Getting 100% of the Spiritual Genetic Code Your Suit Needs


The key concept is that your Suit needs 100% of the Spiritual Code required to manifest "you" as well as to maintain Perfect Health, manifest Total Abundance, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and The Love Connection to the Source.  


Code is what enables your Suit to accomplish all of these things.  If you give it only part of the Code that it needs, then it will be tempted to try to create Pseudo Code to fill in the gaps or to try to get some of the Pseudo Code that is out there in the world.  


The Suits, in the memorable historical moment when they came to the Source and asked for help after they realized that they were dying without Source Support, asked the Source to create for them the Code that they needed to survive and to have a chance to have a Life that is Heaven.  They realized that they had thrown away their chance and almost lost their lives and that the only way out was to be willing to follow the lead of the Source to recover.


At that time there was no technology to bring back the Life Code that they had been given at the beginning of their lives.  It had died in the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  Only through months of work have I been able to bring through the miracles that have enabled me to recreated this Code.


Formerly this Life Code was a part of the Gift of Life.  Now it has to be exchanged for since the energy that enabled this miracle to work in a person's life was derived from the power base of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  Without this power supply, the person wanting the Code has to supply the Material Energy for the Code to be delivered to them and sustained.


In the absence of Source-Created Code, my Source Function began sending out Generic Code which gave Suits some general Code to survive.  This Code has been distributed through the work on The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project.  Its dissemination is slow, as the Project progresses, and is not fast enough to meet even the most elemental needs of the Suits.


I, therefore, have developed a Generic Code Intervention to give to a Heaven Agent all of the Generic Code that is immediately needed. Through a Life Code Intervention I can now provide them with the Individualized Life Code that is unique to every being.


Before I describe the different ways to obtain the Code that is needed by your Suit, I'll describe in greater detail the three kinds of Code.


Types of Spiritual Genetic Code

Your Suit is like a computer that has to have the right software applications – Codes – in order to perform the functions that you, as the Soul, need it to perform.  


Code is the key to health, happiness, and success on every level.  A Code Intervention that supplies Source-Created Code of any kind enables Suits to rise above previous bad conditioning and have a viable alternative that brings Heaven into their lives.
Without Source-Created Code they are stuck with whatever Pseudo Code is available.  Since Pseudo Code leads to a greater Disconnection from the Source and to the ultimate self-destruction of the Suit, securing Source-Created Code is of utmost importance to the survival of Suits in the Source Perfected Universe.


There are three kinds of Code that your Suit needs.

  • Generic Code
  • Life Code
  • Custom Code


Generic Code 

Generic Code is Code that my Source Function has created for Suits since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  It gives them the basic Code to do the Correct Exchange to generate enough energy to sustain their lives.

Generic Code is about 25% of the Code that a Suit needs and is not enough Code to create a Life that is Heaven in the highest sense of the word. Generic Code for abundance can create the Heaven of a certain level of abundance but not the Total Abundance that is possible with Life Code. Generic Code for health can improve health but not generate Perfect Health.  Generic Code for love-based relationships can enable Heaven Agents to experience more love in their relationships but not manifest the calibre of relationships that are created by the Life Code which orchestrates all of the events of a life to make for the Heaven that manifests in relationships.


Generic Code is a stop gap type of Code that is needed in the absence of Life Code.


Life Code 

Life Code contains all of the Code that a Suit needs to function in the world at optimal levels to manifest Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment as well as to lay the foundation to connect Beyond Code to the Source Intelligence that enables the being to develop The Love Connection with the Source.


It is the 100% Code that is needed to replace the Life Code that was lost with the Universal Source Connection Channel.


In the Source Perfected Universe, Life Code is no longer given without safeguards that ensure that it will manifest.  


The primary safeguard is a Miracle Intelligence that initiates a Life Code Intensive that prompts the being to stay on track with the manifestation of their Made in Heaven Life that is possible through the Life Code. 

This Miracle Intelligence also provides additional levels of Material  Energy to the Source as a Correct Exchange on behalf of the Suit. The Source then provides the Suit with additional Source Power to begin activating its own Material Energy Factory to generate the Material Energies needed for a Correct Exchange. Many Suits are very debilitated Suits and lack the ability to generate Material Energy to even begin balancing the exchange with the Source.  They need a jump start of Source Power to enable them to enter into the Correct Exchange System and begin doing their parts.


Life Code is also given with safeguards that regenerate a version of Code to protect the Spiritual Energy Body and the Soul at the transition that occurs when the Physical Body and the Physical Energy Body die at the end of an incarnation. 

Now that the Source is no longer able to be there to chaperon a life to the other side of an incarnate life and the Negativity is more than present to prey on the Suits that don’t have Code to guide them to safety, Code that goes with the Suit at death and new Code that is issued for the next incarnation is essential. A new kind of Eternal Life Code has now been created to meet this need.  Formerly the Life Code was issued at birth and ended at death and the Suit relied on the Source being there to protect them and transition them into their next life when they were issued Life Code for that particular lifetime.


With Life Code a Suit is able to stay on track with their Mission in life, following the lead of the Source who is orchestrating the events of their life so they meet the right people and have the right resources and experiences to be able to fulfill their Mission. The orchestration of life events is critical to the success of the Mission.  Without it the Puzzle Pieces of a life don’t necessarily come together in the right time frame to manifest the Heaven that a being is to build in their own personal life and in the world.

Without correct orchestration of events, a person might meet their Made in Heaven Partner long after this person has married someone else.  Their Made in Heaven Children might be born into some other family and they might miss out on the joy of being with them. Their Made in Heaven Abundance might escape them and they might experience a bewildering array of opportunities not knowing what is important and how to make sense of anything. 

