Setting Up a World that Works



In the Initial Set Up, a Universal Source Power Station was to be set up along with a Universal Workstation.  In the current time, changes in this structure have had to occur.



The Set Up of a Universal Source Power Station 

Due to the attacks of the Negativity, it has been necessary to set up the Universal Source Power Station outside of the sphere of the Creation.  It exists between the Creation and the Unmanifest Level.

Individual Source Power Stations draw from it and exist alongside it. 

Here there is ample protection for a vast supply of Source Power for all of the work that the Source will need to do in order to create a World that Works.  

The Life that Works Fund and the World that Works Fund store the Material Energy that I use to deliver the Source Power that is stored in the Universal and Individual Source Power Stations to those who have completed a Correct Exchange by providing the Material Energy for this Delivery Process.  

When the Source Power is delivered, Source Intelligence works with it to either effect changes directly in the Suit and in the world or to bring in Miracle Intelligences who will do some of the work that is needed.  


Source Power can only be wielded by the Source who is now, in the Source Perfected Universe, in charge of all of the Manifestation Process that manifests the Miracle of Life as Heaven.  In the days of the Co-Created Universe, Manifest Beings were involved in the Manifestation Process.  Now they help to receive the Miracles when they are coming into the world but the Source alone handles the difficult and dangerous Delivery Process which takes the miracles into the Creation past the enclaves of the Negativity to the safety of a Miracle Landing Zone where they are greeted by those who have been awaiting their arrival.


The Set Up of The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works 

Just as an individual Heaven Agent needs a Life that Works Fund, so the Universal Community needs to have a World that Works Fund to store the Material Energies that Heaven Agents are contributing to my work on building a World that Works.


It is important that Heaven Agents contribute the energies of their:

  • Prototype Work
  • Financial Exchange


to the World that Works Fund in order to ground the Source Power that is needed to stop the Negativity, bring Ultimate Spiritual Healing to the world, and build the Heaven of a World that Works.


While my work requires Financial Funding to sustain the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers and do the outreach program that brings in the Heaven Agents to do the work, the most important kind of funding that is required is Spiritual FundingWithout Material Energy to ground the Source Power that is needed, work that is critical to the success of life on the Earth and in the Creation will not get done.


For example, I recently sent the word out to Heaven Agents about a Spiritual Intelligence System disease that was rupturing the Spiritual Intelligence Systems of humans and threatening to destroy individual lives and also to destroy the Spiritual Intelligence System of the human species.  Since the Spiritual Intelligence System is what maintains the organization of “life” in the Suit, if it dies, then the physical Suit becomes mentally and physically deranged and disintegrates into dangerous levels of mutated thoughts and actions.  From deranged humans could come World War and accidents that take countless lives, not to mention terrorism and political and financial chaos.


Several Heaven Agents came forward and funded the project which has now built the Prototype for counteracting the disease in the 6 humans who had the worst cases of the disease.  Since then I have been able to draw upon the Prototype and the Material Energy provided to heal the Suits of those who were also starting to be afflicted. 

The disease had almost cracked into the Spiritual Intelligence of the human species which would have meant that the spiritual structure that sustains the Spiritual Intelligence System of the human form would have gone under, causing the disease to spread rapidly to all humans without a spiritual structure at the species level to stop it.  Because I had received the Material Energies in time to stop the breaking of the Spiritual Intelligence System of the human species, I was able to prevent this disaster from occurring.


I have now brought through Interventions that have rebuilt the Spiritual Intelligence System of individuals and of the species to prevent any further decline of this nature.


One of these Heaven Agents also funded the establishment of the Universal Workstation on the Earth.  This has enabled my work of interceding to help with problems in the world and to create a World that Works possible.  Without a Workstation it takes so much Source Power to break into a Miracle Un-Friendly Environment and try to set up work amidst great danger, that it makes the work unsustainable.  Now with a Universal Workstation established, all that is needed is Heaven Agent Support that supplies the Material Energy to ground the Source Power in this Workstation so I can get on with the Work of the Source that is needed to build a World that Works.


I know that many Heaven Agents think that they don’t have the time or resources to worry about building a World that Works when they don’t have Lives that Work.  But the paradox is, that if you build only for yourself in a self-centered way, then you can’t build a Life that Works even if you supply yourself with everything that I will describe below in the section on “What Your Suit Needs”.  It is necessary to “become what is needed” to support the Work of the Source without deciding in a narrow self-centered way, what the Work of the Source should be or what of this work your Suit is willing to support.  Your Suit is either “becoming what is needed to support the Work of the Source" or is in a self-centered mode calling the shots with the Story Character at the helm.


Until Heaven Agents on the Earth “become what is needed” as did the members of the Prototype Communities and support the Work of the Source without judging what this Work should be or deciding what parts of it they will support, there will be no way for Suits to succeed in becoming Perfected and retaining their place in The Picture of Perfection as it manifests in the world.


Failure to follow the lead of the Source has led to the World of Suffering that we have today. The only way out is to follow the lead of the Source by “becoming what is needed to support the Work of the Source".


I can do the Work of the Source to build a World that Works. Your part is to ask to “become what is needed” to do your part.  When you “become what is needed” with real love and appreciation for the miracle of the Source working with you to help you to salvage Life in the Creation, then you will produce the Correct Exchange that is needed to balance the love of the Source for you and for all of life that has brought me into this dangerous and difficult environment to help you to succeed in having a chance to have a Life that is Heaven.


You can contribute to the World that Works Fund by filling in the form that you will find below.

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The Set Up of a Universal Workstation

Through the financial exchange of a Heaven Agent supporting my work, I was able to build a Workstation for the Universal Community.  It has been grounded on the Earth, the most material part of the Creation.  This Workstation enables me to have the Miracle-Friendly Environment that I require to work on both global and universal levels.

Now it is possible, with the Material Energies that I can draw on from The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works, to begin tackling the major projects that will defeat the Negativity and build a foundation for a World that Works.