The Spiritual Power Your Suit Needs


While it appears that your Suit can think and move if it has enough food, water, and rest, this is not, in fact, an accurate understanding of how it really functions.  It is only when your Suit has the necessary Life Energies and other basic types of Spiritual Energies that I will describe in this section, that food, water, and rest can add to the equation and result in the Suit being able to think and act.  Without the basic Spiritual Energies, the Suit becomes inert and death on spiritual and physical levels can occur without any physical illness or injury precipitating it.


Just as a car will not run unless you supply it with fuel, so your Suit doesn't run without the requisite kinds of Spiritual Fuel which are the energies of The Spiritual Energy Supply System.


Your Suit runs on many different kinds of Spiritual Power. You need to acquaint yourself with what your Suit needs and supply it with the requisite Power.  Only then will you have a Suit that can travel the Path to Perfection and enjoy Perfect Health.


The Spiritual Energy Supply System

Non-Renewable Forms of Spiritual Power

The basic forms of power that the Suit runs on to think and act do not self-renew.  They require an influx of new power in order to replace the power that has been used up.


Life Energies

The basic Life Energies that are needed by the Suit fall into this category.  They are:

  • Vital Force that is an energy that comes into the solar plexus.
  • Life Force that sustains the manifestation as a whole which includes the Suit and the concentric fields of energy that surround the Suit.  These are the Auric Field which is the concentric field of energy immediately surrounding the Suit, the Life Field which encompasses the Auric Field, and the Life System which encompasses the Life Field.


These Life Energies are basic to life.  Without them no amount of food, water, or rest will enable a Suit to think or move.  When these Life Energies are lost, death at a spiritual and physical level occur. 


For instance, when a person goes into shock through experiencing a very traumatic event, the  Spiritual Electrical System of the Suit gets disconnected from the natural flow of Life Energies.  When this happens, death can occur quite suddenly even though no physical injury has occurred.


Before the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, Life Energies flowed freely into every Suit from the Channel.  If a Suit was not in a Correct Exchange relationship with the Source they still had Life Energies flowing in and could sustain lives that were very Disconnected from the Source.


When the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed, this supply of Life Energies stopped.  Suits have been living on the remaining energies of the Foundation of Source Love Energies that I gave them just before the crash, but when these energies are used up, they will have to be in a Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source or they will not receive the Life Energies that enable the Heaven Agent Identity to survive in the Suit.

The Suits as manifestations can remain viable due to the intercession of the Source on March 5, 2012 that transformed Suits into Source Workstations.  This is due to a Source to Source Correct Exchange where the Source maintains the Suit as Its Workstation.

This intervention has bought Suits some time to survive since the Foundation of Life Energies are rapidly being used up and many Suits would have died at spiritual and physical levels if this intervention had not gone through.

The Life Energies for the Soul to manifest within the Suit, however, have to be exchanged for correctly if the Suit is to be a vehicle for the Soul rather than just a Source Workstation without a resident being/Soul represented in the Suit. 


It is important for Heaven Agents to set up individual Ultimate Spiritual Healing Funds for a Life that Works.  This Life that Works Fund is a Miracle Tool Energy Storage Unit for the Material Energy they generate for a Correct Exchange.  My Source Function can then draw on these energies in order to ground the Source Power Energies that land the miracle of the Life Energies that the Suit require.


Source Power

Another kind of non-renewable energy is Source Power.  It is the most important kind of Spiritual Power because from it the Life Energies are brought into your Suit and with it my Source Function operates all of the basic functions of your Suit.  


When you put Material Energy into your The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works, my Source Function draws on this energy to ground Source Power in the Workstation that your Suit has become.  The Source sends in Source Intelligence that works with the Source Power to operate your Suit. With Source Intelligence keeping track of all of the complexities of all of your spiritual energy bodies as well as all of the billions of cells in your biological body, your Suit can express the intelligence and beauty of who you are – the Soul.


The Source Power grounded by your Correct Exchange goes into six aspects of your Suit functioning.  It sustains your:


  • Spiritual Life
  • Mental Life
  • Emotional Life
  • Physical Life
  • Social Life
  • Life in Your Spiritual and Physical Environment


Only the Source can work with Source Power because it is too powerful of an energy for your Suit to handle without becoming overloaded and short circuiting.


