Actions to Take
Understand What It Will Take
To End All Social Conflict

An Action Plan from
The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America


In one section of the September 28th Source Workflow Training, I focused on a message from the Prototype Communities about the importance of studying the concepts and understanding in-depth what it will really take to heal all social conflicts and establish a Love-Based Community.


They expressed concern that most humans are not bringing the reality of this Ultimate Solution into focus. They, therefore, are not working diligently to live in harmony with the Principles of Life that make such a miracle possible.


In the Training, I speak to the issue of what it takes and how building a Love-Based Community is the Source Solution for all social conflict, including the conflict between White people and Black people.



Next Steps 

Understand the Vision and The Source Methodology

There are several easy ways to begin educating yourself about what it takes to transition into a Heaven Way of Life beyond social conflict and Man Made Solutions.


Work with the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Materials in Connecting to explore the Vision of a Love-Based Community and to understand the miracles that have make it possible.  The primary Gifted Training is the 5+ hour Video Book Training that members of Connecting can access at: 



If you are not yet a member of Connecting, your Point of Connection to Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training materials, you can sign up at: 



Until you work with the Source Teachings that I provide you in Connecting and in the Project Work throughout the web site, and spend some time getting acquainted with the Miracles of Source Support that are available in The Source Solution Hub, you will not be able to piece together an understanding of what is possible and why the Source is directing you to take action to transition into a Source-Connected Way of Life immediately in order to survive the stages of The Transition.


Understand that a Complete Transition Is Necessary

The essence of this Source Communication is that it is only when you immerse yourself in the Source Teachings that give you the Spiritual Code for how to build Heaven in your own life and in the world, that you begin to get to the stage that the members of the Prototype Communities got to when they signed onto the Project and put aside their former way of life to make a complete transition into a Source-Connected Way of Life.


There is no way to make a partial transition. There is no way to have a Heaven Way of Life that manifests the Heaven of True Happiness if you retain anything from The Hell Way of Life that creates suffering.  The Hell Way of Life is like a cancer that will continuously eat away at the structure of The Heaven Way of Life until it destroys it.  This is why it is necessary to understand what causes The Hell of Suffering and eliminate it completely.


When the members of the Prototype Communities grasped this concept, they built a solid foundation for a Heaven Way of Life that excluded all elements from the Negativity.


Understand that only the Miracles of Source Support Can Effect This Outcome

This can not be done without the miracles of Source Support. It is not something that has been achieved by Brute Force by groups of people following an ideology. All efforts to make profound changes based on Man Made ideologies and methodologies have yielded only a different version of The Hell Experience. 


Understand that to Work with the Miracles of Source Support You Need to Become a Well Trained & Equipped Source-Directed Activist 

It was the Source-Directed Activism of the Prototype Communities that yielded communities that have truly transcended racism and other forms of social injustice and have established Love-Based Communities that nurture all of their own.


What it takes to become a Source-Directed Activist is becoming educated about The Work of the Source from the beginning of the Creation and gaining the Skill Sets to communicate directly with the Source on the Inner Plane.  From one-on-one training with the Source, you become capable of becoming a Source-Directed Activist.


Once you are a Source-Directed Activist you can work with the miracles that transform the world around you.


A good place to begin is with the Gifted Video Book Training and all of the other Source-Directed Activism materials available through Connecting and through The Source Solution Hub.


I will soon be coming out with a Source Workflow Training on how to become a Source-Directed Activist that will be available through The Personal Safety Project. I will be listing it in The Personal Safety Project Directory when it is ready.



Track the Action Closely.  Major Universal Changes are Happening Daily.

I will send you Source News Updates through Connecting.  You can also follow the work in the Projects that are now up for intense work. The primary focus of my Source Workflow at present is The Personal Safety Project with its subset Projects, The Personal Safety Project for Black People in America and The Personal Safety Project for Your True Intelligence (soon to be up online).


There is a wealth of Gifted Training offered through interacting with me and with your fellow Source-Directed Activists in this project.


Practice turning to the Source for a Source Solution Miracle rather than turning to Man Made Solutions. 

Spend some time in The Source Solution Hub working with the videos there as well as with the Miracle Tools and Source Interventions that enable you to understand the Miracle-Based Technology of the Source that is behind a transition into a Miracle-Based Way of Life that yields the abundance that makes conflict within a community a thing of the past.

Ask for Source Guidance about a problem that the Source wants you to research. Then look to see if there is a Source Solution Miracle that has already come through to solve that problem. You can work with the Search Engine in the Hub or with The Directory for Source Solution Miracles. If there isn’t a write-up on a Source Solution Miracle on the problem that you are researching, then ask for a Gifted Source Recommendation where you bring my attention to the problem and ask for a Source Solution. 


