Code Work

What is Code Work?

Code Work involves all of the different facets of getting your Suit the Source-Created Spiritual Code that it needs to function as designed by the Source.


I'll give a brief overview here of what Code is and then talk about the three aspects of Code Work.

  • Getting a New Spiritual Code Processor
  • Getting 100% of the Code Your Suit Needs
  • Getting Your New Code Activated

What is Spiritual Genetic Code?

There are many analogies that can help you to understand what Spiritual  Genetic Code is.


One analogy is that it is the spiritual counterpart of Biological Genetic Code.  Just as your physical body needs Biological Genetic Code to operate, so your spiritual body needs Spiritual Genetic Code.


Another analogy is that Spiritual Genetic Code is like the programming code behind a software application for a computer. Without the precise programming code on page after page, a web site would not display the text and graphics in the way that it is intended.  If even one comma or asterisk or period is missing in the programming code, the web site displays incorrectly.  In a similar way, how your Suit appears in the world – its thoughts, emotions, physical appearance, and behavior – is all generated behind the scenes from very precise Spiritual Code.  If any tiny aspect of this Code is missing or incorrect, then it will cause your Suit to behave incorrectly.  


The goal of Ultimate Spiritual Healing is to give your Suit everything that it needs to display in its thoughts and behaviors the characteristics of your Soul – which is who you really are.  Without the correct Source-Created Code, your Suit doesn't have what it needs to manifest the beauty and perfection of who you really are. If the Code that your Suit has is Man-Made Pseudo Code then the "you" that it will display is not the real "you" – your Soul – but the Pseudo you which is the social identity or Story Character that plays out social roles in the Story of your culture.  There is no way for the real "you" to appear in your life unless your Suit is given the correct Code from the Source to manifest this "you".  


Just as all of the wishing for a perfectly displayed web site will not result in one that displays correctly unless every iota of programming code is put into the correct place, so your Suit will never display the beauty of "you" unless you give it all of the Source-Created Code that it needs to express your true identity.


Your Suit is just a complex computer-like intelligence.  It will only perform according to the Code that it has onboard.  Put good Source-Created Code and it will perform masterfully.  Leave it with Pseudo Code and it will perform abysmally and you will miss out on the chance to experience the world through the Suit which was meant to be your vehicle in this life.


Leave it with a mix of Pseudo Code and Source-Created Code and you will get a mixed result.  Sometimes the Suit will be "you" and sometimes it will be the computer-generated Story Character that is "not you".  


You can understand how things work and take charge and have a Suit that is the vehicle that you wanted to have in this life but it will take committing yourself to understanding the technical aspects of Suit functioning.


Getting a New  Spiritual Code Processor

I encourage you to read up on the Spiritual Code Processor for your Suit.  This determines what Code your Suit can run.  Just like an old computer with an antiquated processor can't run some of the new software applications out there, so your old style Spiritual Processor can't run the new Spiritual Code for the Source Perfected Universe.  You need an upgrade in your Spiritual Code Processor and new Code for the new Creation that we now live in.




Getting 100% of the Spiritual Code Your Suit Needs

Next you want to get 100% of the Code that you need.  After the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, you lost the individualized Code that enabled you to have a Made in Heaven Life. This Code was stored in the Core of the Channel and died with it. This Code gave you all of the Source-Created Code you needed for a lifetime.


Now you need to replace this Code or the only Code that your Suit will have is remnants of Source-Created Code that it had taken in prior to the crash and the Pseudo Code that you don't want it to be running.




Activating Your New Code

Once you have 100% of the Code that you need, you need to have it Activated which is when the Source breathes life into it.  Code and a Code Processor without a Source Activation lack the essential element of "Life".  Code is also without what it needs to develop properly.


Code is, in yet another analogy, like a Seed of Heaven.  With a Code Activation this Seed germinates and receives on the Spiritual Level the equivalent of the life support of the sun, rain, fertile soil, and correct temperatures that an ordinary seed requires in order to grow to fruition.


Because we are talking about Spiritual Code from which "Life" manifests rather than computer code which manifests a Man-Made web site, there has to be the additional element of "Life" to bring it through to fruition.  Source Activation brings in this element of "Life".