How to Participate in a
Source-Directed Training
via Webinar or a
Recorded Training

A Source-Directed Training is time with the Source working on whatever issue is in focus in the Workflow of the Source. The overarching focus of the Source Workflow is building a sustainable System of Life for the Creation. Each Webinar or Recorded Training focuses on some aspect of what is to be built for this System of Life. 

The essential training is about learning how to flow with the Source Logic that creates and drives the Miracle-Based Adventure that unfolds in the Training. Through learning how to flow with the Miracle-Based Adventure, that is the essential structure of a Source-Directed Training, you are learning how to be in harmony with the Workflow of the Source. This ability is the key skill that will enable you to sustain your Source Connection during the stages of The Transition.  (For more information on The Transition, members of Connecting can watch the Video Book Training. If you are not a member of Connecting, your Point of Connection with Gifted Source Connection Training Materials, you can sign up at: Connecting.)

It is important to know how to work with me in both a Webinar and in a Recorded Training.  In a Webinar you are engaging with me in my Conscious Range on the Outer Plane.  In a Recorded Training you are listening to the work that was done at the time of the Training and also working with me through my Extended Range. In both types of Source-Directed Trainings, you are in the Direct Presence of the Source and are receiving individualized support for developing the Skill Sets that you need to develop in order to Awaken and form a Direct Source Connection as well as to perform your Mission Work with Full Power.


Some Recorded Trainings include advanced Heaven Agents coming in on the Outer Plane via phone as well as Heaven Agents communicating from the Universal Community through the Universal Language of Soul Talk.  Most Recorded Trainings work primarily with those communicating with me through Soul Talk.  These Trainings enable me to initiate a Training when the hour is right and immediately access the Heaven Agents throughout the Creaiton whose Mission it is to attend the Training and assist in the work at hand. This spontaneous scheduling enables the work to happen when it needs to be done according to what is Next in the Source Workflow.


I will outline below the essential elements of participating in a Webinar.  The same principles apply to working with a Recorded Training whether it is a Webinar Replay or a Soul Talk Training.  The only difference is that your experiences in following the action and being in harmony with the Workflow occur when you listen to the Recording.


In working with a Recorded Training it is best to take notes on your experiences as you participate in the work and enter your experiences in the Participation Form that is on the page with the Recording. If you would like feedback on your experiences, you can request Source Connection Coaching by Email.


I would recommend two Webinar Replays that will give you a general sense of the structure of a Webinar and the way in which the Miracle-Based Adventure that unfolds guides the information that I share and that the experiences of those participating.


For Connecting Members, these Webinars are available at:


A Guided Adventure into the World of Miracle-Based Adventures: Part One

A Guided Adventure into the World of Miracle-Based Adventures: Part Two




The Format of a Webinar

Registering for a Webinar or Webinar Replay

To find out what Webinars are available, you can go to The Schedule of Upcoming Events.


To find out what Webinar Replays are available, you can go to The Source Solution Hub – Recorded Trainings


The Technical Set Up

When you register for a Webinar, I email you a link that takes you to a web page where you follow the instructions to set your computer up so you can participate in the Webinar.  If it is your first live Webinar, I recommend that you start working with these instructions 15 or more minutes before the start of the Webinar so that you can email us if you have any difficulties with the technical set up.


If you have registered for a Webinar Replay, I send you a link to the page with the Recording.  You will need to use your Connecting Username and Password to access the recording.


Who Attends a Webinar

When the Webinar begins, I will come on over the phone line.  At times, I also have other advanced Heaven Agents coming in by phone as well. These Heaven Agents have a particular part to play in the work ahead and it is best if they can participate by phone.


Coming in online are Heaven Agents from different countries.  They contribute to the work through entering their experiences in the text box on the Webinar page.


Also attending are Heaven Agents from The Universal Community who are coming in via The Soul Talk Network. Some of these Heaven Agents are on the Earth Plane and others are from other parts of the Creation. They are conversing with me in the Universal Language of Soul Talk which enables all forms of life to communicate with one another throughout the Creation.  I translate their communications for the sake of the Heaven Agents working in the Webinar.  


Providing the Material Energy to Ground the Miracles

All of the Heaven Agents attending the Webinar have to provide the Material Energy that I need to ground the miracles that will enable them to achieve the transformational changes that the miracles make possible. This Material Energy can be provided in either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange.


