Setting Up a Life that Works


Set Up of the Correct Exchange System

You need to complete the Set Up for the Correct Exchange System that was aborted in the beginning of the Creation.  This requires a Source Love Intervention that supplies me with all of the Source Love Energy that I need to connect your Suit up solidly to the Lifeline to Source Support that is the essential Spiritual Structure of the Correct Exchange System.  

As I have discussed in the section on "What Happened to Suits", most beings have lost some or all of their Source Love Energies that enable the Set Up to occur completely.  My Source Function has created a Source to Suit Link as a stop gap measure to enable some kind of Correct Exchange System to be in place.  It is not as strong as one that is a Suit to Source Link where the Suit provides the requisite amount of Source Love Energies to connect the Suit to the Lifeline from the Source.  

For a more detailed discussion on the Correct Exchange System and the link, you can read the article entitled: "The Spiritual Alchemy of Correct Exchange".

I also recommend a Heart Chakra Intervention which is needed to keep your heart chakra open and pumping energy especially in times of danger. The heart chakra has grown accustomed to shutting down in fear of the Negativity and cutting off the connection to the Source.  It is important to reverse this now instinctual response by providing the correct protection for the heart chakra and also reversing out the Pseudo Codes that shut the heart chakra down right when it needs to be open and pumping energy in order to bring in Source Support.


Once you have given your Suit these two Source Interventions, it will be able to handle itself correctly even in difficult circumstances to keep the Correct Exchange System open and functioning properly at all times.  

It is then up to you to begin generating the right kinds and amounts of Material Energy that are your part of supplying the Correct Exchange System with the energies needed to balance the exchange for the energies the Source brings to the System.  For a more detailed understanding of the technical aspect of how this works, you can read the article entitled: "The Spiritual Alchemy of Correct Exchange".


To request the Source Love Intervention, click on the link below.




To request a Heart Chakra Intervention, click on the link below.





Set Up of Energy Storage Units

In the Initial Set Up that was planned in the beginning of the Creation, all of your Material Energies would have been used immediately to ground Source Power that would have been stored in your Individual Source Power Station which would have been located in a Spiritual Space nearby to your Suit. 


Because of the attempts on the part of the Negativity to steal stored Material Energies and grounded Source Power, I have had to  split up the operation into two different kinds of Energy Storage Units.


Individual Source Power Station

I have set up your Individual Source Power Station beyond the reach of the Negativity.  It now exists for each Suit outside of the Creation where I am able to add to it from the Universal Source Power Station that also exists outside of the Creation.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Funds

There are two kinds of Energy Storage Units for the Material Energy that you generate for the Correct Exchange.  You need to contribute to both kinds of Storage Units in order to sustain your personal life.  

These Energy Storage Units are Miracle Tools that exist in a Spiritual Space that protects them from the Negativity.  When energy is needed from these Units, my Source Function releases it and uses it to ground Source Power which is then used to ground the miracles needed for a Miracle-Based Way of Life.

The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works

Once you are admitted into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, I create for you an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.  There is no financial exchange required to create this Fund.


The Fund is a Miracle Tool that stores the Material Energy that you generate from:

  • Prototype Work on the Inner and Outer Plane that you do as you Prototype how to build a Source-Connected Life through your work on The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project. 
  • Financial Exchange for Source Support


This Fund is what protects the Material Energy that you are generating from the attack of the Negativity.  When it is time for me to draw on it to deliver the Source Power that comes in from beyond the Creation, then I can draw it from the Fund and avoid any complications from the Negativity.


Once the Fund is created, its Miracle Intelligence will calculate the quality of energy that you contribute to the Fund and inform you and I what kind of Material Energies my Source Function has to work with. 

Financial Contributions to the Fund

For instance, if you give a financial exchange for an Intervention with a sense of “becoming what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation", then you will generate a Level 14 Material Energy at the highest level.  This will provide the maximum amount of Material Energy from which my Source Function will either produce Miracle Power until your Suit has transitioned into a Miracle Tool Suit or will use Direct Source Power when it has become a Miracle Tool Suit.


If, however, your Suit gives a financial exchange for an Intervention with no real love or respect for the work but just trying to “get” something for itself, the kind of Material Energy that will be produced will be a Level 1 - 2 energy which will not bring in the highest level of Source Power for the work that you are requesting.  This means that the Intervention can only be delivered to a minimal degree and can't come through with full power. 

The calculations from my Source Function with regard to the amount of financial exchange needed for an Intervention are based on the minimal amount of financial exchange needed to enable the Intervention to be delivered.  If a Heaven Agent brings in a maximal exchange, then more power is given to the Intervention and other individualized Source Support can also be given because there is additional Material Energy with which to work.


