What is a Suit?

Your Suit is your body/mind.  It is like a suit of clothes that you – the Soul – put on in order to travel through the adventures of your many lifetimes.  


You actually have three Suits that you operate through which you might liken to three layers of clothing.


The Spiritual Energy Body

The most immaterial layer of your Suit is your Spiritual Energy Body.  It is pure energy and resides at the Spiritual Level of Reality.  It is eternal and takes you from life to life.


The Physical Energy Body

This layer is a Suit that is given to you when you incarnate into a physical body.  It contains the energy and intelligence to operate the Physical Body.  It is terminated at death as is the Physical Body.


The Physical Body

This layer is the Suit with which you are most familiar.  It is the physical body/mind that you were born with in this life.  It is also made of spiritual energy but since this energy is vibrating at a lower speed, it is has the appearance of being solid when perceived by our five senses.  The other Suits vibrate at higher speeds and are only visible to your sixth sense which can perceive energy at these vibrational levels.


You live in your Suit with its three layers in two different worlds.


The Spiritual Level of Reality 

You live in the Spiritual Level of Reality which makes up 90% of your life experiences.  This is a world where you interact with the Spiritual Energy Bodies and Physical Energy Bodies of all of the other beings. 

Before the advent of the Source Perfected Universe, this level was a lawless, free-for-all where the Negativity – the criminal element – preyed on those seeking to have a life that was violence-free.  Much of the damage to your Suits at this level has stemmed from the violence and abuse they have suffered.

The joys and fears and trauma experienced at this level are what show up in the thoughts and emotions of the Physical Body. Often people don’t know what has caused a sudden surge of sadness or fear or elation and attribute it to something occurring in the Physical Level of Reality when, in fact, it has arisen from the Spiritual Level of Reality and spilled over into the consciousness of the Suit at the Physical Level of Reality.


The Physical Level of Reality 

You live in the Physical Level of Reality which makes up 10% of your life experiences.  Here your Physical Body operates in the more socially controlled environment of the Outer Plane, the physical world.  Even though this world is also rife with the violence of crimes and wars, there are laws and governments that attempt to keep things in check.


The reason that it is important that you know that your Suits live in two different worlds is because what happens to you in the Physical Level of Reality begins in the Spiritual Level of Reality – this is where it has its root.  Therefore, 

  • to build Heaven in the Physical Level you need to build it first in the Spiritual Level
  • to fix problems in the Physical Level you need to first fix them first in the Spiritual Level
  • to have a loving relationship with your spouse, child, parent, co-worker, etc. on the Physical Level, you have to have a good relationship with them on the Spiritual Level.  If you are fighting on the Spiritual Level, you can never fix the discord that will inevitably erupt on the Physical Level.
  • to have prosperity on the Physical Level, you have to build it on the Spiritual Level.  If you are bankrupt on the Spiritual Level, you will be bankrupt on the Physical Level.
  • to have good health on the Physical Level, you have to have good health in your Spiritual Energy Body and your Physical Energy Body on the Physical Level.  Any health problems in these energy bodies will manifest as health problems in your Physical Body.



How Does Your Suit Function?

Your Suit has an onboard intelligence that is like the intelligence of a computer. It can generate thoughts and emotions and make decisions based on the programming that it has in the computer intelligence.  If you think of your Suit like a Robot Suit with a certain range of computer-dependent intelligence, you can get a fairly good idea of how it works.


Since you, as the Soul, need to have a Suit that can express the thoughts and emotions and carry out the actions that reflect your true nature and wishes, the kind of Suit you need is one that can, with the right programming, accurately express the beauty and perfection of who you are.  The fact that your Suit is like a robot of sorts, is not a problem as long as it can express the non-robotic essential intelligence which is who you are.  


It is like creating a piece of creative writing using the word processor of a computer.  The fact that the computer is very robotic – an artificial intelligence that needs correct programming/code to function – does not detract from the piece of writing which reflects your thoughts and understandings.


In another analogy, how you manifest to the world through your Suit is like how a web site is displayed on the internet.  Behind every graphic, every bit of text, every sequence of page links in a web site are pages and pages of programming code.  If even a comma or symbol is missing or out of place in this code, the web site will not display as intended.  An image might be missing or the text might not appear or be in the wrong font or in the wrong place and page links might not work.


Your Suit is like the web site.  Behind its manifestation of you, the Soul, are countless pages of Source-Created Code that enable the manifestation of you to appear in the physical form.  If any of the Code is missing or misplaced, then a mutated manifestation of you appears or you are blocked from appearing in your Suit and others looking at your Suit see only a false identity that the robot has fashioned for itself through using its ability to reason and make decisions.  This false identity is what I call the “Story Character”.  It is a social identity – ego – that the robot intelligence has fashioned from all of the data bits about itself and its capabilities and about the Cultural World in which it operates.  Out of these calculations it has fashioned an idea of who it is that it believes is its true identity and which it defends against the attempts of the true owner of the Suit – the Soul – to express its identity.


To manifest either the correct identity which is the Soul or the fabricated identity which is the Story Character requires Code.  The question then is how did the Suit get the Code to deviate from its true purpose in life which was to express the identity of the Soul and begin to fabricate a replacement identity – the Story Character.  Let’s take a look at "What Happened to Suits" to answer that question.