Energy Exchange

An Energy Exchange occurs when a skilled Heaven Agent contributes to The Work of the Source for Building Heaven in the world and generates from the Material Energy Factory of their Suit, the Material Energy needed for an Energy Exchange.  This Material Energy is stored in their Life that Works Fund, which is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that protects these energies until they are ready to be used.  I draw on these energies to ground the miracles that the Heaven Agent needs in the Webinar.


Only Heaven Agents from The Universal Community who have provided the correct amount of Material Energy through an Energy Exchange are allowed to attend.

Some advanced Heaven Agents attend through contributing Material Energy through an Energy Exchange.


Financial Exchange

A Financial Exchange is calculated on the basis of The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange which determines how much Material Energy has been generated by the Work Power behind a Financial Exchange.  This Material Energy can be used to ground the miracles as well.  A Financial Exchange if often the only kind of exchange that a Heaven Agent who is not skilled in Heaven Agent Work can offer to ground the miracles.  As they become more skilled, they can transition into a combination of Energy Exchange and Financial Exchange and ultimately into using only an Energy Exchange.


Most Webinars require Heaven Agents attending online to provide the exact amount of Material Energy through a Financial Exchange unless they are very advanced and can provide it through an Energy Exchange.  




What Happens in a Webinar

At the start of the Webinar, I introduce the scope of the work and then our work begins.  Much of the work is time when I am transcending my Human Mind to enter into my Source Mind to get Source Guidance on how to proceed.  I then share with you the information that I have received.


You also transcend your Human Mind and enter into your Spiritual Mind to receive Source Guidance.  As you receive this Source Guidance, you write down the information that you are receiving in the text box on your Webinar page. I then see this post and seek Source Guidance with regard to understanding the information that you have provided.  


Some posts I read out loud and then provide you with the Source Guidance I receive with regard to the meaning of the information that you are sharing.  Other posts I don't read out loud depending on the Source Guidance I receive concerning them.  


How I respond is entirely based on the Source Guidance I receive. Nothing is based on the Story Logic that one might encounter in the Story World that is built around the secular and spiritual conventions of the culture.  


As you watch how I work, you learn what can't be conveyed in words, which is the Rhythm and Logic of the Source. This is the most important part of the training that I provide to you in a Webinar – far more important than the training you receive from hearing your own posts interpreted. When you learn how the Source thinks, feels, and works, then you gain the ability to stay in alignment and in harmony with the Source and from this comes your ability to become Source-Connected.



I address all participants, other than those coming in via phone, as "Heaven Agents" instead of referring to them by name.  This anonymity enables you to relax and share with me what you are experiencing without the usual social stressors that are often evoked when you are identified by name.  It enables both of us to communicate freely and candidly so that whatever work we need to do together can progress correctly.


Periods of Silence

Because we are seeking Source Guidance and doing the energy work that lands miracles, there are periods of silence in our work together when we are working on the Inner Plane.  It is important during these silent periods to ask to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source". Even if you are not skilled enough to track the action at a conscious level, if you ask enter into Helping the Source Mode to do your Mission 100% with regard to the work at hand, you will be able to work effectively in your Extended Range – which is where you can work efficiently as a Heaven Agent outside of your conscious awareness.  Most people are highly skilled in using their unique Miracle-Based Abilities in their Extended Range even if they are beginners in understanding how to use these abilities in their Conscious Range.   

After asking this, it is important to remain in an attentive, meditative state, being receptive to any image, thought, sensation, or understanding that might be sent to you by my Source Function.  In this way, you stay in the flow of the Source Intelligence that is delivering this information.


Basic Understandings that Help You Know  How to Participate in a Webinar

The First is that the Webinar is a miracle in and of itself.  I create a Seed of Heaven from which it is born.  From this Seed of Heaven, which contains Spiritual Genetic Code, emerge the miracles that make it possible for us to do groundbreaking work in building Heaven in the world during the course of the Webinar.  This Code transfers to participants the information that they are to share in the Spiritual Research that sheds light on the issues that we are addressing in the Webinar.  It also provides the basis for the transformational experiences that each participant is able to have as they work with me in the course of the Webinar.


The Second is that every Webinar follows a Miracle-Based Adventure Process.  We start out with a Mission to accomplish.  The clues for what is next on our Adventure emerge as each of us looks within to seek Source Guidance to receive the information that is given.  These clues are like pieces of a puzzle.  When we have found all of the pieces of the puzzle (clues) and put them all together, we can see the completed picture that the fully assembled puzzle creates.  This completed picture is both our full understanding of the issues addressed in the Webinar and also the sign that all of the miracles due to come in during the Webinar and all the transformational work has been completed. 


