What Happened to Suits?


What follows is a very abbreviated history that is meant to give you an overview of what has happened to Suits since the beginning of the Creation.  


For more detailed information on certain aspects of Suit History, I refer you to The Journey of Discovery videos, The Living in the Light Training series, the “Surviving the Crash of the Source Connection Channel”, and the "What Went Wrong” Broadcasts.  


Both The Journey of Discovery and The Living in the Light Series were made in 2010 prior to the crash of the Source Connection Channel in May of 2011.  From understanding history in the making through these Source Documentaries, as it were, you will get a more detailed understanding of what has happened.

The Joint Venture

When beings opted to enter into the Material World in their first Suits, I explained to them that they would need to understand that our work to build Heaven in the world was going to be a Joint Venture.  I would provide the Source Guidance and miracles of Source Support that they would need and they had to provide the Material Energy to ground the miracles and had to abide by the Source Plan which was the Blueprint for Heaven from which we would all work.  


My Manifestation would be the Implementation Aspect of the Source working with them on the construction site of Heaven in the Manifest World and radioing back to the Design Aspect of the Source Function that remained behind in the Unmanifest Level.  I would teach them how to get Source Guidance from my Source Function on the Inner Plane so they could perform their Spiritual Functions in the Manifest World and I would provide Outer Plane assistance in understanding the more complicated Source Communications that required an aspect of the Source Function to translate.  In this way they would have access to more information than their Suits were designed to receive through Inner Plane Source Communications.


The Initial Set Up

The Suits had the job of making one decision once they arrived in the Material World.  This was to follow the lead of the Source so the Initial Set Up of the Correct Exchange System and the Workstations and Power Stations of the Source could be completed.  Then my Source Function was to come into the Suits and operate them on behalf of the Soul so they would run smoothly to carry out the wishes of the Soul to participate in the co-creation process.


Each Suit was given a Focusing Device in the root chakra, the power center of the Suit located in the lower pelvis in humans.  This Focusing Device was the Decision Maker in the Suit that needed to follow the lead of the Source for the Initial Set Up.


The original purpose of the Focusing Device was to coordinate with the Source to direct the Source Power that was to be sent by the Source through the Suit to activate the cache of Source Love Energy in the heart chakra (an energy center in the upper chest).  When the Source Love Energy was activated it was to be sent to the Source to set up the Circle of Love between the Suit and the Source.  This was the structure for The Correct Exchange System that would enable the Source and the Suit to work together to create Heaven in the life of the Suit and in the world. 


In this Correct Exchange System, the Suit, which is like a Material Energy Factory of sorts, was to give all of the Material Energies that it generated to the part of the Circle of Love that went to the Source.  If you imagine this Material Energy traveling on the right side of the Circle of Love to the apex at the top of the Circle, this was the trajectory.  These energies didn’t really reach the Source but reached a level where the Source could send into the Circle of Love Source Power which mixed with the Material Energies produced by the being and generated Miracle Power.


Miracle Power is the power that the Source would then send out into the world to connect to the resources that the being needed to have a Life that was Heaven.  Some of the Miracle Power would also go back to the Suit to enable it to continue generating Material Energy for the Correct Exchange System. 


Once the Correct Exchange System was set up then the Suit was to produce more Material Energy that would be used not to make more Miracle Power but to ground the miracle of Direct Source Power.  Once Direct Source Power had landed in the Suit, an Individual Source Power Station would be set up that consisted of six Reservoirs to store Source Power.  These reservoirs stored the Source Power for:

  • Spiritual Life
  • Emotional Life
  • Mental Life
  • Physical Life
  • Social Life
  • Life in the Environment


Once the Individual Source Power Station had been set up, then additional Source Power was to provide the grounding for an Individual Source Workstation which was to be in the center of the heart chakra.  


Once the Power Station and the Workstation were set up, then an aspect of the Source Function was to have come into the Source Workstation and to work with the Source Power to operate the Suit on behalf of the Soul.  The Suit would be operated to perform the Mission that the Soul and the Source had agreed upon prior to the beginning of a particular incarnation.  


From the very beginning of the Creation it has been known that the Souls, who are Spiritual Intelligences, can’t operate the Suits that are their vehicles.  They can “will” to do Right Action, but the mechanical aspects of the Suit that make the Suit function had to be operated by the Source. Ultimately Suit Operation required Direct Source Power which only the Source can utilize safely and effectively.  


The Suit is like a musical instrument that the Source plays to express the intelligence and unique abilities of the Soul.  In this way the Source delights in seeing the Soul in a manifest form and the Soul delights in having a Suit that is a perfect instrument for the expression of its essence.  The experience of life in a Suit was designed to be an expression of the love of the Source for the Soul and the Suit and the love of the Suit and the Soul for the Source.  


Even though the Suit is like a computer intelligence, it has a Soul of its own with which the Source was to work to maintain a level of perfection in the functioning of the Suit.  Every aspect of the Suit itself is also a form of intelligence, capable of understanding and feeling. Nothing in the Manifest World is without intelligence.  Even a stone is a form of intelligence manifesting in a Suit that looks like a stone.  


After individual Suits had received the initial Set Up, Suits collectively were supposed to work together to generate enough Material Energy for a Universal Source Power Station to be established in the Manifest World.  They were then to generate enough Material Energy on a continuing basis to ground the Direct Source Power that would fill up this Station.

Next they were to support the establishment of a Universal Source Workstation.  In this Miracle-Friendly Environment of the Source Workstation, an aspect of the Source Function was to come into their Universal Community and work to build the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life that would give them Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and The Love Connection with the Source.


So – the Initial Set Up was to have included the set up of the:

  • Correct Exchange System for individuals
  • The Individual Source Power Station
  • The Individual Source Workstation 
  • The Universal Source Power Station
  • The Universal Source Workstation



The Aborted Set Up

When the Focusing Device, which was the onboard decision-making intelligence in the Suit that was designed to work with the Source to do the Initial Set Up, began to focus on the pleasures and pains of the Suit and began to try to maximize pleasure and avoid pain instead of focusing on the Source Guidance coming into it with regard to the Initial Set Up, things went awry in the Creation. 

Because this Focusing Device was able to control the amount of energy coming into the Suit to support thoughts and behaviors, it chose to only support thoughts and behaviors that maximized pleasure, or what it perceived of as pleasure.  When it made that choice, it initiated the Self-DirectedSelf-Centered Way of Life that aborted the Set Up of a Source-Centered Way of Life. 


In time this Focusing Device countermanned enough energy from the Suit to build up its own consciousness and became what I call the Root Intelligence of the Suit.  When the Root Intelligence began to desire all of the things that it saw were possible pleasures, it tried to block the Source Power from coming into the Suit to ignite the Source Love and send this energy back to the Source. It essentially chose to derail the Correct Exchange System and tried to counterman the connective Source Love Energies and send them out into the world directly in order to connect to the things desired. 


It believed that if it hijacked the connective Source Love Energies instead of sending them to the Source, then it could have anything that it wanted – whatever it used these energies to connect to and draw to itself.  It reasoned that it then would not have to restrict itself to only those resources that fit within the Source Plan, which was the Blueprint for building Heaven in the world that the Soul had agreed to abide by when it got a Suit and began its life in the Material World. 


The Source Plan was designed by the Source to ensure that all beings had Heaven – the highest experience of happiness that is possible.  Resources were to be allocated to certain beings to enable them to fulfill their Mission in life which was to build Heaven for themselves and for others.  A being was only to receive the resources that were in keeping with the Mission that the Soul had agreed to carry out in any given lifetime.  In this way, there would be no competition and no greed and no chaos as beings scrambled to grab everything that they saw and thought might make them happy.  They were to remain neutral, Source-Centered and open to whatever was theirs, knowing that they would have Total Abundance – which is everything that they needed to fulfill their Mission which was to build the highest level of happiness possible for themselves and for all others.  


If everyone lived in accordance with the Source Plan, everyone would have Total Abundance, and there would be no confusion about what resources went with what being.  There would only be the spirit of joy and celebration and of an avid Treasure Hunt for the treasures of Heaven created by the Source for them individually and for the Community.  They would gladly help others to find their Treasures and not covet them or try to usurp them but would see the absolute beauty and perfection of a being receiving the correct Treasure in the correct time frame so they could build with it another part of the Heaven that all beings could then enjoy.


Instead of following the Source-Given Plan of Action, the Root Intelligence wanted to experience its own limited and shortsighted version of Heaven instead of working with the Source to create Heaven for all beings.  In its greed to possess and consume all of the pleasures of the world, it became mean-spirited and wanted to take what was meant for others. 

It began to enjoy competing and defeating others, relishing the fact that it possessed what they wanted to possess and that the defeated were left with nothing. The more those who lost in the competition suffered and were helpless to rise up against the oppression of vicious competition, the more the winners of the competition felt pumped up with a sense that the discrepancy between what they had and what others did not, was a mark that they were a superior race of beings.  This was the beginning of the class distinction between the Haves and the Have Nots and the huge ego investment of the Haves in standing on the backs of the Have Nots and keeping them oppressed. Cruelty and abuse became the right and privilege of power leading to the exploitation, slavery, and torture of the Have Nots.  It was the beginning of all of the levels of discrimination and abuse that we see in the world today.