Prototype Contributions to the Fund

If you work on integrating into your life the Standards of Heaven outlined in the Prototype Projects of The Heaven on Earth Prototype, you generate Material Energy from this work.  The Fund can calculate this Material Energy and let us know if energy from this kind of work is available to balance the exchange for Source Support. 


You can also work on a Prototype Project that I create for you individually.  When the Project is created, I determine the amount of Material Energy that the work on it will generate once the Project is complete.  I can then use this Material Energy to ground the Source Power which can then be used to provide you with the different kinds of Source Support that you need on your Path to Perfection.  If you want to work on this kind of a project you can email me and I will determine whether you are ready to work on a Prototype Project of this sort and what the specifics are concerning the nature of the Project.  I will then email you with information concerning it.


Begin Contributing to Your Life that Works Fund 

Once the Fund is set up, you can begin contributing to it.  


Whenever you exchange financially for a Source Intervention, a Miracle Tool, a Webinar, etc., the Material Energy from your exchange will go into your Life that Works Fund.  

You can also elect to contribute funds to the Fund without a particular Intervention in mind, and then leave it open to Source discretion to use these funds for your highest good. Then, if you need Source Interventions, for instance, that are unique to you and which are not listed on the web site, then my Source Function will proceed to do this work for you when it is needed.  This is the most efficient way to work with the Fund. It gives my Source Function the leeway to step in and use the funds for whatever is best for you at any given point in time.  

Some of the funds will inevitably be used for major Source Interventions and Miracle Tools, and Training that you will see listed on the web site, but work that is unique to you can also be done without a delay caused by not having the funds available when they are needed.

It is important to work with The Plan and also with the Miracle Intelligence of the Fund to find out how much energy you need to put into your Fund for the work that lies ahead on your Path to Perfection.  For instance, if you will need to make a major transition a month from now and need to have a certain amount of Material Energy put aside for this transition, then you need to begin setting that amount aside in advance.


Transfiguration of the Suit is like the development of a fetus in the womb.  There is critical timing to the firing of the DNA that makes the difference between life and death and between normal development and mutated development.


There is no way to bend the Laws of Life to cater to Story ideas about how the work needs to get done.  There has to be, at long last, a willingness on the part of the Suit to follow the lead of the Source and understand the Miracle of Life and what it takes to manifest it.  Anything short of this can abort the process of reaching the survival goals for the Soul in the Suit in the correct time frame.  

Now that Suits have become Source Workstations, the Suit as a Miracle Tool can survive but the Soul through its Heaven Agent representative in the Suit could lose its ability to manifest in the Suit if the consciousness is not cleared up in time.  Changes in the way of life are critical to supporting clear Source-Connected Consciousness and removing mutated Story Consciousness.  This is why it is important to work on developing a Source-Connected Way of life.

To help Heaven Agents who lack the financial means to balance the exchange, I have started The Heaven on Earth Prototype Projects where Heaven Agents can work to implement the Standards I outline and can contribute without a financial exchange to the dialogue about the Projects online.  Through implementing the Standards in one’s daily life, a Heaven Agent can generate Material Energy that can be used to balance the exchange.  The quality and quantity of this energy can be determined by referencing the information provided by the Miracle Intelligence of the Life that Works Fund. 

How Much Should You Put into Your Life that Works Fund?

In order to know how much to put into your Life that Works Fund, you need to consult The Plan, which is created for you when you enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. The Plan will inform you of what steps you need to take on your Path to Perfection to keep up with the critical timing of your Perfection Process.

The Plan calculates the state of your Suit now and what it will take to keep up with the speed of The Picture raising the vibrational levels as it manifests higher and higher levels of Perfection.  If you keep on track with The Plan then your Suit will be able to keep up with the Perfection Process and sustain its place in The Picture of Perfection.


Training in reading The Plan can happen through general training in receiving Source Guidance which you can receive in Consultations and in Webinars.


You can either receive Inner Source Guidance regarding The Plan and proceed to chart your course on your Path to Perfection, selecting what your Suit needs as you are guided to provide it, or you can request a Next Step Consultation.  With a Next Step Consultation, an Assessment of your Suit and its history as well as The Plan is made and then you are guided by the Outer Plane Source Guidance that either I or Ben can give to you.


A Next Step Consultation can occur by phone or Skype or by email. 


How to Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

To contribute to your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works you can either:

  • fill out the form below for a Direct Contribution to the Fund for future Source Support or
  • exchange financially for the specific forms of Source Support listed on the web site – using the online forms provided to complete the Correct Exchange.

Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.




The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works

I have also instituted the The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works that every Heaven Agent is enjoined to contribute to financially as well as non-financially through Prototype Work.


This Fund can back up a Heaven Agent if their personal Life that Works Fund lacks the amount of Material Energy that is needed to respond to a major crisis in their life or to some other intense Heaven Agent Work and they need to draw on the World that Works Fund to ground the right amount of Source Power for their work.  