Because we are working to the point when this puzzle picture is completed, the length of the Webinar is based on the completion of the work rather than on any pre-fixed time limit.   I provide approximate time limits in the Schedule of Upcoming Events, but these vary according to the flow of the work.  It is best to allot some extra time so you can stick with the process in the Webinar and see it through to completion.


The Third is that every participant is given clues that are important to the process.  It is important for you to work with your clues and share them with me through typing into the Webinar dialogue box whatever you are receiving. 


Because every Heaven Agent has a unique Spiritual Function in the Creation, every Heaven Agent is given unique clues that will not be given to other Heaven Agents.  It is important to share your clues so that the pieces of the puzzle that the Source gives to you can be contributed to our work of completing the puzzle picture as a whole.


Even if you don't know if what you are thinking is a clue from the Source or just a passing thought, it is important to feel intuitively if you are to share it and then go ahead if you feel that it is right.  If it is not a Source Communication I will give you feedback and then you will learn how to tell the difference between a Story Thought and a Source Communication.  Since the purpose of the Webinar is, in part, to help you practice getting Source Guidance with me there to give you feedback on what you are getting, it is important to go ahead and offer what you feel guided to offer. I will either comment on it or not read it out loud if it is not Source Guidance.  In both instances, my comments or my silence is feedback that is important to your learning process.


Clues can come in the form of images, verbal information, physical sensations, smells, and total intuitive understandings that seem to come from nowhere.  They can also be a series of memories or associations that together add up to a clue.  For instance, a Heaven Agent might suddenly remember an encounter with someone in a shop. There may be something about this event that is a clue for what is happening in the Webinar.


The Fourth is that if what you are receiving is a Source Communication, then I will be able to interpret what you are experiencing even if it seems unintelligible to you.  Through my interpretations of this information that is coming through to you in the universal language of Soul Talk – which is a symbolic, dream-like language – you will learn how to understand what the Source is communicating to you.  With practice you will begin to get better at interpreting your own information. Our goal is for you to get good at receiving and interpreting Source Communications so that you will always be Source-Guided in your daily Missions.  The time you have with me in Webinars interpreting the clues you receive or learning from the clues that others provide is a key element in the learning process.


The Fifth is that whenever you attend a Webinar you are entering into the Workflow of the Source.  This work has a history and a direction and a body of knowledge that stems from what has been going on in The Heaven Project universally since the beginning of the Creation. 


Entering into this work is somewhat like entering into another culture where you may not understand what is being referred to in the conversations you hear if you know nothing about the culture.  In order to provide you with an overview which will give you knowledge of the context of the work in progress, I recommend Next Step Communications from the Source videos, particularly the video entitled: How to Survive the Transition of The Source Connection. Written Next Step Communications from the Source provide you with more current information on the work being done by the Source and by Heaven Agents throughout the Universal Community.  The Source Connection Project contains the most up-to-date information on how to prepare for the stages of The Transition.  The Source Solution Hub contains a wealth of resources for grasping the range and complexity of the work involved in The Universal Heaven Project.


I recommend that you provide yourself with this background information.  Without this many of the things that we will be discussing will be hard to follow since you won’t know what has been going on in The Heaven Project and where we are headed.

The Webinars that I provide links for above, are also essential background training in how to work with me in a Webinar context.


The Sixth is that I am always about the work of building Heaven in the world.  When you join me in a Webinar you need to be prepared to hit the ground running since I am moving the Project forward at full speed.  What this means is that I don’t conduct a Webinar like a teacher conducts a class – going slowly and explaining every new concept and circling back to go over the concept in full.  


I am the Source at work on building Heaven in the moment.  When I schedule a Webinar it is because this is the time when a certain aspect of Heaven can be built.  This means that we have entered into a sacred time when we must work diligently together to welcome in the miracles that are due to arrive and to do our parts to assist in their birth into the Manifest World.  


What you learn about the context of The Heaven Project and the work at hand is more like what an apprentice learns through joining in at a construction site for a house being built.  An apprentice has to join in and learn as the work is progressing instead of expecting that that the focus is going to be on his learning process and everything will rivet on the rehearsing of new concepts and new skill sets.  He is expected to flow with the action and learn as he goes. 