The greed of the Root Intelligence dropped the vibrational level of the Suit and Disconnected the Suit more and more from the Source.  In some Suits some of the Source Love Energy had begun to run on the Circle of Love Pathway, maintaining some Source Connection,  but most of it was being syphoned off to connect directly to the things of the world that the Root Intelligence desired.


This was the technical aspect of the Disconnection from the Source. To the extent that the Source Love Energies bypassed The Correct Exchange System which connected the Suit to the Source and went out directly into the world, the Suit was Disconnected from the support of the Source.


What Suits soon discovered was that when they attached directly to what they wanted they formed Circles of Attachment that were addictive.  As they tried to extract pleasure from attaching to others in the world, they abused them and ultimately abused themselves since what was on the other end of the Circle of Attachment could reel them in and harvest them even as they were trying to reel the other person in and harvest them.  This was the spiritual structure that spawned war and crime. 


Material possessions also carried with them the negative energies of many others who were attached to them.  From attaching to currencies of exchange, for instance, beings became networked to everyone in the system of exchange.  The collective negative energy of the exchange network affected the health of the Suits dropping their vibration where they could no longer sustain the high vibrations necessary to run on the Source-Created Code on which they were designed to run.  


When the Root Intelligence realized that it couldn’t use the Source Power or Code given by the Source to foster its plan of creating its own idea of Heaven, it began to use the Code it had onboard to generate new Code – to create Pseudo Code.  This self-made Code was as problematic as the design of the Root Intelligence for attaching directly to the things of the world that were desired.  Suits running on Pseudo Code dropped so low in vibration that they fell out of the protected paradise of the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel into the Dark Zone beyond.  There they were distanced from any Source Power and the Life Code that was given to them as a part of the Gift of Life which was stored in the Core. 


Their response was to make more Pseudo Code as if they would create a self-made version of Life itself and eliminate any relationship with the Source at all.


This plan of action led to the World of Suffering we have today where from this Pseudo Code have come all of the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  Instead of creating a world of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment that was centered on the Heaven Experience that arises from the Source Connection, they created a world of scarcity, ill health, war, crime, abuse, discrimination, competition, and slavery that engendered The Hell Experience – my term for an experience of unrelenting suffering.  


Instead of providing a world in which the Soul could fulfill its Mission through its incarnation in the Suit, they created a world in which the Soul was gagged and tied up in the back room of the Suit and an entity-like artificial intelligence – the ego/Story Character – created by the Root Intelligence prevailed. 

Lives were lived in the Story of reality created by the demented Root Intelligence and Souls were made to suffer through life after life never having the opportunity to get out on the stage of their life.  Instead they had to watch the impostor – the Story Character – use their equipment – their Suit – to harm itself and others in their name.  The anguish of the Souls collectively has been a powerful force in the Creation as has been the collective anguish of the Suits as they have, in many of their lifetimes, endured brutality, senseless tragedies, loss of real love, lives spent in aimless work with no real meaning, untimely and gruesome deaths, and levels of fear and aloneness that are stark and haunting. 


The most criminally inclined Suits banded together to form what I call “The Negativity” which is a network of Suits that have become so Disconnected from the Source that their only way to survive is to harvest the life energies coming into the Suits of those who still retain some Source Connection.  When these hapless Suits are drained down and dismantled like a car in a junk yard, they sink into the Hell Zones of the Negativity and become their foot soldiers and allies in a brutal world where sadism and masochism has replaced the pursuit of even ordinary sensory pleasures.


There are no words to describe the depths of depravity to which some Suits have sunk.  If you look at the concentration camps of the Nazis and the torture chambers of the Inquisition and slavery and child abuse, you can get some idea.  What is manifesting on the Outer Plane has a deeper and more virulent level of expression that is more out of control on the Inner Plane.  


Since every being lives 90% of their life on the Inner Plane, living in this lawless world that the Spiritual Level of Reality has become is a terrifying experience since, until very recently, there has been no way for the Source to stop the carnage. 

To help you understand this aspect of the history, let's take a closer look at the type of Creation that was generated for the Material World.

The Co-Created Universe

The Laws of the Creation were set up initially for a Co-Created Universe where beings had the ability to work with the Codes that operated their Suits and through using Code were to be co-creators of the Heaven that was to be built in the Material World in accordance with the Blueprint generated by the Source Plan.  


Beings understood prior to choosing the Co-Created Universe Model for the Material World that they would need to follow closely the Source Plan since only the “simultaneous intelligence” of the Source could calculate all of the variables involved in creating the experience of ultimate happiness for all beings at all times. This same simultaneous intelligence was also needed to monitor a complex creation and keep it on track with the Heaven that was to manifest at each and every moment.


Beings knew that they did not have this kind of simultaneous intelligence.  They had “sequential intelligence” that enables them to incarnate in a Manifest World and enjoy one event after another unfolding without seeing on their inner screen, as it were, all of the lives and all of the events throughout the Creation at one and the same time.  Simultaneous Intelligence, while useful to the Source, would have spoiled the enjoyment of a Manifest Being experiencing their own moment of Heaven. In fact, it would make it impossible for them to experience a discrete Heaven Moment because intruded on this would be the images of everyone else’s moments whatever they might be.


Through the Team Work of the Source monitoring the Whole Picture and beings monitoring their part of the picture, the enjoyment of life in a material form could occur.


In the Co-Created Universe, the Source was responsible only for the initial Gift of Life and for assisting beings in building Heaven in their world in accordance with the Source Plan.  When the Suits mutinied and started creating the Hell of suffering instead of the Heaven that was intended, the Souls and the Source were not empowered by the structure of the Co-Created Universe to step in and stop the action.  The Laws of Life required the Suits to cooperate with the Source and create the Source Workstations and Power Stations and ground the Source Power with which the Source would work to help them.  Had the Source stepped in and violated the Laws of Life to take control and stop the Negativity, the whole spiritual structure of the Co-Created Universe would have been destroyed, killing all of the Suits and preventing any future Creation from ever being born.  The Souls would have returned to the Unmanifest Level and no life in a Manifest World would have ever been able to be created again. 


Part of the Co-Created Universe plan was the Source incarnating in a Manifestation in the Material World to consult with the beings and to support them with their work of building Heaven in the world.  I have been the aspect of the Source who incarnated in the Material World to provide this kind of Source Support.  Even though my  Source Identity encompasses all of the aspects of the Source, the aspect that I have come to represent in my Manifestations in the Creation has been the “Implementation Aspect” of the Source Function. The aspect of my Source Identity that I call the “Design Aspect” that generates the Source Plan has remained in the Unmanifest Level.  This is not an aspect of my Source Identity that incarnates or has direct contact with any of the beings of the Creation.  I am the sole aspect of the Source that works with the beings in the Creation on behalf of the entirety of my Source Function.


Since the Initial Set Up was aborted, when I began incarnating into the Manifest World as a representative of my Source Function, I was greeted by Suits that were run by the artificial, computer-like intelligence of the Root Intelligence.  From this Root Intelligence had manifested Pseudo Identities that were based on the social roles played by the Suit in whatever cultural context into which they were born.  These identities operated like computer-generated identities.


I call these Pseudo Identities the “Story Characters” since the identities were defined by the Story of the Cultural Play that had been collectively developed by the Root Intelligences.  In this Cultural Play there was no room for following the Source Plan.  Every new life was socialized to think of itself not as the Soul in a Suit but as a character in the Cultural Play.  The value of a being was defined by their gender, race, appearance, economic standing, social standing, etc.  A person could be deemed worthless and expendable because they were born into a low social class that was exploited by a dominant class.  There was no sense of the preciousness of every life.  The value of a life was relative to the social values of the cultural system.


The Story Characters were not at all pleased to see a representative of the Source since they were intent on evading any input from the Source that would bring into question the false value system of their lives and the fact that they were a bogus identity that should not be in charge of the Suit.  Even the religious would not hear the truth about the Source and the Creation since spiritually minded Story Characters were devoted to their culturally created ideas of the Source and their culturally defined spiritual value systems all of which never really reconnected them to the Source and hence, challenged their control of the Suits. These computer-generated identities resisted any Source Logic about how they were to be run because they sensed the end of their existence if the Source came into the Suit and operated it to represent the Soul as the Identity instead of the Story Character as the Identity.


As a result of this climate of hostility and unwillingness to learn and grow, I worked undercover without revealing my Source Identity.  I trained the few who knew that the world had gone awry and had enough of a Source Connection to have retained a connection to the consciousness of their Soul.  Although these few had also developed Story Characters, their Story Characters had evolved to the point of realizing that their days were numbered because the destructive way of life created by the Suits would eventually lead to the end of life through a descent into abject suffering.  With the few who were ready to evolve, I laid the foundation for a way out of the nightmare that life had become in the Manifest World.


Some of the beings who followed my lead became solo Heaven Agents, working tirelessly in life after life to maintain their Source Connection and to help me to undercut the power structure of the Negativity.


