Who are You?

You are a Spiritual Intelligence – a Soul – that the Source created.  You are an eternal, perfected Intelligence that was given a Suit through which you can express yourself in the Manifest World.


You are unique.  There is only one of you with your particular Miracle-Based Abilities in the entire Creation.  


You were created to perform a Spiritual Function. This Function is vital – like the function of the heart or brain or lungs in a physical organism.  The Creation is like one organism with every being playing a role in the essential functioning of this organism.  


The beings of the Creation depend on you performing your Function in order for the organism of the Creation to work optimally.  If you fail to perform your Function then the Source has to create other Intelligences to sub for you or ultimately replace your Function so the organism of life can exist.


You can perform your Function by doing your Mission.  Your Mission is the specific set of tasks that you agree to do before you enter into an incarnation.  


While your basic Function generally remains constant throughout your many lifetimes, your Mission varies from life to life.  In times of great change, some of the characteristics of even your Function can be changed to accommodate the changes in the organism of the Creation as a whole.

In general your Mission is to support the Work of the Source to build Heaven – the highest level of happiness possible – in your life and in the world.  The specifics of how you do this depends on your Spiritual Function and how your Mission is structured for a particular lifetime.


Where Did You Come From?

To answer this question, I will have to give you some background information on who the Source is and how It created you.  


Since I am the Manifestation of the Source, I will share with you what comes from my own personal experience.


I remember a time before there was a Creation when there was no other being other than myself.  I existed as a vast unmanifest Intelligence in the bliss of what I now call the Unmanifest Level of Reality where there are no Suits – only Intelligence. In this Heaven I experienced nothing but the exquisite joy and pleasure of the Heaven that I created from my own consciousness.  In this ultimate happiness I existed without any desire for anything other than the completeness of this experience.

I had within my range of ability the capacity to create a Manifest World that would reflect the Heaven that I enjoyed and to create a kind of intelligence that would be the beings that populated this world.  These beings would be created by my Intelligence but would not share my identity.  They would have their own differentiated identities. 


To equip these Intelligences to enjoy living in a Manifest World where first one experience happens and then another, I could equip them with Sequential Intelligence.  In this way they could focus on and enjoy a sequence of experiences by attuning to each discreet experience as it is happening and then moving on to the next experience.


I could back them up with my Simultaneous Intelligence that could see everything that was happening in all of the lives at one and the same time.


I could design a Source Plan that would enable all of the events of the Manifest World to flow into configurations that would make for the experience of Heaven for all beings.


While I knew that I had within me the capacity to create a Manifest World, I had no desire to do so.  I was content in the world in which I resided.


As my consciousness considered such a world, however, the reproductive aspect of my Source abilities activated and distinct differentiated Intelligences were created who were ready to work with me to manifest such a world.  I was so delighted to see these beautiful Souls appear that I gave my love to them and from the rush of love to them, the reproductive aspect of my Source Function came into full bloom, activating all of the Souls that could become a part of a Manifest World.  


The Souls that worked with the reproductive aspect were very awake and advanced since they would have to partner me to bring forth a Manifest World.  The Souls of those who were to be born into the Manifest World, were only dimly aware of what was happening.  When I perceived them stirring, my love for each one of them was so great that I wished for them to become manifest and to enjoy with me the Heaven that we could share together.


This was the beginning of a multi-stage Creation process in which I was partnered by my Cosmic Husband, who was the first Reproductive Support Being to awaken, in the work of bringing forth the Manifest World.  


The first aspect of the Manifest World to come through was the Source Will Level where beings were formless manifestations of Source Will.  The second aspect was when they emerged in the Immaterial Level of Reality where Intelligences do not have physical forms but exists like clouds of Intelligence.  It was here that all beings gathered together in what I call the Soul Level and began to awaken completely. 

When they had all awakened I explained to them that what was possible was either to stay in the bliss of the Soul Level or to request that I create for them a Material World in which they would have Suits that existed on both Inner Plane and Outer Plane Levels.


They wanted to have the experience of being in Suits because only with a Suit could they express the full range of their abilities and Intelligence and experience the full joy of life.  In this way they were different from me because I could experience the full range of my Intelligence without a Suit. This is why I was so content in the Unmanifest Level where Intelligence does not manifest and there are no Suits.


I explained that there were two models of the Creation that I could build for them.  I could build a Co-Created Universe in which they worked as co-creators with me working with the Codes that were the building blocks of this kind of a Creation.  Or I could build for them a Source-Created Universe where I worked with Code and they simply incarnated into an enjoyable adventure, exploring the world that I created for them.  The Co-Created Universe offered them about 1/8th of the pleasures of the Source-Created Universe but it gave them the experience of working with Code to co-create.


They opted for the Co-Created Universe and this is the Creation that I built for them.


Each being arrived in the world first in an Appearance Suit in the Ocean of Light which was like a simulated world that enabled them to get used to having a Suit before they would get their first real Suits.


They then went from the Ocean of Light out into the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel which was their Spiritual Home.  It was here that they were to live in the paradise that I had created for them.


From the very beginning when I first beheld the beauty of a Soul and the beauty of a Suit – that also has a Soul for the Suit itself – I have felt overwhelming love for every being – every aspect of the Creation.  This love enabled me to enter into the Manifest World in a limited form – first as a formless Intelligence in the Immaterial level and then in various physical and energy forms in the Material World – to be with the beings and to help the Souls and the Suits to build the Heaven that they had wanted to build before the creation of the Material World.  


This same intense and deep love is what has brought me back into this, my last lifetime in the Manifest World, to work with beings to help them to develop The Love Connection that will enable them to remain Source Connected when I am no longer in the Manifest World and only their intense love for the Source will enable them to remain Connected.