In the context of building Heaven in the world, I provide coaching to help and you can learn from other workers who are more experienced, but our focus is on getting the job done that we must complete in the course of our time together in the Webinar.


This kind of hands-on learning is the real learning because nothing that I teach is “canned” techniques that can be used in every situation. The secret to building Heaven in the world is being able to respond to the unique circumstances that occur during the building process.  Only when you learn to have your wits about you and to see how I and experienced Heaven Agents respond to the circumstances we face as we bring through real miracles and deal with real transformational processes, can you understand how to work with this same kind of “one of a kind” experience which is what you will face in the course of doing your Mission in your everyday life.  Training in how to think on your feet, remain Source-Connected, respond with intelligence, and apply your Miracle-Based Abilities as Source-Directed is what you learn by working with me in a Webinar.  Through this training you become proficient in going on the Solo Heaven Agent Missions that make up the bulk of your work of building Heaven in your personal life and in your world.


The Seventh and most important aspect of working together in a Webinar is upholding The Standard of Heaven which enjoins:


Seeking Truth from the Source and only from the Source

This means that in a Webinar we do not spend time on what you may have learned from other spiritual traditions, what information you may be used to getting from Spirit Guides, or others with whom you may have been in contact on the Inner Plane.  The purpose of the work is to train you to go directly to the Source for truth since the Source has the “whole truth” and not  “partial truth” which is what other Manifest Beings have.  


To seek the counsel of other Manifest Beings who see only part of the picture instead of going straight to the Source for truth, is to misguide our work together and to potentially introduce negative energies into our work.  For instance, someone’s Spirit Guide might have a dark side to them that the person who trusts them doesn't recognize.  Introducing this energy into the Webinar allows this negativity to enter into the work and potentially derail our efforts to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment that is necessary for the miracles to land.


While it is sometimes appropriate to ask me about something that you have learned from other spiritual traditions, it is important to do so in a Source-Guided Way so you are seeking Source Guidance before interjecting this information into the flow of the Webinar.  


A Webinar has a structure and flow to it. It comes from a Seed of Heaven that is germinating and growing in a natural progression from the seed into a fully mature expression of what it was created to be. It is important to be quiet within yourself and get into the rhythm of this natural unfolding.  Interjecting stray thoughts that are off topic and are out of the rhythm will jar the process and throw off the evolution of the Seed.  


Generally speaking, Left Brain thinking that jumps from one concept to another is what is disruptive to this process.  It is necessary to allow yourself to shift gears into your Right Brain and follow a more intuitive logic that will enable you to get into the flow of what is manifesting in the Webinar. In this way, the energies that I provide will shift you into Whole Brain Functioning which utilizes the best of your Right Brain, Mid-Brain, and Left Brain to process the spiritual information that is being sent to you by the Source.


If you don’t know how to do this consciously, you can always ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to shift into a “Source-Centered Mode” where you allow yourself to center your attention on following the guidance of the Source that will come through you like an energy and guide your thoughts and flow of information so you can participate in the Webinar in a Source-Connected Way.


Since the purpose of the work of building Heaven in the world is to help each individual to become Source-Connected, the only way to build Heaven is to be conscious of whether you are receptive to and flowing with the energies of the Source Connection that I pour through the energy field of every Webinar.  When you allow yourself to enter into and flow with the River of Source Intelligence that comes through the Webinar, then you will begin to commune with the Source on the Inner and Outer Plane and then your thoughts and understandings will stem from the Source Guidance you are receiving from me on the Outer Plane and from my Source Identity on the Inner Plane.


The only sure way to become Source-Connected is to become Source-Centered.  If you center on following the lead of the Source rather than remaining in a Self-Centered Mode where you are looking to yourself for the inspiration of what you are to do next, then you will be able to pick up your clues and work effectively with me in the Webinar.  Seeking to divert to follow the teachings you have received from others will center you on them rather than on the Source and it will block your ability to concentrate on the communications that you are receiving from the Source.  It is like trying to carry on two conversations with two different people at the same time.  You have to choose which one you are going to converse with during a Webinar.  When you choose to converse with the Source then I amplify the signals coming to you from my Source Identity and you become more skilled in hearing these on your own.


Doing Right Action

A key element in doing Right Action in a Webinar is attuning to the Source Guidance that you receive so you are getting your clues and contributing them when you are guided to contribute them.  