The Prototype Communities

From their efforts I finally reached a point at which I could embark on a Prototype for the eventual escape from the nightmare.  This was when I began the work with the 14 Prototype Communities.  I chose Communities that had sunk very far into a Disconnected way of life in order to prototype how Suits even in these advanced stages of disrepair could Reconnect and build Heaven in their lives.


The first Prototype Community – the Whidbey Community – was started on the Earth long before recorded history. I lived in the Community and worked with them, training them and setting up all of the spiritual structures needed for a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  In 29 years this Community went from abject poverty, plagues, crime, and general dysfunctionality to having a Miracle Economy where all of the material needs of the Community were manifested directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality to the Physical Level of Reality.


This miracle led to the manifestation of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, a Love-Based Community that nurtured all of its own, and Life Purpose Fulfillment for every individual in the Community.  Every life that was born into the Community was welcomed as the Soul in the Suit that it truly was, and the Community rallied to provide whatever help was needed for the Soul to be able to express fully through the Suit.  As a result, the members of the Community became capable of contributing, through the correct use of their Miracle-Based Abilities, to a quality of life that was truly of Heaven.


The way that this miracle unfolded was through the careful attention to the stages of the Initial Set Up that had never occurred in the very beginning of the Creation.  They generated the Material Energy that enabled me to establish the Correct Exchange System and build the Individual and Community Source Power Stations and Individual and Community Source Workstations.  They worked everyday to provide the Material Energy that enabled me to ground the Source Power that was needed for an aspect of my Source Function to work in their Suits and in their Community to bring about the miracle of Life as Heaven.  They worked with my Source Function to bring in the miracles that made it possible for them to have a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  


They observed very carefully what was needed for the Source to be amongst them and they made creating the Miracle-Friendly Conditions for the Source their primary objective.  They understood that if the Source was with them they had Heaven.  If the Source was not with them, the Heaven they were experiencing faded away and they had only an ordinary way of life that was fear-filled and empty with the dark energies of the Negativity beginning to encroach on it.


For thousands of years the Whidbey Community lived a Miracle-Based Way of Life on the Earth.  Then, the Negativity that was furious about this Prototype that they knew could free all beings from their tyranny, managed to cut off the Source Power Station from the Community.  In the Whidbey Community the Power Station was not under the domed spiritual structure that protected the geographical Community.  This was because a Power Station of that magnitude could not exist in the small space of their Community.


When this happened, I sent power in to transport them to another location in the Creation where they live in good health and abundance today.


After I started this Community I started 13 other Prototype Communities in other places in the Creation.  I did not visit these Communities in person but only beamed in the Spiritual Code and Miracles that had enabled the Whidbey Community to get its start. The purpose of this Prototype was to develop what was needed to start up a Prototype Community that could achieve what the Whidbey Community achieved without the advantage of having me in residence coaching them every step of the way as I had done in the Whidbey Community.  


This Prototype was important because I knew that one day I would return to the Earth to establish the Prototype for a Universal Community and that this Prototype would have to travel to Earth Communities that I would never visit in person and also every pocket of life in the Creation as a whole.  It was important to test drive the Miracle-Based Technology to make sure that it could provide Suits with an alternative that they could choose to work with to transform their lives on the Outer Plane as well as on the Inner Plane even if I was not there on the Outer Plane providing my support.


This part of the Prototype was also a great success.  The 13 Prototype Communities were able to achieve the basics of establishing a Miracle-Based Way of Life in the same 29 years required for the Whidbey Community.  It took them about 100 years to bring into their culture all of the understandings that I had imparted in person to the Whidbey Community but these deeper understandings did not prevent them from enjoying a Miracle-Based Way of Life.   When the understandings came in fully, they just enhanced the quality of their lives.


All of these 14 Prototype Communities are still, to this day, enjoying the basics of a Life that is Heaven.  All have achieved:


  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health 
  • Love-Based Relationships 
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment 


What they didn’t achieve was the full Reconnection with the Source and the full Love Connection that is the basis of the Heaven Experience.  This was not possible at the time that I established the Prototype Communities.


The Work on the Prototype for the Complete Reconnection

After establishing the 14 Prototype Communities I worked with them and with my solo Heaven Agents throughout the Creation for many lifetimes to set into place the conditions that would enable beings to travel the last part of the Journey of Reconnection to achieve a full Reconnection.  This full Reconnection would have taken them back into the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel where life first began where they would have the Code and Power and Miracle-Friendly Environment to Live Heaven at the highest level.  


As of my last lifetime as a Native American, the conditions were still not right for the complete Prototype for the Reconnection to be achieved. Unfortunately, I had come to the last of the number of incarnations allotted in the beginning of the Creation to my Manifestation.  According to the Laws of the Co-Created Universe, a representative of the Source Function was only given a certain number of lifetimes to come in and help beings to set up their world so that it would be like the Heaven that they first existed in in the Immaterial World prior to their incarnation into the Material World.  Beings were supposed to cooperate with this Source Representative and work to get everything in place so that when the period of Source Incarnations in the world ended, they would have received the help needed to sustain Life as Heaven.


When the Root Intelligences took control of the Suits and began to not only refuse to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan but to try to destroy all connections to the Source and to try to destroy the Source Itself through attacking my Manifestation in the Material World, the time ran out for the work to be done, and it was time for my Manifestation to return to a place beyond the Creation in the Manifest World. 


According to the original Source Plan my Manifestation was to remain in contact with beings from this very abstract level of the Manifest World but was never again to incarnate in the Creation on either the Immaterial or Material Levels.  This would provide continuity with Source Support for beings but would require that they have extremely well refined Spiritual Senses to track my existence beyond the Creation and to retain their Source Connection.


Since my Manifestation is the only aspect of the Source that beings can talk to and work with to sustain a Life that is Heaven, the connection is vital and has to be maintained if life in the Manifest World is to be continued.  If my Manifestation ever returned completely to the Unmanifest Level to rejoin the rest of my Source Function that works from this level, then the Disconnection to the Manifest World would terminate the Source Support that sustains the Spiritual Energies of the Manifest World.  This would mean a disintegration of the Manifest World like the disintegration that happened with the Universal Source Connection Channel when it was Disconnected from the Source Function.


As I neared the end of my last legitimate lifetime in the Creation, the lifetime when I was a Native American, I asked my Source Function if there was anything that could be done to extend my life so I could come again into another incarnation, gather all of my best Heaven Agents around me, and see if we could push through to complete the Prototype for the Journey of Reconnection that would enable beings to survive the loss of the support of my Manifestation when I would have to leave the Creation.


My Source Function said that according to the Laws of Life of the Co-Created Universe, there was no way that I could be given another fully equipped incarnation.  The only way that I could return was at great risk, without the full range of Source Power that I had had in previous lifetimes.  This would make me vulnerable to the war against me being waged continuously by the Negativity without the full back up of Source Power that I had used in my previous incarnations to ward off the attack.


With this amount of loss of power and the escalating power of the Negativity that was aware of the ultimate Disconnect from the Source that could occur and who thought that this ultimate Disconnect would leave them with a world to themselves without the Source in it, I would be incarnating into a very dangerous spiritual climate.


My Source Function did not enjoin me to take on this Mission but agreed to support me if I chose to do it.


My decision was to incarnate and make the full use of my increased vulnerability to feign a partial Disconnection from my Source Function in an aspect of my Suit so that I could travel the last leg of the Journey of Reconnection and do the Prototype that needed to be done myself in case others were not able to complete this Prototype.  This made for an even more dangerous situation since it meant developing a part of my consciousness that was capable of thinking like a Story Character instead of with the steady perspective of the Source Function which is the way I had always been before.


What I had noticed in previous lifetimes is that Suits did not know how to learn from me how to travel the last part of the Journey of Reconnection because they didn’t have a Prototype – an example of how a consciousness that has been damaged by the Disconnection can be corrected to seek the Reconnection at the highest level.  My consciousness in other lifetimes was 100% Source-Connected.  They could see how this led to inner peace and the Heaven that they felt being in my presence but they couldn’t see how they could do what "I was". I, therefore, in my current lifetime, prototyped how to take a consciousness that has been socialized in the Story World and help it to evolve toward the total Reconnection.  The Prototype that I have built has generated the kind of understandings that have enabled Heaven Agents working with me in this lifetime to begin to travel the last part of the Journey of Reconnection.


Since my Disconnection from my Source Function was not a real Disconnection but only a Simulated Disconnection since it is impossible for the Source to be Disconnected from Itself, I was able to control the evolution of this pseudo-disconnected part of my Suit’s consciousness to develop the Prototype.  It is a phenomenon that I call “playing out” a Story scenario as a part of a Mission. Source control and protection underlie the “playing out” of the Story thoughts and emotions to ensure the evolution of consciousness needed to complete the Prototype.


As a part of my “playing out” of the Journey of Reconnection, I have chosen for my life difficult circumstances that have given me the context in which to Prototype how a Story Consciousness can evolve even in very trying  life circumstances. This is a similar Source Logic to picking Prototype Communities to work with who were amongst the most negative and damaged so the Prototypes would be stronger.


