Plane Level.


Prototype Work

Outer Plane Work on building Heaven in the world generates a certain amount of Outer Plane Material Energy that can be used to ground the Outer Plane range of the Source Power Energies.  An example of Outer Plane Work is work developing the Prototypes for The Heaven on Earth Project through implementing The Standards in your Outer Plane life.

Financial Exchange

Outer Plane Work in the Cash Economy can generate Material Energy that can also be used to ground the Outer Plane range of Source Power. This can happen through a financial exchange for Source Power.


From a practical point of view, the fast track is to exchange for the Source Power Energies needed through a financial exchange. Work on Prototypes requires training and can take months or years to complete the work and balance the exchange.  In the meantime, your Suit needs Source Power to function and you need to find a more expedient way to supply the Power it needs.


Where there is no room in a Heaven Agent’s current budget for a financial exchange, Heaven Economy Options can be drawn upon to work with the Source to generate more income.  Heaven Agent contributions to the Miracle Support of fellow Heaven Agents can also bridge the gap in circumstances in which a Heaven Agent is unable to work effectively with Heaven Economy Options to generate more income.


The bottom line is that Source Power is needed and every Heaven Agent has to come to terms with what they need to do to supply the Material Energy of a Correct Exchange to receive this Source Power.


The amount of Source Power needed by an individual Heaven Agent is determined by consulting The Plan for work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  If a major piece of work is coming up that requires more Source Power by a certain date, then the Heaven Agent needs to work with me to provide this energy in the time frame in which it is needed.


Setting Up an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works

It is important to set up an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.  When funds are put into the Life that Works Fund, I can draw on these energies whenever it is most strategic.

The Fund stores:

Material Energy Generated from Inner Plane Work

Material Energy Generated from Outer Plane Work

  • Prototype Work
  • Financial Exchange


As you progress on your Path to Perfection, you need to keep an eye on your Fund to make sure that you are supplying enough energy for the work that your Suit will need along the way.  Training in reading The Plan is given in Next Step Consultations and in the general training in receiving Source Guidance that you receive in any Webinar.



Contributing to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works

Because you live in a world that impacts you on every level, you need to invest in the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of the world – transforming it into a World that Works – a world that is the Heaven that your Suit requires in order to experience the highest level of Heaven in its own life.  


The only way to build a World that Works is to:

  • Work alongside me to build it through the work on The Universal Heaven Project and the work on The Heaven on Earth Project
  • Contribute your Material Energy to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works so that I can use these energies to ground the Source Power that enables me to do the work which only the Source can do to fix what is wrong in the world and bring in the miracles that make the world Heaven. 


There are large scale projects that I need to do while I am in a physical form that require a huge outlay of Source Power to enable me to get the job done.  When I lack this amount of Material Energy, I can’t ground the Source Power Energies and then the work can’t go on.  Failure to do this work puts every life in jeopardy because this is the work that stops the Negativity and builds the foundation for Heaven that no Manifest Beings can build.


Every Heaven Agent needs to find a way to contribute what is needed for their own Life that Works Fund and for the World that Works Fund.  In doing so, they "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation". 

I will provide links below that give you the opportunity to contribute to both Funds.  


If you would like to discuss with me options that will enable you to contribute to these Funds, you can email me and describe your circumstances and any Source Guidance that you have received with regard to how to proceed, and I will contact you with information from The Plan concerning your options.



Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.



Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.