Whether the problem affects you or your loved ones or is one that affects others, it is important to zero in on what you are being Source-Guided to notice about your life and the world and then seek a Source Solution for it. 


It is essential that Heaven Agents working with me to resolve social conflict, present the problems that they are Source-Guided to present so that I can see if there is a Source Solution Miracle that is possible to solve the problem. This is one way in which you can contribute to the work on the Project.  This is what Heaven Agents working in the Source Workflow Trainings are doing to catalyze the Direct Source Work that brings in the Source Solution Miracles that solve the problems that have been presented.


Sometimes there are Heaven Phase Interventions that I can bring in without any Material Energy from Manifest Beings. In other instances, I can bring through a miracle that will require Material Energy to ground. Whatever the case, your Source-Guided research into the problems that need solutions, and your Heaven Agent Work to alert me of the guidance that you are receiving, will help to catalyze the work that I do to bring through a Source Solution Miracle for the problem that you are presenting. 


For example, in the September 28th Training, two 12 year old Black girls alerted me to a Dark Force that was attacking them when they tried to speak out from their True Intelligence rather than couching their words in Socialized Intelligence, which operates within the Box of the Cultural Story.  I was able to build a shield for all Black people, who speak out from their True Intelligence, as a result of their request for support with this problem.


In another example, a White mother of three girls in Alabama, requested help in knowing how to bring through her True Intelligence and the True Intelligence of her daughters.  She said that a huge dark energy hand would come across her face preventing her from breathing in the Spiritual Breath that sustains her True Intelligence whenever she tried to speak from her True Intelligence.  She said that she was able to fight it off but her daughters were not and lost their True Intelligence. They then became racists, endorsing the value system of others in their community that espoused a racist orientation.


Through working with her and another Heaven Agent who Teleconferenced into the Training, I was able to trace back the history of the work of the Negativity to destroy the consciousness of Whites in the South and to keep them in bondage so they could not access their True Intelligence or become their True Selves.  In this bondage they were living in a kind of Hell Experience that made it possible for them to destroy their own loving natures by destroying the lives of Black people both during the time of slavery and in the current climate of racial persecution.


A major Negative Energy Device and Hell Hole that was entrapping Whites was destroyed. 


Such timely observations by Heaven Agents in the Training catalyzed my search for Source Solution Miracles that resolved problems that have been blighting the lives of both Black people and White people for generations.


This is the kind of breakthrough work that it is important for you to participate in through writing in your Eyewitness Report in the form provided in The Safety for Black People Workstation.  If you get an image or have an issue that you feel Source-Guided to share with me, then enter it into the form.  I will take it into account in my ongoing work on this Project.



These are just some suggestions for getting started in understanding what it will take to end all social conflict. This understanding can not remain at the theoretical level. Until you roll up your sleeves and become a part of the work of stopping all social conflict so that all beings can experience Personal Safety in their social lives, the conflict will rage on in every aspect of the social arena.


A total transformation of the social order is what is needed, not a bandaid effect.


This total transformation can happen rapidly with the miracles of the Source behind the effort.


All that is needed is the dedication of a core group of Heaven Agents to Prototype the path to building a Love-Based Community and then others will receive the Spiritual Genetic Code for this way of life and be able to follow in their footsteps.


Change of this kind is based on educating people at the deepest level through Inner and Outer Plane Source Communications and giving their Suits – body/minds – what the Suits need to make fundamental changes rapidly.


What a billion lifetimes can not achieve, has been achieved in 29 years in each of the 14 Prototype Communities who represent the full spectrum of distraught and troubled communities in different parts of the Creation.  I deliberately started with communities that were almost too far gone to be salvaged and yet all of them achieved the same absolute transformation in the 29 year period.


Turning the entire Universal Community around will take a few more years but it can also be done, particularly now that The Transition is underway and all beings are aware, in the Extended Range of the Suit, that is often outside of conscious awareness, that life is hanging in the balance and only a complete transition into a sustainable, Source-Connected Way of Life will enable them to survive.  With only a few decades left, all beings have to put their shoulders to the wheel and move rapidly toward ending social conflict and establishing the Love-Based Community to which the Source can connect after the end of The Transition.


The Good News is that never before have beings followed the lead of the Source like they are doing now on the Inner Plane.


The Next Step is for this Inner Plane success to be replicated in the Team Work that will end social conflict and establish the Heaven of a Source-Connected Love-Based Universal Community on the Outer Plane.


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