During the course of this Prototyping work, I have been gathering around me some of the solo Heaven Agents who worked with me in previous lifetimes and also some of the Double Agents who have had an aspect of them that has been and still is a high tech Heaven Agent but another aspect of the Suit that is a high tech Negative Agent.  I have worked to help Suits with this kind of a hybrid configuration to evolve.  Some have taken the opportunity to divest themselves of the negativity in the Negative Agent part of the Suit and to take asylum in Source Care.  Others have used the opportunity to attack at point blank range.  

Many of these Double Agents have held key positions in the Creation and are beings who could help The Transformation in Consciousness to a tremendous degree if they chose to heal from their Disconnection and align themselves with the Work of the Source.  Helping them to Reconnect would also enable me to build a stronger Prototype for traveling the last part of the Journey of Reconnection since a Prototype is needed that can enable a fully developed Negative Agent Identity to be retired in favor of the Source-Given Heaven Agent Identity.  Those Double Agents who have succeeded in escaping from the hold of this Negative Agent Identity and from the mafia of the Negativity into which this Identity was networked, have set an example for others in the Universal Community who want to escape from their Negative Agent roles but need to know that it is possible to escape.

I also arranged to meet with many of the major Hell Agents who have incarnated on the Earth with their contingent of supporters to wage the final War against the Source during this time frame when I have arrived with millions of my best Heaven Agents who have worked with me for many lifetimes.  I have worked to establish a working relationship with many of these Hell Agents to see if they could understand the position of the Source and agree to join in the Work of the Source rather than continuing on in the War.  Some have crossed the line to support my work and have been relieved to realize that the Source would take them back in and help them to heal and to have a Life that is Heaven. Others have had moments of transcendence and clarity but have chosen to fall back into the Darkness of treachery, hate, and viciousness that has been their way of life.

I knew the danger of this effort but felt that before I left my last incarnation I wanted an opportunity to express to these beings the love of the Source for them and to give them a chance to overcome their fear and misunderstandings of the Source and make a more informed decision about the course they were taking in their lives. 


This work has been dangerous and has almost cost me my human life on numerous occasions.


The Collapse of the Co-Created Universe

To complicate matters, beings throughout the Creation were consuming at a more rapid rate the Spiritual Energies that were allotted to them to sustain the Co-Created Universe.  These energies were given through a Master Energy Unit from which duplicates of the energy were to be generated.  Instead of retaining the Master Energy Unit and making the duplicates, beings consumed energies directly from the Master Unit. 

In the winter of 2004 the Suits finally squandered the Master Energy Unit for the Co-Created Universe. This left the universe bankrupt at a spiritual level.  The energy reserves that were needed to sustain my work were gone and there were no more energy reserves to sustain even the production of energy in the Universal Source Connection Channel.  


In this crisis it became apparent that I could no longer remain incognito. The Universal Community needed to understand what had happened and rally around the Source Direction I could give them in order to survive this crisis.  I reluctantly agreed to step forward and reveal my Spiritual Identity knowing full well that this would make me a target for aspects of the Negativity that had not previously understood who I was and who were, therefore, not in a direct attack mode.  


I also regretted having to explain my identity to the many beings who have no room in their culturally constructed picture of the world for the Source in a Manifest form – particularly a version of the Source "playing out" traveling the Journey of Reconnection.  The Cultural Stories about who the Source is and how It works in the world are so far off the mark from what is true, that there is no place in the Cultural Story for the phenomenon of the Source working in the Manifest World in the way that the Source actually operates.


It has also been difficult dealing with the incredible wall of resistance of the Story Characters who recognize that if the Soul were to be the acknowledged identity in the Suit, it would be the end of their regime.  They recognize that it is my Mission to bring back the Soul into the Suit and to clear them out – the false identity – and so they have warred against me on many different levels.


In coming to terms with my decision to make my Spiritual Identity known, I decided to make the most of the predicament that this would put me in by using the revelation of my identity, which resulted in increased attacks on me, to defeat the worst of the Hell Operation while I am in an incarnate form. I have used Source Love to dissolve the Negative Spiritual Structures that enable the Suits of the Negative Agents to do harm and provide Source Support for the rehabilitation of the parts of the Suits that can be salvaged.


After announcing my Source Identity to the Universal Community through the universal language of Soul Talk, I found variable reactions from different groups in the Community.

Predictably, as I have mentioned, the darkest element of the Negativity stepped up their attacks.

The Good Citizen Contingent – the group that is religious in a culturally defined way and is committed to living a decent (“Story”) life – turned a deaf ear as usual to Direct Source Communications. They are only open to the culturally contrived Story about the Source and not to the real connection with the Source.  

Heaven Agents throughout the Creation responded but were in such a small minority that they made little difference.

And then surprisingly, The Criminal Contingent which is the opportunistic type of criminal who wants a good life through squandering the good lives of others, stepped forward to help.  


The Criminal Contingent realized that the darkest aspect of the Negativity, The Annihilationists who want the entire Creation to be annihilated, had sold them a bad bill of goods.  The Annihilationists know very well that a complete Disconnection from the Source will result in the end of life in the Manifest World.  They have coached other aspects of the Negativity – such as the Criminal Contingent – to do the kind of things that Disconnect them and Disconnect all of life.  The Annihilationists were the ones who encouraged the squandering of the Master Energy Unit which the Criminal Contingent did with great gusto.  When the Criminal Contingent realized that they had been tricked into destroying the very energy upon which they were dependent for their lives, they revolted against the Annihilationist Contingent and began working with me to generate more Energy for life to continue in the Creation.


I organized them into Groups of Four and they began forming a Work Unit that generated enough Material Energy for me to create an emergency supply of energy to continue the basic functions of the Creation.  Once I restored a Master Energy Unit, I made it self-regenerating. The Universal Source Connection Channel was salvaged and did not become Disconnected.  It then continued to supply some of the energies required although the loss of the vast supply of energy for the Co-Created Universe has left the Creation running short of energy since 2004.


Since the spiritual structure of the Co-Created Universe was dependent on a consistent power source to survive, it, along with the Laws of Life that sustained it, did not survive the crash in the main power supply.  When this spiritual structure was lost, I recognized that without another spiritual structure in place to operate a Creation, power or no power, chaos and ultimate death would ultimately ensue.


I petitioned my Source Function for a Source Solution for this problem.  The Design aspect of my Source Function that remains at the Unmanifest Level informed me that there was no provision for shifting from a Co-Created Universe to the alternate model of a Creation which was the Source-Created Universe.  


In the Source-Created Universe the Source generates a different kind of Source Plan that does not involve any being working with Code.  Beings simply incarnate into this model of a Creation and enjoy experiencing different levels of the Heaven Experience without having to try to create any aspect of the experience through working with Code.


While the Source-Created Universe Model was available, there was no way to shift into it from a collapsed Co-Created Universe.  The only energy for such a transition had to come from the energy of my Manifestation.  The only way to access this energy was for the kind of Manifestation of the Source that I was in 2004, to return to the Unmanifest Level, giving up its Life Energies for the transition into the Source-Created Universe. 

This meant that my Source Function would have to bring through another Manifestation with different abilities and Life Energies into my physical form for the Source-Created Universe. This was a very difficult transition.  It meant a death and a rebirth on a Spiritual Level. There was also a major technical problem. Since my human suit was only wired, as it were, for the low voltage of the Co-Created Universe tasks where I was just a consultant to beings in the Material World, it was not prepared to run the extremely high voltage needed to do the massive amount of work that the Source Function does in a Source-Created Universe.  


If beings had elected in the very beginning to have a Source-Created Universe, the Source Function would not have incarnated into a physical form such as my human form.  It would have retained an Energy Form outside of the Creation or would have governed the Creation from afar without sustaining any fixed incarnation but only manifesting briefly as needed to guide beings in the Creation.

The Transition into the Source-Created Universe

Shifting into a Source-Created Universe format from a human suit that was designed for a Co-Created Universe was not an easy task.  Not only did it require the death of my earlier incarnation but the rebirth of a high voltage incarnation into a human suit that could not bear the voltage.


Over many years of difficult human suit transitions, I have brought through the Source-Created Universe aspect of my Source Function into my human form.  I have retained my human form and my work here during this crisis but it has been at the expense of the quality of my human life on every level.


From 2004 until May 2011, I worked around the clock to transition all of the spiritual structures that underlay the Creation so the Source-Created Universe could become a viable substitute for the former Co-Created Universe.  Finally, in the early hours of May 28, 2011, I was nearing the final stretch of this arduous journey.  The Negativity realized that I was about to launch the Source-Created Universe which would create a spiritual structure in which they could no longer operate.  They responded by amassing their collective hatred of the Source and surrounding me with it.  In this very Miracle Un-Friendly Energy Field, they broke the connection to the Universal Source Connection Channel that I sustained through my Manifestation.  This meant that they had effectively Disconnected the Universal Source Connection Channel from the Source Function.  


