Special Request At-a-Distance

Source Interventions




Special Request At-a-Distance Source Interventions are designed to give you a chance to receive my help for whatever issues are of concern to you.  You might need Source help to solve a problem or build an aspect of Heaven in your life.  Your request could focus on a family, work, friendship, health, crisis, or global issue.  It could be work that you would like for yourself or for a loved one, for the welfare of all in the global community, or for a particular cause that you would like to see supported by a Source Intervention.


When you request my help via the Special Request Form, I will contact you with information on the kind of At-a-Distance Source Intervention that will work best for you.  If you would like to proceed, then I will begin the At-a-Distance Work.



Registering for a Special Request Source Intervention


To request a Special Request Source Intervention, email me and describe who the intervention is for and give as much detail as is needed to describe your circumstances and what you would like to achieve.


I will either call or email you to give you my assessment of the kind of At-A-Distance Source Intervention that will be needed and the Correct Exchange for this Intervention.


You can then tell me if you would like to proceed.




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