When the Source works through Source Power to maintain every aspect of your Suit’s functioning, then you begin to have a high level of intelligence, to be able to experience a rich inner emotional and mental life, to have good health, to navigate in a Source-Guided way in your social relationships, and to build a Miracle-Friendly Environment in which to live.


My Source Function maintains 6 Reservoirs for the different types of Source Power that you will need in your Individual Source Power Station in the place beyond the Creation where I now reside in my spiritual level.  It continuously supplies these Reservoirs with the amount of energy that you will need.  As long as you are also continuously supplying your Life that Works Fund with the requisite amount of Material Energy to ground these Source Power Energies, then you will be supplying the Source with what is needed to operate these basic functions in your Suit.



Units of Spiritual Power for All of Your Lifetimes

Source Love Energies

Source Love Energies are the energies given to a being at the beginning of the Creation to enable them to connect to the Circle of Love that would establish the Correct Exchange System with the Source and to sustain the Love Connection with the Source throughout all of their subsequent lifetimes.


They are the most powerful connective, reproductive energies.  They are stored in the heart chakra which is a part of the Spiritual Reproductive System.  It is the heart chakra that is the seat of Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence that enables a being to connect to "Life" – i.e. to the Source that is "Life" and to reproduce "Life" through working with the Source to create the Miracle-Friendly Conditions in which the Soul of a new life can connect to the physical form during pregnancy and the Soul of the being can continue to express through the Suit during an incarnation.


It was the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System of the Suit that was overridden by the Focusing Device at the beginning of the Creation.  The Focusing Device countermanned the Source Love Energies and used them to connect not to the Source but to the things of the world which it desired.  This aborted the Initial Set Up of the Correct Exchange System.  Without a Correct Exchange System, the Suits continued to use up the Source Love Energies to connect to what they desired in the world, forming Circles of Attachment that bound them in addictive cycles of desire with other dysfunctional Suits who were trying to attach to them as well.  This mutual harvesting procedure has been the basis of the loveless world we live in.


Depleted supplies of Source Love Energy prevent the establishment of a fully functional Correct Exchange System.


I have, therefore, created a Source Intervention that will resupply the lost Source Love Energy and protect these energies from the sexual abuse activities of the Negativity that have found that the best way to steal these energies is through the sexual abuse of the young, through rape, and through encouraging loveless and, therefore, spiritual abusive sexual practices such as prostitution, pornography, and greed-based sexual encounters that leave the participants open to the inroads of the Negativity who can enter into their sexual energies and into the secluded reservoir of Source Love Energies in the heart to steal the Source Love Energies.


The Intervention also protects the Source Love Energies from any part of the Suit using them up to secure its desires in the world.  Without this Intervention there is no provision for a resupply of Source Love Energies which were meant to be given only once to a Suit at the beginning of its spiritual journey through all of its lifetimes.


Since deep levels of despair and depression result from the loss of significant amounts of these energies and a full Source Connection can't be made without a full allottment of these energies, replacement of lost Source Love Energies is critical to the well-being of the Suit on the most fundamental level.




Lifetime Units of Spiritual Power

As important to the running of the Suit as Source Power is, without other basic forms of Spiritual Power, the Suit would not function properly.


Breath Energy

Breath Energy is an example of a Unit of Spiritual Power that is given with your first breath at life and leaves with your last breath at death.  Without Breath Energy there would not be “Life” in the Suit – the Soul couldn’t interface with the Suit and the Spiritual Immune System would not function to inform the Physical Immune System to protect the health of the Suit. 


This energy is intended to remain unused, radiating out a kind of energy that sustains vital spiritual functions in your Suit. If this kind of energy is drained down, your Spiritual Immune System is impaired.  If it drops below 60% serious illnesses can develop.  If it drops below 80% the Soul can lose its ability to express through the Suit.  


Until, in recent years, I developed the Breath Intervention, this form of energy could not be replaced once it was lost.  It could be lost through a Suit drawing on its own Breath Energy in the absence of Life Energies or from the attacks of the Negativity that steal Breath Energy because of its potent ability to sustain life.