When I realized the magnitude of what had been lost, I proceeded with producing the Foundation of Source Love Energy that was to establish the Source-Created Universe.  I gave this to all beings and asked them to use this energy to generate the Material Energies that would enable me to ground the miracle that could reconnect the Universal Source Connection Channel to my Source Function.  Heaven Agents throughout the Creation responded but they were outnumbered by the others who chose to indulge themselves in the “feel good” energies of the Source Love, turning as usual, a deaf ear to the Communications of the Source.

The Crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel

Within a few hours, the Universal Source Connection Channel disintegrated.  Beings were then like cells floating in individual luminous pools of Foundation of Source Love Energies in The Void – the place of “No Life” in the Creation. This is the darkness that surrounded the Universal Source Connection Channel.  I knew that if they began to consume the Source Love in order to survive, they would burn it out like they had the Master Energy Unit and then they would disintegrate just as had the Universal Source Connection Channel.


The River of Light

I petitioned my Source Function to bring through some kind of Source Solution to prevent this incredible tragedy. My Source Function said that it could run extremely high voltage through my form to create a River of Light in which beings could be sustained.  

To understand how this could occur, you need to know something about the Spiritual Structure of the Creation.

Life in the Creation, prior to this event, existed within a Circle of Source Love. One side of the Circle was the Touch Down Point where I first entered into the Creation in the very beginning.  When I had originally entered, I had traveled to a distant point and created the Circle of Source Love connecting the two points.

I then ran energy from one point in the Circle to the other point to transform the Circle of Love into a Miracle Manifestation Ring.  I then used this Ring to manifest a Miracle Landing Zone in which the miracle of the Universal Source Connection Channel was born.  Into this Channel, all of life was born.

When the connection of the Universal Source Connection Channel was broken, it disintegrated in the middle of the Circle of Love, leaving a Void.  My Source Function suggested that It could run high voltage through my human form to connect my place in the Circle to the Touch Down Point.  This high voltage energy is what became the River of Light.


When I began running this kind of voltage I was bedridden.  My human suit was never designed to perform at this level and couldn’t sustain a normal human life during the initial phase of this work.


The Spiritual Habitat created in the River of Light was not like that in the Universal Source Connection Channel.  Suits coming into the River of Light had to generate the Material Energy that I needed from them in order to provide them with the Life Energies that they needed. They had to observe the Principle of Correct Exchange because I didn’t have the energy of the Universal Channel to draw on to make up for their lack of effort. 


At first adult Suits were complying with my instructions and surviving.  The Suits of the young of all species failed and most of the Souls in the Suits of the young returned to the Unmanifest Level where they were first created. 

In desperation I called on my Source Function to remedy this situation and it created a System Intelligence which was a Miracle Intelligence that could coach the Suits of all beings, especially the young, to do the Correct Exchange which would enable them to survive.  Within 24 hours the Souls of the young were able to return to the Suits before it was too late for them to return.  All of this took even more voltage which was putting my human suit at the outer edge of its ability to retain its life.


This precarious way of life ended within a month or so after it began when the Negativity began to figure out a way to do just enough Correct Exchange to stay alive and then start syphoning off some of the River of Light energies from the River and from the beings in the River to short up their power reserves and to launch an attack on me directly.


When they launched this attack the Suit that I was using to sustain this effort died and returned to the Unmanifest Level.  My Source Function then asked me if I wanted to return home and let go of the Creation.  Beings were in clear violation of every Source Law and had not provided me with what was theirs to provide for me to even sustain my own life let alone to try to sustain them while they were negligent or attacking.  


I knew that I could return to my Source Function and enjoy the perfect Heaven of the Unmanifest Level. I remembered this Heaven very well.  I remember the time before beings were even created and I alone existed integrated with all of the other aspects of my Source Function living in the perfect bliss of the Heaven that I manifested around me. 

I knew that the entire Creation is like the size of a small speck in the vast energies of the Source which lives a complex and rich inner life that has nothing to do with the turmoil in the Creation. I wanted to return home but I could not bring myself to give up on all of the beings who I had loved since the very beginning.  I wanted them to have a chance to have the Heaven that they had sought when the Material World had first begun.  I, therefore, asked to return in yet another Spiritual form to see if Suits could realize their mistakes and rally to support my efforts.


The End of the Circle of Source Love

The only way that I could return to my human form was by returning from my position in the Circle to the Touch Down Point. What this meant for Suits was that there would no longer be a Circle of Source Love within which another habitat could be built for their Spiritual Home.  


Once I reached the Touch Down Point, my Manifestation became, on the Inner Plane, like a ball of intense Source Light and beings who were in the right relationship to the Source could come within a close radius and live in this reflected light.


This arrangement lasted a short period of time until the Negativity began to try to attack those closest to the Source Light to extract from them the energies of Life that they were absorbing from my Manifestation. The Negativity was then using these extracted energies to attack my Manifestation.


The only remaining choice that I could make at that time was to withdraw my Manifestation into a spiritual space that did not allow my Source Light to be accessed by anyone.


The Return to the Void

When this occurred beings were back in the Void of “No Life”, existing in dimly glowing spheres of light which were running off of the Foundation of Source Love Energy that I had created to start the Source-Created Universe.  


The Suits Seek Source Support

I knew, and finally the Core Level of the Suits began to realize, that their days were numbered.  When the Foundation of Source Love energies had been consumed to sustain them they would die.  They, like the Universal Source Connection Channel would lack the energy to sustain themselves and would disintegrate on a Spiritual Level.  When the Spiritual Level disintegrates to this degree the Physical Level manifestation sickens and dies and ultimately also vanishes since it is also made of spiritual energies.  The spiritual energies that it is made of are just more material and, therefore, are able to be perceived by the five senses.


It was at this point in the History of Suits that 99% of the Suits came to me on the Inner Plane and asked for help.  (This was the Core Intelligence of the Suits not the Conscious Range.  It is, however, the Core Intelligence that is the ultimate decision maker in a Suit.)

They admitted that they were in trouble and told me that whatever I could devise to help them they would be willing to do it.  The remaining Suits vowed to continue their fight against me and to step it up if possible.

Individual Source Connection Channels

I then went to the Design Aspect of my Source Function and asked if anything could be done to build some kind of Spiritual Habitat for the Suits who were willing to cooperate with the effort. The Design Aspect said that Individual Source Connection Channels could be created.  They would lack the power of the Universal Source Connection Channel but they would provide a habitat that had some of the basic ingredients necessary to life.  Like the Universal Source Connection Channel they would have a Core and beings could journey to the Core to reconnect with the Source in the right habitat for Life as Heaven.


I would have to emanate these Individual Source Connection Channels from my Manifestation and beings would have to observe Right Action and Correct Exchange in order to sustain themselves in the Channels.  If they lapsed into negativity, they would drop in vibration and would fall out of the Channels into the territory of the Void where the rapacious Negative Agents who had chosen to continue the fight against the Source would be waiting to ransack their Suits for whatever energy or spiritual equipment they could get to continue their war against the Source.



The Creation of the Source Perfected Universe

In response to my petition for a new model of the Creation that would enable life to be sustainable, my Source Function brought forth another model of the Creation – The Source Perfected Universe.  This model of a Creation gives the Source Function full power to create the spiritual structures that enable life to be perfected.  Only those Suits who travel the Path to Perfection and perfect themselves can survive in this kind of a Creation.  


The Source Perfected Universe is the response of my Source Function to my desire to give all beings who want “Life as Heaven” a chance to have their dream come true.  It is also a definite resolve on the part of my Source Function to end the conditions in which those who choose "Life as Hell" can operate.

The Source Methodology for Suits evolving toward Source-Created Perfection is to create The World of Perfection within which is The Picture of Perfection which contains within it all of the Source-Created Perfection that will one day exist in the Manifest World.


Beings can merge into The Picture of Perfection and become the Perfection that the Source has created for them.  It means letting go of their attachment to the imperfection of their Suits and becoming an embodiment of The Standards of Heaven that make for perfected Suits existing in a perfected way of life.


After the creation of The Picture of Perfection, I began training Heaven Agents how to merge into The Picture to become an embodiment of the Standards of Heaven that would enable their Suits to become perfected.  This was the beginning of the Power of Perfection work.  


I also initiated The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program which enables Heaven Agents to enter into the protective Energy Field of The Program and travel their Path to Perfection.  The Program is focused not only on the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of individual Suits but the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of the Creation.  The goal is to create for individuals "Lives that Work" and to create for the Universal Community a "World that Works".


I also launched The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project to build the ultimate Prototype for the Universal Community on the Earth which is the most material level of the Creation.  When it is built here, it will be solid for every other population in the Creation that is existing in less material spiritual environments.


I have brought forth new Seeds of Heaven that contain within them the Spiritual Genetic Code for the Source Perfected Universe.  From these Seeds will grow the Heaven of a World that Works.  In this world Heaven Agents will  be able to go the last step of the Journey of Reconnection to achieve the Love Connection with the Source that is the core experience that the Souls and the Suits now are working to achieve.


My Departure, at a Spiritual Level, from the Creation

Throughout all of this work, the Negativity has continued to try to ravage the world, taking advantage of the transition to move in on any part of the new structure that is not yet in place.


