Source Connection Consultation 

Individualized Spiritual Training, Guidance, & Coaching


Consultation Time with the Source

Now is your chance to ask me your questions and receive my undivided attention while on your Journey of Reconnection.  Heaven Agents who make time for this kind of Connection are the ones who progress most rapidly on their Journey of Reconnection.  


I encourage all students of The Miracle School to schedule time on a regular basis to work with me.  It is in this individualized time I not only provide you with information that is not available to you when I am working with you in a group setting such as a Webinar but I can bring forth the array of Source Energies and Interventions that are most transformative for you.  A Source Connection Consultation is like an Irradiation Session where you are irradiated with Source Energies that heal the Disconnection from the Source and provide you with the energies that help you to Reconnect.  This happens very naturally because of the Source Energies that emanate through my form.


When I am working with you in a group setting, my energies are designed to help you individually but not to create this kind of individualized Irradiation Intervention.  This only happens when I can adjust my energies to help you alone.


A Source Connection Consultation is also a time when I can create miracles and Source Interventions that you alone may need and which are, therefore, created just for you. There is no other context of the work in The Miracle School where you can receive this kind of individualized care from me on the Outer Plane. 


A Consultation is also a time when I can provide you with the catalyst energies from the Source and the Spiritual Life Coaching that you need to operationalize your desire to build a Lifestyle that is Source-Connected and Miracle-Based.  As you do the work of building Heaven in your life, I provide the coaching that brings into focus the fastest and best use of your Miracle Resources and your Miracle-Based Abilities and the best way to interface with the Source Support that is always there for you.


Source Connection Consultations are generally done over the phone and can vary from 15 minutes to several hours.  You select the amount of time you would like and provide me with your contact information.  I then get in touch with you and schedule a time for the Consultation.



The Correct Exchange for Consultations of varying lengths is listed below.


15 minutes –   $  96

30 minutes –   $193

45 minutes –   $289

60 minutes –   $385

90 minutes –   $578

120 minutes – $770


If you would like a longer Consultation, you can select the 120 Minute Consultation and you can balance the exchange for the additional time at the end of the Consultation itself.


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