In the Prototype Communities the Community Power Station serves this function and is the heart of their Community.  No member of the Community ever goes without what they need even if their Individual Power Station doesn’t have the amount of energy in it that they need because they can draw on the Community Power Station.  They, of course, have to reimburse the Community Power Station for the energies they take for their personal needs and make contributing to the Community Power Station a number one priority so that all of the energies needed to sustain them individually and the Miracle-Based Way of Life upon which they and others in the Community are dependent are maintained at all times.


The contributions to the Community Power Station are not considered “charity” or something that members of the Community decide to contribute to only when they have additional time and want to expend the effort.  They understand that what they are building together in this Power Station is the amount of energy necessary for the Source to come into their Community Workstation and provide them with a Miracle-Based Way of Life. 

Without providing the Source with what is needed to do this work, they understand that they could lose their domed enclosure that provides them protection from the Negativity and could drop in vibration so that the essentials of life such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. that they materialize directly from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level through the work of the Source, could stop altogether.  They, therefore, keep a sharp eye on the Power Station to make sure that it is protected and that they are keeping up with the needs of the work for their Miracle-Based Way of Life with their daily Material Energy contributions.


Because they have gone beyond a cash economy, all of their contributions are generated out of their work of building Heaven in their lives and in the world on the Inner and Outer Plane.  When the Source asks them to go on a Mission to help another Community somewhere else in the Creation, they gladly give their help because this is an opportunity to show their love and appreciation to the Source and to generate the Material Energy that they need to survive.


When Heaven Agents in our modern times understand the importance of contributing to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works in the same way as the Prototype Community contribute to their Community Power Station, then I will be able to help them establish and defend a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is equally abundant.


They have to move out of the “charity” mindset of the Story World where you spend most of your funds on yourself and your family and friends and give a small amount to help the Community. 

Considerable time and work needs to go into providing the energy for the World that Works Fund if I am going to be able to use it to ground the Source Power that can destroy the operation of the Negativity that is taking our planet closer to World War, environmental destruction, and financial collapse with each passing year. 

There is no way for this work to get done by Manifest Beings alone.  It is my work with my Source capabilities that is needed to end the tyranny of the Negativity and to establish the spiritual foundation for a World that Works.   It is also my work in calling in and training Heaven Agents who will, with their work, build a Culture of Heaven that is an alternative to the Story Way of Life that will be critical in the success of The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project. 

All of this work requires Spiritual Energy for the Inner Plane Work and Financial Support to provide for the Outer Plane expenses that will be incurred as our work expands to train a growing number of Heaven Agents.


Individuals give to the World that Works Fund in order to provide the Source with the Material Energy to intercede not only on their behalf but to use the Material Energies to do the work that only the Source can do to fix what is wrong in their world and to build a World that Works. This work is critical to the safety and well-being of the individual.  It is commonsense that you can’t have Heaven if war is raging around you, you are subject to crime, disease, and deranged Suits that cumulatively make the world a loveless and dangerous place. 

In the eyes of the Source, building a World that Works is integral to building a Life that Works.  


Heaven Agents have to move into the mindset of setting up a Heaven Economy under the guidance of the Source.  In this Correct Exchange Economy they have to balance the exchange with the Source and then the Source will balance the exchange with them.   They are giving to the World that Works Fund what is theirs to give to balance the exchange for the work the Source is doing to enable them to survive and have a Life that is Heaven.  It is Material Energy and Financial Support for Inner and Outer Plane Source Support in a Correct Exchange.


How Much Should You Put into the World that Works Fund?

I recommend that Heaven Agents contribute at least $200 initially to the Fund as a back up to their own Life that Works Fund.  

The best way to keep the World that Works Fund properly funded is to ask the Miracle Intelligence of the Fund what amounts of Material Energy will be needed in The Plan for Ultimate Spiritual Healing for the World and when they will be needed.  Then you can consult either the Miracle Intelligence of the Fund or The Plan for the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of the World, to see what amounts of Material Energies need to be generated and when they will be needed. 

As with your own Life that Works Fund, timing is everything.  Having the funds available too late for the developmental process that is needed is like expecting that a baby can be developing in the womb for several years before it has to be born to give the parents more time to prepare themselves financially.  


Ultimate Spiritual Healing is a miracle that operates like other miracles, within a precise time frame in which Life as Heaven can be born.  Ignoring this time line and framing the effort of perfecting your Suit or your World in Story Terms as a project that can be put on the back burner when you don't want to deal with it, will abort not only the Perfection Process, but the willingness of the Source to participate in the Project.


Respect for "Life" and the Work of the Source has to become a primary orientation for Suits to mend their relationship with the Source enough for the Source to work with them again to build the Heaven that they have requested.



To contribute to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works, you can fill out the form below:



Contribute to
The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.