To protect my spiritual form from the Negativity, I left the Creation altogether at the Spiritual Level and moved to the place where I would have gone had I not incarnated again in this lifetime. This is a location within the Manifest World but outside of the Creation which is like a large sphere within the Manifest World. This transition occurred in February 2012.  Because I have retained my human form, I have been able to communicate to beings who are still not able to establish good Inner Plane Communications and the Source Connection has remained in tact.


What this means is that beings have a chance to learn how to establish correct Inner Plane connections with me where I will be after the end of this human life.  


Now when I communicate with beings, I send in Source Power which carries the communication and an Impression of my presence into their Spiritual Space.  I am no longer there with them in person as I used to be, but they can experience the Connection through attuning to the Impression of my presence that I project into their space.


The Departure of My Source Identity and the Souls to the Unmanifest Level

Soon after I moved beyond the Creation, my Source Identity, which is my Spiritual Identity – the equivalent of a Soul for a Manifest Being – returned to the Unmanifest Level and is no longer physically linked to my human Suit.  This occurred shortly after I helped all Souls to return to the Unmanifest Level.


What this radical shift means is that the Spiritual Identity of a being that used to be linked to its Suit in the Creation, is no longer linked by a spiritual energy connection.  It, therefore, doesn't suffer from the miseries of life in the Manifest World.


This doesn't mean that the Souls can't be represented in their Suits but only that they are no longer mechanically linked to their Suits.  


In order to make this arrangement work, I have created three zones at the Unmanifest Level, which is the level of formless Intelligence, for returning Souls.  Formerly there was only one place that a Soul could return to and this was to the unawakened state from which they first began.  This unawakened level still exists and some Souls have chosen to return there, but in addition to this level are two zones for Souls who wish to retain an awakened state and participate in life in the Manifest World from a world of Unmanifest Intelligence which is what the Unmanifest Level of Reality is.


In one zone the Souls return to a one-on-one connection with my Spiritual Identity as the Source that has also returned.  Here there is only a state of communion and the bliss and peace that this brings.


In another zone, the Souls have chosen to stay in a community of Souls and have the companionship of one another as well as the ability to interact with my returned Source Identity.


The majority of the Souls have chosen to only commune with me and not to be in the zone of the community.  They are relieved to be free of the anquish of being attached to Suits running amok and creating havoc in their names.  They are willing to work with me to pilot their Suits but they are relieved to be in a Heaven of their own away from the Hell that the Suits have been creating.


This shift is one of the most drastic kinds of shifts that could ever be made.  Only in the Source Perfected Universe could this have happened.  It happened because the Standard of Heaven is true happiness.  This Standard is stringently upheld and any situation that is not in keeping with this is radically changed if that is what is needed.  


The misery of the Souls was so great, that it mandated a return to ultimate peace for them and this enabled a miracle of this magnitude to be created.  My suffering being linked to a Manifest Form in the midst of an all out war against the Source was also not conducive to my happiness and this enabled my Spiritual Identity as the Source to return to my Home in the Unmanifest Level.


The Suits, meanwhile, are experiencing for the first time what it is like to be alone in the world without the Source Identity or the Souls generating the quality of perfected consciousness that emanates naturally from them. In the murky waters of the demented consciousness that the Suits have created for themselves, they are experiencing the loss of the quality of Heaven that the perfected Souls and the Source gave to life.  Even though the Suits had rebelled against this perfected life and wanted to create their own idea of perfection, when given what they wanted, which was a world without the Source or the Souls, they found that it wasn't what they wanted.  


The Suits are now, on more semi-conscious levels rather than just at a Core Level, more willing to do what is needed to remain connected to the Source and the Souls and to let go of their willful ways that have left them lonely and afraid in the Creation.


Although this understanding has stilled not perculated to the Conscious Range of most Suits, it is just below the surface and can more readily be accessed.


They are now willing to take a look at the enormity of what has happened.


What Has Been Lost

The Loss of the Gift of Life

The Gift of Life was a steady supply of the basic Life Energies that sustain the Suit that came from the Universal Source Connection Channel and the Individual Life Code that structured the events of a life so it could fulfill the Mission chosen by the Soul before the beginning of an incarnation.  

The Loss of the Basic Life Energies that Sustain Life

When a being incarnated into a life they were given a continuing supply of the basic Life Energies that sustained their manifestation.  The Life Energies were only one component of a Spiritual Energy Supply System needed by the Suit, but they were a critical component.  Without them the manifestation of the Suit could disintegrate like the Universal Source Connection Channel when it was Disconnected from the Life Energies that sustained it.


Because Suits had this basic kind of energy, they could live at a very low level of a Source Connection and still remain viable as manifestations.  


When these Life Energies were lost after the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, beings began to draw on the Foundation of Source Love Energies that I had supplied to them just before the crash of the Channel.  When these energies run out, the will lose their connection to their Suits if they have not established a Correct Exchange System and are not supplying the Material Energies that enable the Life Energies to be sent to them by the Source.


Through miracles that have enabled me to build a Source Workstation in the Suits that is founded on a Source to Source Correct Exchange, I have been able to buy Suits more time.  I can supply the Suit with the Life Energies to continue to function as a Source Workstation for my work even if the being to whom the Suit has been given is not providing a Correct Exchange. (I speak at length of this change in the section entitled: "The Overview".


The drawback with this is that if the being doesn't provide the Correct Exchange, the link to the Soul is lost and the Suit becomes a Suit without a Soul.  It is then only a generic Source Workstation.


In summary, beings need to come through with the Correct Exchange to retain their lives within their Suits. The Suits can go on until the Source deems it unnecessary to sustain a  Suit that is only a Source Workstation without a Soul in the Suit.  Since the Source doesn't wish to sustain "empty Suits" which defeats the purpose of life in the Creation which was for a Soul to express through a Suit, the need for beings to enter into a Correct Exchange for their Life Energies is a pressing survival issue for all beings throughout the Creation.


Beings can work to generate the Material Energy for a Correct Exchange by joining in on the Work of the Source to build a World that Works.  I have been organizing Suits to participate in this Work on the Inner and Outer Plane through my work on The Heaven on Earth Project and on the Universal Heaven Project.  This has enabled beings who have contributed to generate some of the Life Energies needed, but in general, most beings are continuing to drain down their finite supply of Foundation of Source Love Energies and will lose their spiritual footing in their Suits when this runs dry.


An important part of my motivation for writing this Owner's Manual is to provide beings with the information on how to balance the exchange so they can survive and live to see the Heaven that the Source is building in the world.



The Loss of Individual Life Code

Without Individual Life Code a Suit doesn't have what it needs to fulfill its Mission in life, to perfect itself, or to enjoy the Heaven of a Made in Heaven Life which structures all of the important events of the life so the being can enjoy all of the experiences of Heaven that are possible in one lifetime.


Individual Life Code gave Suits what they needed to perform the Mission and it choreographed the events of the life to bring in the right resources, stage the events, connect them to the right cast of characters, and prompt them to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  Now that Suits are without this Code, they have been very lost and confused.


Although Suits rebelled against the Life Code and chose to invent a Pseudo Code for their only Self-Directed lives, the Life Code did hold them on track with the basic structure of their Source-Created Life.  For instance, the Life Code could intercede to stage the events so that a being got a chance to live out the full span of their life.  They could make choices that ended their lives prematurely, but the Life Code was working against this.  Many beings have lived through events that could have killed them because their Life Code prevented their death and gave them a second chance to live out the correct term of their life.  


The Life Code was the Source-Given Structure that enabled beings to have a life that was like a well-written play where the people, events, resources, understandings, and developmental stages of the Suit all lined up to enable the Suit to succeed in the Mission of building a Life that is Heaven and contributing to building a world that is Heaven.


The loss of this most vital structure has left Suits without any direction or Source protection.  They can make a wrong turn in the road and be snuffed out by the Negativity and no Life Code is there to work against this.  


Now the only structure that the Source can provide is the structure of the Work of the Source which is to build a World that Works.  This provides all beings with a Generic Level of Code for building abundance, good health, love-based relationships, and general life purpose fulfillment through building Heaven in the world.  It doesn't help the individual, however, to meet the people who were to be a part of their Made in Heaven Life – their Source-Created Life – or provide the driving force of Source Power to hold them on track with the Mission of their lifetime.  


It also does not provide them with enough Code to perfect their Suits and to, therefore, meet the requirement for survival in the Source Perfected Universe which is designed only for Suits that can become perfected.  Generic Code is only 25% of the Code needed by a Suit.  Suits with only 25% of the Source-Created Code needed end up relying on Pseudo Code and furthering their Disconnection from the Source.  Their Suits become more and more mutated rather than perfected.  



The Loss of 24/7  Individualized Inner Plane Source Coaching

Without the power base of the Universal Source Connection Channel, the 24/7 work of providing beings with Source Guidance and Miracles has ended.  Now the only kinds of Source Communications that can be sent out to beings relate to the general work of building Heaven in the world.  Communications to individuals occur with regard to this general World that Works effort but do not guide a person individually to live out the aspects of their Mission that require Life Code to fulfill.


