Inner Plane Comfort Music 


Millions of people and animals are suffering from the disruption in the Spiritual Electrical Currents that run between their right and left polarities. When these currents are disrupted, deepseated, long lasting trauma responses are activated which commonly generalize from one situation to another rendering the person incapable of experiencing anything other than a repetition of trauma responses in reaction to any life circumstance.


While Outer Plane Comfort Music can reach those who can listen to Outer Plane Music, many people who are being tortured in prisons, are trapped as sex slaves in the Global Sex Slave Industry, are suffering in refugee camps, or are in other kinds of entrapment and abuse, don't have access to relaxing music.  


These people are at very high risk for not making it through the stages of The Transition which require that they power up to rise to each new level.  When the Spiritual Electrical Currents are disrupted, this interferes with the way the Suit builds momentum to rise from one level of the Transition to another.  


Animals who are being tormented in labs or in abusive households or in cruel animal harvesting industries, also need this help.  


To meet the need for help for these victims of abuse, there is a need for an Inner Plane version of Comfort Music that can work through Inner Plane sound rather than Outer Plane music.


It is very important that Heaven Agents provide Material Energy

for Inner Plane Comfort Music for those who will not survive without this kind of emergency care.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange to ground the miracle of Inner Plane Comfort Music for one person is US $12.   If you would like to contribute Inner Plane Comfort Music to someone you know, you can access the link provided below.  It could be for a person in a hospital facility or nursing home or in hospice who would work best with Inner Plane Music rather than relying on Outer Plane Music.  It is appropriate for anyone you feel will not have frequent access to relaxing music.  


When you request this miracle, it is best to provide information on the person's name, gender, age, and any other information that you find relevant.





To contribute to The World that Works Fund for The Inner Plane Comfort Music Campaign, you can fill out the form provided below.  The Source knows who is in most urgent need of this help and will send this miracle to them.  



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.






An Inner Plane Comfort Music Adventure is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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