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At the heart of a Miracle-Based Way of Life is the ability to remain Source-Connected while living your life.  As long as you maintain the link to the Source, you enjoy the abundance of the miracles the Source provides for you.  If you inadvertently Disconnect, the miracles vanish and you are left with the hardships of an Ordinary Life. You also lose the Love Connection with the Source which is the basis for a life that is Heaven.


In order to provide you with the support that you need to stay Source-Connected in your everyday life, I have created Miracle-Based Source Connection Coaching.


In a Source Connection Coaching Session the emphasis is on getting practical advice on how to be Source-Connected while working with the many different kinds of miracles that are a part of the Source Support created for you. These are miracles such as Source Will Intensives, Miracle Tools, Miracle Technologies, Miracle-Based Training, Source Interventions, Spiritual Code, and Prototypes.  It is about you tackling the issues in your life, backed up by my support as you build a Lifestyle that is Source-Connected and Miracle-Based.  


From this Source-Connected Lifestyle you build the foundation for the Source Connection.  As you Connect you lift out of the imperfections that breed the suffering of the Disconnection and experience Ultimate Spiritual Healing.






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