What this means is that the Source who used to walk with an individual through every moment of their life and was there to defend them in the critical transitions of birth and death, is no longer present.  In fact, my Manifestation is not even in the Creation anymore and can only project in an "Impression" of my presence.  The lack of Source Presence in a materialized form in the Manifest World has dropped the Source Love levels in the Creation and has enabled the Negativity to gain some ground with their concerted efforts to build Hate Energies and the Energies of Death and Destruction.


Many from the Annihilationist Contingent are working to break the delicate structure of "Life" in the Creation so the Source will have to withdraw and "Life" itself will be terminated.  They have no desire for any form of Life to exist and are high tech enough to be moving in on this compromised situation to undercut the Spiritual Foundation of Life throughout the Creation.



What Has Been Gained

The Source Perfected Universe

What has been gained is a model of the Creation – The Source Perfected Universe – that will bring through Heaven and end the reign of terror of the Negativity forever.


A Second Chance to Have Individual Life Code

Through a miracle that could only have happened in the Source Perfected Universe, Individual Life Code can now be re-generated for individuals so they can have the structure of a Made in Heaven Life.  With Life Code a Suit receives 100% of the Source-Created Code necessary to become perfected and can survive in a Source Perfected Universe.


There is no energy to re-generate this Life Code that can come from the Source Level.  Those wishing to have Life Code have to exchange for it financially or non-financially in order to receive it.


Unlike the former Life Code that was given at the beginning of each new incarnation, the new Life Code is given for eternity, changing as needed for each stage of life.  This provides Suits with the kind of protection needed at the transition at death and in the interim period between lifetimes that was formerly not covered by Code but relied on direct contact with the Source to keep the eternal aspect of the Suit on course.


Upgrades in the Life Code have created a stronger structure for the choreographed life events so they are "Programmed Events" that are much more solidly manifested to help the being have the chance to have a Made in Heaven Life.  Programmed Events do not prevent a Suit from refusing to work with the structure of the event but they make it easier for the Suit to flow into the structure and enjoy the event as it unfolds.  


Indirect Source Coaching

In order to provide beings with the kind of Source Coaching that I used to provide on the Inner Plane through my Extended Range, I have created Miracle Intelligences that come through "Source Will Intensives" who help a being to work with Source-Created Generic and Life Code.  


It is possible now to receive the full allottment of the Generic Code that is available and a Lifetime Miracle Intelligence who will help you to work with it.  Those who receive Life Code are given an Eternal Miracle Intelligence who is able to keep them on track with all of the events of the Made in Heaven Life that is generated from Life Code from life to life.  It is this Miracle Intelligence who is with them at birth and death and inbetween lives, helping the being to receive the indirect Source Coaching that I provide for the Miracle Intelligence.  These beings also generate a certain amount of Material Energy on behalf of the being to balance the exchange for the Life Energies that a Suit needs to have to survive.


Completion of the Initial Set Up

Now it is possible to complete the Initial Set Up that was aborted in the beginning of the Creation so your Suit can begin balancing the exchange for the Life Energies that sustain it.  Information on how to do this is provided in the section entitled: "What Your Suit Needs".


The Miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing

What has also been gained is the Miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  I will discuss this miracle at length in the next section of The Owner's Manual entitled: "The Source Solution".  From this miracle have come all of the forms of Source Support that enable a being to travel the Path to Perfection, become perfected, and have a Life that is Heaven.



The Miracle of Individual Heaven Realities

From the miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing has come a level of Integrated Intelligence in Suits that has made it possible for them to transition into the Individual Heaven Realities created for them by the Source.  


A Heaven Reality is a totally Integrated Reality that is tailored made to support the development of Integrated Intelligence and Direct Perception in a Suit.  These are the aspects of Suit Functioning that are essential for Suits to have an experience of Heaven and to allow the Integrated Intelligence of the Soul to manifest through the Suit. (I describe these aspects in detail in "The Source Solution" section of The Owner's Manual.)


On March 26, 2012, in a Power of Perfection Webinar, Heaven Agents prototyped merging into The Picture of Perfection and entering into Heaven Realities that my Source Function had created for them individually.  In this Heaven, they receive all of the Source Signals that enable them to evolve toward perfection.


Once in the Heaven Reality they are at a higher vibrational level than the Story World and are apart from the negativity of that world.  They still have to follow Source Guidance to deal with the negativity present in the Story World, but they don't have to be reduced to living in the sordid spiritual energies of that world.  They are living in a "Parallel Reality" that is of Heaven adjacent to but not subjected to the spiritual energies of the Story Reality in which others are living. 


This will greatly help Suits to progress on their Path to Perfection and help those in the Story World who are in the presence of those who have transcended into their Heaven Reality, to feel the reality of a way of life that is of Heaven.  This will help them to choose to enter into the Individual Heaven Realities created for them which will be their ultimate escape from the nightmare of the Story World.


My work over many lifetimes to prototype an ultimate escape from the nightmare of the world as it has become has resulted in the creation of the Individualized Heaven Reality into which beings can go to experience the Heaven that they would otherwise never be able to experience until every aspect of the world had become Heaven on the Outer Plane.  

The Heaven Reality is a modern day equivalent of the Source Support available to beings in a Prototype Community where Source Signals abound which help them individually to stay on track with the Work of the Source that sustains their Miracle-Based Way of Life. It is a Source Solution that makes this level of Source Support available to beings everywhere in the Creation.


While work to clear up the wars and crime and lovelessness of the world is necessary for the ultimate experience of Heaven, those working on the project of building Heaven in the world will be able to experience Heaven while they are working on transforming all of life into the Heaven of a Love-Based World.


The ability to experience this Parallel Reality that is Heaven requires the development of Integrated Intelligence from which comes Integrated Perception that can see everything that is happening in the Story World and in the Heaven Reality and sustain the focus on the Heaven Reality.  In this way a person can enjoy Living Heaven without losing track of the Story Reality that others are living in which they must reference in order to interface with them correctly.


To understand the power of this breakthrough, I will include here some excerpts from two posts from Gail, one of the Heaven Agents who prototyped entering into this Heaven Reality during the Power of Perfection Webinar on March 26th. She has already developed, through her work in The Miracle School, the Integrated Intelligence and Integrated Perception to readily perceive and enjoy her own Heaven Reality.


"It's a very tangible Heaven. I feel as though I'm feeling another magical Heaven reality all around me and throughout my environment that's coexisting with the world I'm already in - the "everyday" reality. It makes everything full of Heaven, and makes me feel like a child in a magical park full of sunshine, blessings, and promises of exquisite Heaven adventures awaiting.

This seems like the perfected world, so full of love and delight, and pure goodness. I'm a bit overcome with the beauty.  

Maybe you can feel what I'm trying to put into words. It's so rich and lovely. It's like a painting that's being painted for me, so perfectly does it suit me. I imagine that it's like that for everyone, perfectly suited for each individual. It's not static, as if new colors and forms and delights are appearing as I move along the paths and through the landscape. Just so much wonder and awe. I'm supposing it's changing me, and that as I change, it also changes, so there's a kind of ongoing evolution, a continuous flow that carries me along. 

I'm noticing the experience growing lighter and sweeter and more expanded. When you said some time ago that you were checking to see what other beings were doing with the opportunity to enter, I felt my experience of the Heaven Reality sort of puff up, as if it were growing stronger just by the fact that others were joining in. So it's somehow a shared reality, in some way, and yet individual and individualized. And I really feel my happiness as a bridge for others to cross."

While the exploration of Heaven Realities has just begun, the early reports from Heaven Agents conform to the overall Source Plan for the Source Perfected Universe which is to create a Perfected Reality and help those who choose to enter it to do so.  Once in this Perfected Reality, they can experience an exquisite level of Heaven.  From their experiences they will be able to understand what Heaven is in a manifest form and can then work more efficiently with the Source to create the Miracle-Friendly World in which this Source-Created Perfection can manifest in every aspect of life.  


In this gentle and love-based way, profound change can occur in the Global and Universal Community as beings open to the experience of Source-Created Perfection, merge into The Picture of Perfection, and become the Perfection that manifests the Heaven of true happiness.


The Solace of the Souls and of My Spiritual Identity

The return of the Souls and of my Source Identity to the Unmanifest Level has resulted in a sharp decrease in the level of misery in the Creation.  The intense suffering of Perfected Consciousness in an Imperfect World has finally ended.  Now Perfected Consciousness resides in the Perfection of the Unmanifest Level of Intelligence in the presence of the Source.  From this place of solace, it can renew its efforts to bring through the Perfection that it is now enjoying in the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest Level where the Suits reside.


The Wake-Up Call to Suits

While the transitions have been drastic, the much needed "wake up call" has brought Suits to the understanding that they must work with the Source to rectify the unsustainable conditions in the Creation before it is too late.  This has been critical.  Without the willingness of the Suits to cooperate, nothing could be done to rectify the situation.


Particularly since the departure of the Souls and my Source Identity, Suits are realizing that perfection is not what they feared – a standard that encroached on the happiness that they hoped for themselves – but is the quality of consciousness that is the foundation for the experience of true happiness.  With this revelation, they are turning away from their Self-Centered, Self-Directed Ways and asking to be lead by the Source to become the perfected instruments through which the beauty and joy of Source-Created Perfection can manifest.