Now it can be restored and secured so that it can’t be lost again.




Reproductive Energies

You have many different kinds of Spiritual Reproductive Energies that reproduce not only the spiritual component that underlies the manifestation of organic life in a new baby being born but reproduce the Spiritual conditions in which your Soul can interface with your Suit.  


These energies are given for a lifetime and are not self-renewing. They have become very depleted in many Suits due to the attacks of the Negativity. The Negativity has made a career out of stealing the connective energies of the Spiritual Reproductive System because with these energies they can invade and control other Suits.  


Reproductive Energies are the only energies that can become mutated and have been mutated by the Negativity.  Mutated Reproductive Energies lead to perversions, obsessions, attachments, and many other aberrations of the mind and spirit.


I have developed a Source Intervention that eradicates mutated Reproductive Energies, protects the Spiritual Reproductive System, and transforms Reproductive Energies into self-renewing energies.  This enables people who draw on them for the Generative Reproductive Range which nurtures life to draw on the energies to help others without depleting their own supply and impairing the health of their Suit.



Self-Renewing Spiritual Power

There are several kinds of Spiritual Power that will self-renew as long as you don’t drain out the very last drop of the energy.  If you lose all of the energy, then you require a Source Intervention to restore the Master Unit from which the energy can renew itself.

Life Stream Energies

When your Suit used to live in the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel, it was connected to a Power Source for Life Stream Energies.  When it left the Core and went into the Dark Zone beyond the Core, it lost these Life Stream Energies and began to wither, contracting to a fraction of its original size on the Spiritual Level and collapsing into ill health on every level.


Through a Life Stream Intervention, I can now reconnect you to the Power Source in the Core of your Individual Source Connection Channel until you can travel the distance and return to the Core.  This gives you access to these life giving energies that give your Suit the fuel to travel back to the Core.


The interesting thing about Life Stream Energies is that when a Suit has them, they become capable of extraordinary feats of Heaven Agent Work.  The energies empower them to take on tasks that would have been impossible without these energies.


Life Stream Energies are, from the Source Perspective, one of the most important energies to sustaining your work in generating Material Energy for the Correct Exchange.  They provide you the power to get the Material Energy Factory of your Suit working at full capacity.



Stamina Energy

Stamina Energy is an example of a self-renewing energy.  When you have this kind of energy you have mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual staying power to keep on going even in tough circumstances.  When you lose this power, you feel lifeless and weak in some unexplainable way that has nothing to do with whether you are getting proper sleep or eating well.


Stamina Energy is drained very fast by stress and can be lost in a crisis when a person is trying to take care of an emergency and attend to a lot of different people in need at the same time.


Until I created the Stamina Intervention, low levels of Stamina could not be corrected very easily and the complete loss of Stamina Energy meant a lifetime of fatigue and debilitation on every level. 


Now it is possible to get a boost of Stamina Energy if you are running low rather than waiting the long periods of time that it generally takes to replenish itself.  It is also possible to restore the Master Unit.



Upgraded Reproductive Energies

Those who have had a Reproductive Energy Intervention have self-renewing Reproductive Energies as a result of the Intervention.  These energies are, without the Intervention, a limited lifetime supply that when exhausted do not self-renew.



It is of the utmost importance that you understand that your Suit needs Spiritual Power in order to perform adequately.  Just as an electrical appliance needs electricity and a car needs gas, your Suit needs the right kind of Spiritual Power in order to function.  


Whenever your Suit is exhibiting problems, one of the first things to check is your Power Levels for the different kinds of Spiritual Power needed.


I recommend that you begin your Path to Perfection with an Email Next Step Consultation in which I provide you with an Assessment of the amount of the different kinds of Spiritual Power that your Suit has.  When you know your starting point, then you can plan to provide your Suit with whatever Power it will need to travel the Path to Perfection.


If you follow the links provided above to "Read more" about each kind of power and the Interventions that have been created to help you provide your Suit with the Power if needs, then you will have a good general education that will enable you to understand the information that I will provide you in the Assessment.