The Consulting & Coaching Program


In all Consultation/Coaching Sessions you receive Source Guidance and some coaching/training.  Some Consultations have a stronger focus on individualized Miracle-Based Training. 


Source Guidance and Miracle-Based Training

Source Connection Consultations are designed to provide you with personal training in how to Connect to the Source and build a Source-Connected Way of Life.  They provide the most powerful and comprehensive personal training available.  Generally I recommend that Heaven Agents work with me in sequential Consultations in order to advance in their understanding of how to work with their unique Miracle-Based Abilities and build a Lifestyle that is Source-Connected.


Next Step Consultations are designed to focus on reviewing where you are and what form of Source Support is needed for your Next Step on your Path to Perfection. They also provide you with training on how to get Source Guidance for your Next Step and how to work with The Next Step Process.

Soul Readings provide you with information on your personal spiritual history that is an important starting point on your Path to Perfection. Your unique Miracle-Based Abilities are activated and some basic training in how to use them is given in this Consultation.



Joint Venture Consultations are designed to help you design and train for a Joint Venture with me that builds Heaven in the world.


Source Guidance

Miracle Support Consultations are designed to help you select the right kind of Miracle Support for someone you are trying to help.  If the kind of Miracle Support that is needed has not already been created, such a Consultation can be the starting point for a new Source Creation that I make available to you when it is completed.



Source Connection Consultations

Next Step Consultations

Soul Readings

Joint Venture Consultations

Source Support Gift Consultations