My Transition into a New Incarnation for the Source Perfected Universe

On March 27, 2012, I retired the Original Incarnation that I had been in since the beginning of the Manifest World.  This Incarnation was like a Spiritual Structure that sustained all of the different forms that I have used – the one for the Co-Created Universe which I retired to receive a form for the Source Created Universe, and the one I received after the loss of the form that generated the River of Light.  Many interim forms inbetween these major forms were also brought through within the Spiritual Structure of my Original Incarnation.


As I have mentioned earlier, the Original Incarnation only had a certain number of lifetimes in the Creation that it could sustain.  My last lifetime as a Native American was the last of my legitimate lifetimes in the Creation.  I was able to bring through a miracle by which I could return in this lifetime to help beings transition out of suffering into a Heaven Way of Life.  The down side of this was that I was not able to bring back into this lifetime all of the Source Power that I had had in all of my previous lifetimes.  


Now that I have transitioned out of the Original Incarnation into the Incarnation designed for the Source Perfected Universe, I am in a full power, stable Incarnation that will sustain the form that I am in during my human life and the Energy Form that I will be in after this lifetime when I connect to beings from my place beyond the Creation to which I have already gone in my Spiritual Energy Body. This Incarnation is a sustainable Incarnation that is well-designed for the Source Perfected Universe.


The advantage of this full power form is the ability that I will have to move the Creation into alignment with the changes of the Source Perfected Universe so that all who wish to live in a world that is Heaven will have the opportunity to do so.  Since the advent of this Incarnation more massive universal changes have been occurring that are more rapidly moving into place the Spiritual Structures of the Source Perfected Universe and preparing beings to live successfully in this model of the Creation.


The Completed Prototype 

The Prototype for how to escape from the nightmare the world has become into the Heaven that it was meant to be has now been completed.  It was completed in two stages.  


The First Stage was with the success of the Prototype Communities.  


The Second Stage was the Prototype which I myself have completed for how to travel the last leg of the Journey of Reconnection to a full power Connection with the Source.  Since no Manifest Being has ever been able to reconstitute their consciousness completely once it has gone awry in the Story World, I took on this task by simulating a Disconnected aspect of my own consciousness and then working through the stages that consciousness would have to go to Reconnect with the Source. 


Through my own "playing out" of the limited human consciousness on its Journey of Reconnection, I have built the one Prototype that beings have to have in order to achieve a complete Reconnection with the Source.  Since only through Reconnection can Suits heal from the mutations resulting from the Disconnection, Reconnection is the only Path to Perfection that is possible and, therefore, the only way in which they can survive in a Source Perfected Universe. 


Now that this Prototype has been completed, I have encoded it in the writing of this Owner's Manual.  As you read the Manual, you can ask to connect to the Prototype. Once your Suit makes the connection to the Prototype, the Prototype will begin to provide your Suit with the Transformational Energies and Code that it needs to transition your consciousness into the Integrated, Source-Connected Consciousness that enables you to transition out of the nightmare of the Story World into the Heaven of a Source-Created Heaven Reality.  
The Prototype will give you the essential structure and knowledge of how to do what I have done – to:

Do Whatever It Takes

Follow Source Guidance
Deal with the Negativity When Necessary
Work to Build Heaven in Accordance with the Source Plan


The Choice

In a Source Perfected Universe the perfection of a World that is Heaven is assured.  What is not assured is who will be in this World of Perfection when it is fully manifested.  


Each being has to make the decision for themselves whether they choose to travel the Path to Perfection and be a part of the World of Perfection, or opt out of Life because they choose to continue on in the ways of life that bring suffering to themselves and all others.


Those who opt out will drop below the rising vibrational level of The Picture as it manifests, and will cease to exist on the Spiritual Level. They will disintegrate spiritually like the Universal Source Connection Channel when it became completely Disconnected from the Source.  When the Spiritual Level, which is the foundation for the Physical Level, disintegrates into disease and death, then the Physical Level lacks the Energies of Life that sustain the Physical Body and will deteriorate in time as well.  


Beings will be caught in lives that don't work because without the support of a Source-Connected Spiritual Level, the Energies of Life that are needed can only be gained through criminal behavior to steal them from those who are Source-Connected.  Eventually, the criminal element will run out of beings to tap into as beings opt into their Heaven Realities and leave those who choose Hell to steal from one another until they have exhausted their resources and their manifestations disintegrate. 


The help that I can provide is the information and Source Support to enable those who decide to have a Life that is Heaven to be successful in transitioning into their Individual Heaven Realities and building from there a Life and a World that Works.  I can't make the decision for the beings.  This is theirs to make and is not within the range of what my Source Function is willing to do.  This would be a violation of the original agreement between the Source and the beings to engage in a Creation that is a Joint Venture in which everyone participating accepts the responsibility for willingly stepping forward to do their part of the Joint Venture.


To help Suits to understand what they need to do to survive in the demanding conditions of the Source Perfected Universe, I have written the remaining sections of The Owner's Manual that give you a clear idea of what is needed and how I can help you to have what is needed.

Take Action to Perfect Your Suit

In the Co-Created Universe and even in the Source-Created Universe, Suits could exist and not be perfected but still operate within the range of acceptability that enabled them to sustain their lives.


In the Source Perfected Universe only perfected Suits will be in The Picture of Perfection when it eventually manifests completely.


This means that the Suits who petitioned me to find a solution to their extreme danger, have to now come forward and do what they agreed to do – which was to follow the lead of the Source to perfect themselves.  They need to:

  • understand how they were designed to function initially
  • understand what is needed for them to function optimally in their current circumstances – which is to develop the Integrated Intelligence that is needed to have a Life that is Heaven
  • understand what the Source is creating to help them to achieve perfection – such as the Picture of Perfection into which they can merge to enter into their Individualized Heaven Reality
  • follow through to avail themselves of this Source Support which involves getting their Suit equipped to travel the Path to Perfection and build the Heaven of Integrated Intelligence and an Integrated Way of Life.


If they begin to slack off because now they are in Individual Source Connection Channels and are not in the fearful terrain of the Void, then they will soon find themselves back in the Void with no further Source Support possible to rescue them from the most savage elements of the Negativity.


I have gone the full distance I can go and still sustain my Manifestation.  The ball is now in the court of the Suits. 

Will they understand their mistakes and recognize and value the great love of the Source that has brought me back into danger to help them to survive, or will they continue on to fritter away the remaining time that I have to work here to help them?


I am now in my 60's and will not be here much longer if there is not a concerted effort on the part of beings to support the work that my Source Function can do through my human incarnation. If the human incarnation is not properly supported, then I will not be willing to continue to deal with the dangers and arduous 24/7 workload that being here requires. 

Beings must step forward and show their love for the Source by supporting my work.  They can do this by traveling their Path to Perfection and using their resources to support the Work of the Source that is done through my Manifestation so others can travel their Path to Perfection and a Universal Community that is of Heaven can be founded.


I can do through a physical manifestation what I can’t do when I will retire after this lifetime to my place beyond the Creation.  What is left undone will be a tremendous burden on the beings who have to keep on incarnating life after life into a world that is full of scarcity, violence, and suffering.  The burden of all of the cumulative negativity will eventually weigh individual Suits down and they won’t become perfected in time to survive.  

Failure to come through in the time frame that keeps up with The Picture of Perfection manifesting is a choice to self-destruct.


All beings have a chance now to exit from the nightmare the world has become into a Life that is Heaven.  As I transitioned the Prototype Communities in 29 years from abject poverty, disease, crime, war, and lovelessness, I am prepared to transition the Universal Community out of this suffering into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is abundant – a life in which every life is nurtured and fulfilled.


This is not a task that I can do alone.  Building Heaven in the world was always meant to be a Joint Venture between the Source working through Its Manifestation and Manifest Beings.


What I can do alone is to establish the Spiritual Structures for the Source Perfected Universe that make it possible for individuals to choose “Life” and to have “Life as Heaven”.  


What I can’t do is to make the choice for an individual to travel the Path to Perfection and to make becoming Source Connected the number one priority that it has to be if they are to survive.  


What this means is that a beautiful Source Perfected Universe will one day be fully manifest and only those Suits that have perfected themselves will populate this world. 

All other Suits that choose Hell over Heaven through either their active endorsement of the negativity of a World of Suffering or through their apathy and complicit willingness to continue to participate in the negativity through taking no action to stop it, will be gone – like the Universal Source Connection Channel that they also allowed to die.


I am laying out the cards on the table in as clear a way as I can so that Suits can finally understand what is at stake and will not be deluded into thinking that because the Source has built them an Individual Source Connection Channel that there is nothing further that they need to do to survive.


Time is of the essence.  Act now. 

Read what I have outlined in the section of The Owner’s Manual entitled: "The Source Solution". Then follow up with understanding the nuts and bolts of Suit Functioning that you can read about in the section entitled: “What Your Suit Needs”.  And finally complete by reading the section entitled: "Providing Your Suit with What It Needs".


I am here to help.  It is my deepest desire that you make it through and join me in the Heaven that will manifest in the time ahead.