Next Step Consultations


Next Step Consultations are designed to provide you with information and Source Support for taking your Next Step in your work of building Heaven in your life and in your world.  


They also provide personalized training in how to receive Next Step information from the Source on the Inner Plane and how to work with The Next Step Process.


Individualized training and support can take a Heaven Agent from a very beginning state of understanding to an advanced state through a series of Next Step Consultations.  


Learning how the Source speaks to you individually and understanding what your role is in the larger project of building a World that Works provides you with insights that often can not be gained through work in group settings such as Webinars and Intensives.


Next Step Consultations are also available to couples, families, and small groups.


Next Step Consultations are available to Heaven Agents worldwide through phone and Skype.  To sign up and complete the exchange for a Consultation, fill in the form below.  You will be contacted to schedule the Consultation.



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