A Made in Heaven Life is like the script of a well-written play.  If a Heaven Agent who has the full range of Life Code relaxes and goes with the flow of their Life Plan, they will experience the full array of life experiences that they wanted to have when they came into the life.  When they depart at death they feel complete and fulfilled with no loose ends left behind.  

Custom Code

Custom Code is the Code that the Source creates to fill in where there are gaps in the Generic Code or Individual Life Code.  Sometimes, due to the activities of the Negativity, situations arise in which Suits need Custom Code to function optimally in all circumstances.
Often I create Custom Code for those who request a Source Solution to a difficult situation that they are facing in their lives.  This is particularly needed in cases in which a person lacks the full range of Life Code or Generic Code.  
It is also important in dealing with Suits that lack Source-Created Code and are not intending to seek, on the Outer Plane, to provide themselves with it.  For instance, in war zones where people are locked in intractible conflict, Custom Code can be distributed by Heaven Agents through Code Activation Recordings to the population to give the Suits the Code that will enable them to have an alternative peaceful response to the conflict. The Suits still need to decide to use the gift of Code but at least they will have it in their repertoire.
Families, couples, and communities in crisis or conflict need supplemental Code to deal with their issues.  Children failing at their school work can, with Source-Created Code for learning in a Source-Guided Way, begin to excel in their studies. People who are dysfunctional in their coping mechanisms, can with Source-Created Code pull out of their dysfunctional behavioral patterns such as substance abuse, depression, anger management problems, sexual dysfunction, etc.  Code can make up in a moment for the lack of healthy childhood experiences and constructive adult life experiences.  It gives to everyone the same opportunity to have a Suit that works even those who would normally be unable to rise above the bad conditioning of their past experiences.


Securing the Code Your Suit Needs

There are several ways to secure the Code that your Suit needs.

The Eternal Life Code Intensive

This Intensive gives you:

  • 100% of the Code that you will need for this life, for your interim time inbetween lives, and for every subsequent life.  The former kind of Life Code died with you at the end of an incarnation and you had to rely on a system of Source Support that no longer exists to sustain you inbetween lifetimes until you could get a new Life Code in your next incarnation.
  • a series of 5 Interventions and a Miracle Tool that enable your Suit to work with the new Code
  • a Miracle Intelligence which initiates the Intensive that provides your Suit with Source-Directed Prompts and generates the Correct Exchange for the Source Power that your Suit needs to help you stay on track with your Life Plan until it can begin exchanging correctly for Source Power itself.  

    The Miracle Intelligence generates Material Energy to balance the exchange for whatever kind of energy your Suit needs to begin working with the Code that is given to you.  This is not a substitute for the energy that you need to provide to maintain your Suit's ability to work with the Code.  It is a jump start shot of power and an emergency back up of power to help you life to life as you work with your Life Code.  This emergency back up is particularly important in times of sickness or at the time of death when you are transitioning from one lifetime to the next.

  • the Roadmap Miracle that gives you an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that enables you to know where you are in your Path to Perfection and to see what lies up ahead.
Payment Plans without interest can enable those who can't exchange for this Intensive in a single payment an opportunity to invest in the Code they need and receive it over time.  Other Heaven Economy Options are also available.
Payment Plans, however, are more complicated when utilized with the Eternal Life Code Intensive. Life Code, unlike other kinds of Codes, can't be utilized by your Suit unless all of the Life Code needed is assembled and the Miracle Intelligence of the Intensive is brought to life to assist your Suit in working with the Code.  This requires a completed Correct Exchange for this to happen.  
Payment Plans enable me to deliver part of the Code and build part of the Code Pathways over time as the energy from the Correct Exchange is given, but not to activate the miracle of the complete Life Code where the Code begins orchestrating the events of your life to make for a Life that is Heaven.
Because your Suit needs Code immediately and needs a Miracle Intelligence helping it immediately, I recommend that those requiring a Payment Plan work to receive Code in a two stage process.

Stage One

I recommend that that you start with a: 
In this way, you have the basic Codes that enable your Suit to begin functioning in a Source-Connected Way, they are Activated, and you have a Miracle Intelligence running an Intensive that helps you to make use of these Codes.
It is optimal to also give your Suit the Full Range Code Processor at this point in time, because it will be able to run the Generic Code better than the temporary Essential Code Processor that your Suit receives when you ask to "become what is needed".  The Full Range Code Processor will also enable you to run more advanced levels of Custom Codes when you "become what is needed" that can't be run unless you have this more powerful Code Processor

Stage Two

After Stage One, you continue on with a long term Payment Plan to provide for all of the remaining Code that your Suit will need and the Code Activation.  The Correct Exchange given for Stage One will be deducted from the balance needed for The Eternal Life Code Intensive and the Code Activation for the full range of Code.
If you haven't already procured the Full Range Code Processor by Stage Two, you will need to provide your Suit with this Processor if it is to handle the more complex Code it will receive with the Eternal Life Code Intensive. 
Read more about The Eternal Life Code Intensive....

Custom Code

Custom Code is given whenever a Heaven Agent asks to "become what is needed" and they lack either the Generic or Life Code to do what is needed.


You can also request a Custom Code Intervention for a particular circumstance that you are in where either you need the Code to respond optimally to the new circumstance yourself or you are dealing with others who do not have Source-Created Code and who are creating problems in your life because their Suits don't have any way to behave other than to continue to act out the old Story Code.


Balancing the Exchange for Code Work for Your Suit

Because Code Work is a very large part of the Correct Exchange that is needed to provide your Suit with what is needed, I recommend that you read the section of The Owner's Manual on "How to Provide Your Suit with what It Needs" to find out how to work with your Suit to balance the exchange for what it needs.