A Place of Connection in the World


More important than any other miracle, is the miracle of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  Without a Spiritual Space that is perfected, the essential preparation for the transition into the Miracle Suit could not have occurred.  It occurred, on the Inner Plane, in the protected space of the Source Connection Center – one of the three Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers that I have built on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  Without it the Negativity could have tried to prevent the consciousness of the Suits transitioning out of the old style Suits that the Negativity knew how to control into the new Miracle Suit that the Negativity can’t possess or influence.


The Path to Perfection to becoming a Miracle Tool Suit can also only occur in the protected space of the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers.

The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers are themselves Miracle Tools.  When the consciousness of your Suit enters into the space of a Miracle Tool, it becomes attuned to the perfection of Miracle Tool Consciousness and begins to understand what it will be like to live in the Miracle Tool Space of its Suit when it attains the clarity, purity, and power of a Miracle Tool. This understanding and attunement is one of the most important aspects of the preparation.


Your Suit can experience what it is like to be in the Source-Created Perfection of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center on both the Inner and the Outer Plane. 


Inner Plane Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers

There are two ways to work with the Inner Plane Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers.


Access through At-a-Distance and In Person Work 

Our Place of Connection is always the Source Connection Center on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  Whether I am working with you through At-a-Distance Work or interacting with you in an online discussion, a phone consultation, a Webinar, or an in-person Intensive in Seattle or Maui, we are, on the Spiritual Level of Reality, in the Source Connection Center on the Inner Plane. This protected and perfected Spiritual Space gives us the context in which we can work outside of the range of the Negativity.


Access through Online Stations

Online you can enter into an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center through requesting entry into a Station. When you exchange for your time in the Station, you are taken to a web page which is your Point of Contact with the Spiritual Level of the Station.  I come to meet you there in my Extended Range, and take you into the Perfected Space of the Spiritual Station.  There you work with the Miracle Intelligences that man the Station and I work with you using At-a-Distance Source Interventions to enable you to accomplish the work that your Suit needs at that point in time.  

This contact is powerful because it is grounded through the physical connection to the web page.  I am able to work with you through a form of myself that manifests on the Inner Plane, doing a more materialized form of work than can be done without the Station interface.  This work can accomplish what At-a-Distance Work that is not as materialized is unable to accomplish.  It is, therefore, a very necessary type of Connection with Source Support.


The beauty of the online interface is that you could be in need of Direct Source Support at work or at an event or when you are out walking and only have access to a Smart Phone such as an iPhone.  The minute that you arrive at the online Station, the materialized manifestation of my Extended Range comes through the web page into the space around you, takes you into the Spiritual Station, and begins to work miracles so rapidly that you get the help that you need when you need it. 


Outer Plane Source Connection Centers

Right now there is only one Outer Plane Source Connection Center in Seattle, WA.  In the future there will be Centers opening up in many different parts of the world.  The Seattle Center is scheduled to open its door sometime in May 2012.


If you come to work with me in Seattle in the physical Source Connection Center, then you are in the most powerful version of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center – one that has Source-Created Perfection on the Outer Plane in the furnishings and physical space of the Center. The Stations of the Inner Plane Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers materialize in the physical space of the Seattle Source Connection Center because it is Miracle-Friendly enough to allow this manifestation of Heaven to occur.  


Your Suit understands from this very tangible Outer Plane experience what Source-Created Perfection feels like and what it will be like to build it in its life and in the world.  Without this tangible, felt experience, the idea of bringing through the Source-Created Perfection from The Picture of Perfection into the world remains somewhat abstract.  It is important to feel it and to merge into it in an actual physical setting where the Suit relates to this perfection in the chairs it sits in, the pictures it sees on the wall, the food it eats, the music it hears, the Miracle Tools it works with, the carpet it walks on, etc. 

Most of the furnishings in the Seattle Source Connection Center are Miracle Tools themselves with Miracle Intelligence who work with you when you come to the Center.  With the help of these Miracle Intelligences it is possible to understand what it is like to be surrounded by a Community of Heaven Agents who are perfected and who wish you well and are working together to help you perfect your Suit.  

Now that it is possible to enter into you own Heaven Reality, the Seattle Source Connection Center will materialize around you the unique Heaven Reality that the Source has created for you.  The Source-Created Perfection of this Heaven Reality will add another dimension to your work in the Stations of the Center.

For those who have not yet merged into their Heaven Reality, the transition can occur in the Seattle Source Connection Center.  For those who have already entered into their Heaven Reality, a more tangible, materialized experience of the perfection of this Heaven will help them to learn how to attune to the Heaven Experience and become capable of developing their Spiritual Senses so they can experience it on all of the levels on which it is manifesting.

Regardless of how many Heaven Agents might be meeting in the Source Connection Center in Seattle at one time, each Heaven Agent will experience his or her own Heaven Reality.  This is because Heaven Realities are Parallel Realities that co-exist with one another and do not interfere with other Realities whether they be the Story Reality of people in the world or the  Heaven Realities of other Heaven Agents.  A Heaven Reality is not an energy field or force field.  It is an Integrated Intelligence Field that affects only the person who has entered into this Field.


Since there is no place in the world like the Source Connection Center in Seattle where the Source is present surrounded by a host of perfected Heaven Agent Intelligences who work to support the evolution of your Suit, it is important to make coming to this place a priority for your Suit in its evolution toward Perfection.  I have created this Place of Source-Created Perfection in order for your Suit to understand what no amount of words could ever convey about the beauty and the power of the Heaven that can be built in your life and in your world.  The most important aspect of this beauty, of course, is your Suit becoming perfected and becoming the Heaven that it was created to be.  


There is no point in building the Heaven of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, etc. if your Suit is still imperfect and giving you trouble and wanting a Story Life that causes it to self-destruct.  In fact, it isn’t possible to build Total Abundance, Perfect Health, etc. without perfecting your Suit as you perfect your life.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers are places where you work with me to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source" and from this comes the ultimate healing that you desire – the perfection of your Suit – and the Heaven that you can build in your life and in the world.


When you spend time in the Stations of the Center you are surrounded by so much power and Intelligence that your Suit begins to resonate to this Intelligence and becomes more intelligent itself.  The lights of its Spiritual Intelligence that have been dimmed by lack of interaction with  Source Intelligence begin to light up again and you begin to have a Suit that is capable of understanding the Inner Plane, understanding the Source, and understanding the deeper levels of what Life is and how it can be Heaven.


The emergence of high levels of Spiritual Intelligence is one of the first milestones in your Path to Perfection.  This Intelligence is necessary if your consciousness in your Suit is going to be up to the right speed to transition into the Miracle Tool Suit that is to be its perfected home in the future.


There are three different kinds of Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers that I have created to date.  They are:

The Source Connection Center 

The Tranquility Center

The Perfect Health Center


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