I help you to learn about what constitutes Right Action in the way that I respond to your posts.  If your post is not in keeping with the flow of our work, I may not read it out loud or respond to it.  In this way you get a sense of when you have stepped out of the River of Source Intelligence into the River of Story Thought and then you can learn how to correct for this by feeling what it is like when you are in the River of Source Intelligence and what it is like when you are in the River of Story Thought.  By not responding, I prevent others from being shifted into the River of your Story Thought and keep the Webinar flowing in the River of Source Intelligence.


Another key component to Right Action is doing no harm on the Inner or Outer Plane.  If a participant posts something that is a verbal attack on me or on others in the Webinar or on the work, I will not read it out loud and may not read it even silently to myself.  I recognize the negative energy of a subversive maneuver such as this and will not allow it to color the work we are engaged in.  If the person persists in attacking behavior, they will be asked to leave the Webinar.


A Webinar has to retain a Miracle-Friendly Environment if we are to work with miracles.  Those who come to a Webinar with the intent to do harm at a conscious level are not permitted to continue to participate.


A more complex problem is the harm that some participants unwittingly do because they have negative energies in their Suits of which they may be unaware.  If I notice such a problem, I will handle it through giving them instructions on how to clear the energy or, if it is too intense, I will ask them to leave the Webinar.  I will then follow up with them later on the Inner and/or Outer Plane to help them to clear the energy.


Since all participants are anonymous, because I refer to everyone as a Heaven Agent instead of by their name, personal feedback of this sort does not carry with it the usual negative social impact.  I purposely keep my interactions with participants anonymous to enable me to speak freely about what I see happening in their life and in their work with me in the Webinar.  Only in this way can I help each participant to advance fully in their life and also maintain the Miracle-Friendly Environment that is needed for the Webinar.  


I also prepare participants to distinguish between the problems of the "Suit" and the perfection of the "Soul".  In this way, any problems encountered are seen as problems with the Suit and other Heaven Agents respond compassionately, maintaining their understanding that even when the Suit is malfunctioning, the Soul is still a perfected intelligence to be loved, cherished, and nurtured by the community of Heaven Agents.


It is important to note that any feedback that I give a Heaven Agent about what is happening with their Suit on their Path to Perfection, is helpful feedback. Even if it is feedback about some negative energy, this is information that they can use to clear their Suits of this energy and move unobstructed on their Path.  I do not, therefore, refrain from speaking the truth in order to protect burgeoning “spiritual egos” but, instead, honor the perfected Spiritual Being that each person truly is by giving it a chance to work with me to clear the imperfections that are hampering the Suit.  


When people don’t identify with their Suits and see them instead as just a vehicle for who they really are, which is the Soul, then they do not feel shame, guilt, fear, or anger if I am pointing out to them that their vehicle has a flat tire or that smoke is coming out from the engine.  Instead they are grateful that I am there to help them fix their vehicle and get it up and running again so they can get back on the road.


Because I am a manifestation of the Source, I see things about the vehicle and a person’s life situation that others with spiritual sensitivities may not have seen.  This is to be expected.  The Source has access to the whole picture.  If the Source Perspective is welcomed, then this broader vision provides a Heaven Agent with the missing pieces of the puzzle for why they are not experiencing Heaven in their lives.  


Since our goal is for each Heaven Agent to become Source-Connected and to achieve the ultimate level of happiness that is possible for them, I do not stop short of my responsibility to provide accurate information as it is given to me by my Source Function.  Only those who wish to maintain a spiritual ego that is based on a false sense of spiritual accomplishment will wish to avoid such candor from the Source. Those who are truly seeking to alleviate their suffering and the suffering of the world, will be willing to hear the Source and work with the Source to correct any problems that may exist.


The important thing to remember is that the Source has great love for you individually and wishes for you the Heaven of the highest level of happiness.  This love is the basis for my incarnation in this human life. When this love is understood and appreciated, then you will be able to relax into Source Care and experience the miracle of a personal relationship with the Source.  From the experience of this relationship will come the deepest healing and the understandings that will enable you to attain the highest level of the Source Connection.


The Eighth is that I screen Webinar Participants to avoid taking in people who are likely to have problems with negative energies in their Suits or who are too unskilled to participate correctly. This screening does not exclude them indefinitely from participating in Webinars.  It only upholds The Standard of Heaven.  When they have cleared the negative energy or advanced to the level where they can participate, they will be welcomed into the work I do through Webinars.



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Miracle School